Finally, an outdoor app to connect you to all your favorite people and activities

Huck Adventures helps outdoor enthusiasts find each other and explore based on availability and skill set.

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Huck Founder and CEO Ben Nelson developed a love of the outdoors as a kid exploring the woods and open land near his home in rural Missouri.  As an adult, he traveled the U.S. and abroad, but struggled to find people at the right skill level to rock climb and ski with when he visited new places.  So he set out to create Huck Adventures—a community to unite people with the desire to get outside, explore the world, learn from each other, and create connections that will last a lifetime.

Our Mission

Grow Outdoor Participation
We aim to grow outdoor participation by creating a worldwide community that unites people with a desire to get outside and makes it easier for them to enjoy the outdoor activities they love.

Grow the Outdoor Industry
We aim to grow the outdoor industry by sharing what outdoor enthusiasts want and need, drive research and development to better serve the outdoor community, and connect users with brands that meet their needs.

Reinvest in the Outdoors
We support nonprofits that are working to preserve the natural beauty of the outdoors and getting more people outside to enjoy it. We donate 10% of profits each year to our non-profit partners.

Our Values

Safety First

Risks increase when you aren’t equally matched or you go solo. We want users to be able to trust in each other’s skill level and feel safe when they meet through our outdoor app so they can enjoy the outdoor activities they love.

Meaningful Connections

Connection is only the beginning to the growth you will experience when you meet and make new friends all over the world. For us the idea of connection goes deeper as we create experiences to help us connect with the outdoors.


Explorers were born from curiosity. Grow in knowledge as you explore and learn with Huck and let your perspective expand with every adventure.

Love of the Outdoors

We love the outdoors in its infinite beauty, and we want to keep it that way. We follow and promote leave-no-trace practices to keep the outdoors beautiful for others and many generations to come.

Using data the right way

We believe private information should be kept private. But we believe by sharing data on our community as a whole, we can help the outdoor industry better serve the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

Innovate constantly

Our technology stack is constantly adapting and evolving to meet our community’s needs. We’re always looking for better ways to be the best platform to connect you to the outdoors.

Meet the Huckers

Our team is united by our love of the outdoors and our need for a better way to connect and enjoy our favorite sports and activities. Click the button below to learn more about the people behind Huck Adventures.