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Ben Nelson

Ben has been a serial entrepreneur since he started his own lawn mowing business as a kid.  He later started his own videography and photography businesses that led him to capture events all over the world, from elite fashion shows to Olympic outdoor competitions. Through that success, he expanded his business to offer more website design and advertising services to clients around the country.

Meeting new people and going on adventures during his travels became a passion for him. But because it was difficult to find people at the right skill level when he traveled to new places,  Ben hatched the idea for an app that would help connect outdoor enthusiasts like himself. He began the real work of research and design and development in January 2018, and Huck Adventures was born.

When Ben isn’t working on his computer, he is rock climbing, mountain biking or hiking. His goal is to grow the outdoor community and help connect people through their passion for adventure. Lasting relationships are built on trust. By venturing into the great outdoors with a new friend, it builds relationships that last a lifetime.