50 Mother’s Day Gifts for the Adventurous Mom

Finding the right gift for Mother’s Day for the best mother in the world isn’t always easy. We get it. So, we’ve put together an extensive gift guide with 50 adventure-inspired products to hopefully make the search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift that much easier.

Whether your mom is a camper, a skier, or loves any type of adventure, we’ve got the perfect gift idea for you organized below by activity.  Browse useful multi-tools, trendy yoga journals and everything in between for a gift your mom is sure to love!

For Moms who Hike

  • Your mom can wear this trail shoe (pictured above) on an a.m. hike and on a same-day lunch date while maintaining comfort and style throughout. Ztrail by Zero shoes.
  • Give the gift of staying dry with this waterproof jacket wax this Mother’s Day. Greenland Wax
  • Nothing like hanging out with mom. Take it to the next level with this hammock for two. Feno-Doublenest at REI.
  • It looks like a utensil, but it’s so much more. With the Muncher, your mom can start a fire and indulge in some grub at the same time (although not recommended).THE MUNCHER
  • You never know when a tent, tarp, or your rain gear will sport an unwelcome tear. With the Tenacious Tape, your mom will always be prepared. Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape
  • There’s not a meal your mother couldn’t cook with this on-the-go 16-piece camp cookware set.
  • For the mom who wants to get stronger but hates the gym, the EmPack Gift Card is the way to go for stylish training backpacks.

For Moms Who Trail Run

Moms who trail run
  • For the moms who love the trail but hate the shoes, the Merrell Trail Glove 4 Trail-Running Shoes mimic the feel of barefoot running while maintaining protection on light trails.
  • This water bottle waist pack is for the minimalist mom thanks to its lightweight design with a solid fuel/storage balance.
  • If your mom’s among the many who rock the corded headphones, grab one of these Cord Supervisor’s to keep those wires out of the danger zone while running.
  • Brighten up your mom’s trail running life with a Amphipod Versa-Light. The safety light clips to almost anything for added visibility on darker trails.
  • Snow, rain, rocks, leaves–nothing can keep your mom off the trail with a pair of gaiters.
  • Trail running is hard on the feet; no doubt about that. This self-massage mat will stretch out those tense extremities after a long day on the trail. https://xeroshoes.com/shop/foot-care/rox/

For Moms Who Camp

Mom camping
  • Clean water is a must, and Grayl made a compact, lightweight purifier that’ll clean virtually any freshwater source in minutes. What’s not to like about that? If your mom loves a cozy warm fire and food fresh off the grill, then she’ll love this mini fire pit that doubles as a grill, takes 30 seconds to set up, packs up small, and weighs just 2 pounds.
  • Come h*** or high water, nothing can put a damper on the Behemoth Stormproof Sweetfire’s unhindering glow. These lifeproof fire starters are made from sugarcane waste and will burn for up to 15 minutes.
  • Sure, you could buy the freeze-dried backpacking meals, or you could encourage mom to check out The Great Outdoors book to discover 120 recipes for adventure cooking of all flavors.
  • Fresh coffee should be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, and the Snow Peak Field Barista grinder agrees. Its innovative design requires minimal space and looks sleek at the same time – ideal for any camping trip!
  • Before the LAMURO Storage Strap, hanging space was often in short supply while camping. This heavy duty strap provides eight hooks of hanging room for anything from backpacks and lights to cookware and clothing at virtually any location.

For Moms Who Paddle or Surf

Mom on the beach holding surf board watching ocean waves
  • Paddling takes two hands, so how does your mother hold a much-deserved beverage at the same time? The SUP Buddy will keep your mom’s favorite drink safe aboard her stand up paddleboard or almost any other flat surface.
  • Every adventure mom needs a bag as durable as they are, and the Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack might be the answer.
  • For the mom with a canoe, this Stowaway Seat Pack attaches under her canoe seat to keep her possessions accessible and out of the bilge water below.
  • You don’t need a fancy case to bring your gadgets aboard. The TPU Accessory Case will keep your mom’s gadgets in the splash-free zone on any water-related adventure.
  • All the important surf accessories, all in one place; the Surf Travel Kit includes surf wax, comb, and case, as well as organic SPF 50 sunscreen and SPF 15 lip balm in a compact case small enough to fit in a glove box.
  • The surfboard bag is for the surfer mom on the move. It’s hand-sewn, lightweight, and stylish!
  • No one wants to throw a wet swimsuit in a dry suitcase. The Wander Wet Bag offers a stylish home for your mom’s wet suits while traveling.
  • Mom life can be stressful, and CBD Oil from Charlotte’s Web could be the stress reliever your mother needs. (Receive 10% off with offer code “Huck” at checkout)

For Moms Who Rockclimb

Mothers day gift ideas for Rock Climbing
  • The Patagonia Ascensionist Pack (pictured above left), with an ergonomic harness with load lifters, two rows of exterior daisy chains, and a 210-denier Cordura nylon/polyester fabric and polyurethane coating, has it all. Combined with its lightweight and minimal design, this packmakes the perfect gift for the mom who climbs.
  • Mothers are busy, so when she can’t always get out to the climbing gym, this pair of training holds (pictured above right) will keep her climbing muscles strong and ready for anything.
  • Save time and your mother’s eyes by making carabiner identification easier with the Black Diamond Neutrino Rackpack of six carabiners in bright colors.
  • Amp up your mother’s climbing gear with the STATIC Wax Canvas Chalk Bag for a sturdier alternative to your average bag. Its waxed canvas makes it less likely to tip.
  • For the moms who have big wall missions but want to make it home for dinner, add the Black Diamond Alpine Aider to her collection.
  • If you’ve been on a rock face before, you know how harsh the sport can be on exposed skin. This Boulder Balm is made for rock climbers to help heal everything from dry and ripped skin and cuticles to cuts, burns, and scrapes that rock climbers constantly endure.
  • Whether your mom is working from a desk, shopping, running, or the like, she can keep her fingers strong until she can get back to climbing with the 5Billion Hand Strength Grip & Finger Stretcher.

For Moms Who Love Snow

Moms who love snow sports
  • This compact tuner will have your mom’s ski or snowboard edges sharper than a knife in time for ski season.
  • If your mother is a fan of the backcountry, this Access Snow Study Kit could help her analyze snowpack stability, temperature gradient, avalanche terrain, and other vital safety factors while navigating unknown areas.
  • Walking in snow is tough enough, let alone running in it, and you’re lucky to get even a soft jog in snowshoes. These Yaktrax Walkers Traction System microspikes are great for those snowy runs when it’s a little too slick for your usual running shoe traction.
  • Snowboards are bulky, heavy, and sharp. Gift your mother this DAKINE Low Roller snowboard bag this Mother’s Day for added protection for both her and her board, complete with wheels and enough room for boots, outer layers, and even a beanie or two.
  • These Voile Straps are everything, or at least bundle almost everything. Secure skis for an uphill trek, temporarily repair a broken boot, or put one of these extremely versatile, stretchy straps with an aluminum buckle to use in any way your mom sees fit.
  • A solid beanie is never a bad way to go. These Carhartt beanies are timeless, durable, warm, and trendy. Perfect for any adventure mother!

For Yogi Moms

Yoga Mom - Huck Adventures
  • Your mom has her cute yoga mat, but the generic strap that came with it? Well, she could take it or leave it. But the prAna Armstrong Yoga Strap made from faux leather she’ll likely love.
  • If your mom loves a solid Pendleton blanket, she’ll love this lightweight, cushioned yoga mat in their colorful Fire Legend pattern.
  • The No Limits Stretching Strap helps to stretch out those tight muscles either before or after a yoga session. It’s the perfect small, yet thoughtful, gift for your mom on Mother’s Day.
  • Every yogi could use a yoga block in their life, and this sustainably-sourced Jade Cork Yoga Block is a great option! It’s naturally antimicrobial and water-resistant, bringing a whole new meaning to the tree pose.
  • This Dailygreatness Yoga Yearly Journal is designed for female yogis who want to combine aspects of the body, mind, and soul for daily yoga inspiration. If that sounds like your mom, check this product out for Mother’s Day.

For Moms Who Cycle

  • This bike light (pictured above) is affordable and efficient with its lightweight design and reliable performance. Light your mother’s bike path with the NiteRider Swift 300.
  • Water is life, and finding a secure way to keep a water bottle on your two-wheeler is just as important as the water bottle itself. This Bontrager Pro cage will hold your mother’s bottle in place regardless of the terrain.
  • When out and about on biking trail after trail, it’s important to be prepared if something goes south. The Crankbrothers M-19 Multi-Tool includes a whopping 19 tools for common roadside and trail-side repairs packed in a light, durable case.
  • If your mother bikes to work, the store, the market, you name it, she’s going to need a way to carry her goods. This Trunk Bag is strong with a large carrying capacity and can be removed and used as a hand carry bag at your mother’s convenience.
  • You never know when you’ll break a spoke. If your mother has this Kikkerland Bike Repair Kit on hand, she’ll have nothing to worry about.

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully you’re reading this with a special gift for mom in your shopping cart (and quite possibly a little something for you too). Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more helpful tips, gear reviews, and adventure inspiration. Catch you outdoors!

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