An outdoor app that connects the world through the outdoors

Huck Adventures makes it simple to connect with other outdoor enthusiasts, learn from each other, and get involved in the greater outdoor community.

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There is something undeniably special about being in the outdoors. When you venture out and share that experience with others, it can create friendships that last a lifetime.

That’s at the heart of everything we are working towards at Huck Adventures to make this community a place that unites people with a desire to get outside, explore the world, and create connections that last a lifetime.

Simple Connections

Huck makes it quick and easy for outdoor enthusiasts to find one another. Save yourself the time and trouble of internet searches and failed meet up attempts, and let Huck make recommendations for you.

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Sports & Skill Level

Mark your outdoor adventure activities and sports, and rate your skill level for each one. We’ll help you find adventure buddies that match your level and interests.

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Choose when you’re free, and then we’ll tell you which users have the same availability.

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In-app messaging allows you to coordinate an outing or simply chat with people with the same interests.


Find others with the same passion and make a greater impact on the outdoor community by getting involved in nonprofits that match your interest and skills.

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Get involved

Huck recommends nonprofits we think you’ll like, and you can choose to attend events, volunteer, or donate.

Become a Huck Ambassador

Want to help us grow the Huck Community in your area? Sign up to be a Huck Ambassador! You’ll earn rewards and meet great people.