Buying a Mountain Bike? Check out these Instagram Favorites

Since the arrival of social media, we’re met with constant gear eye candy. We use platforms like Instagram and Facebook as an extension of our lives and by default, as an alternative online shopping tool. We follow influencers and athletes that we admire and scope out their newest swag and latest equipment, deciding what to buy based on their review.

If you’ve found yourself asking, “Do I need that?” when it comes to a new mountain bike, we’ve done the recon for you. Spoiler: Yes, you need it.

Here are the 5 best mountain bikes as reviewed by our favorite ‘grammers.

The SB 100 by Yeti Cycles, used by mountain biker, Joey Schusler, is anything but a traditional 100mm bike. This X-Country stunner, according to Bicycling Magazine, “descends like a downhill rig or trail bike and climbs like a hardtail.” Fast, sharp-handling, and extremely capable, this precision riding bike is one you’ll want to ride consistently. From $3,400.

Juliana Joplin,.

The Juliana Joplin, used by downhiller Katie Holden, has 29-inch wheels that are proven to roll quicker than smaller sizes. It combines the speed of an endurance racer with the distance of a trail bike, allowing the rider to go a little faster and a little further than ever before. A quick acceleration and nimble feel make this light, punchy climber a go-to for your next cross country adventure. From $2,599.

YT Capra 29

,The Capra 29, a potent enduro bike used by freeride MTB Hall of Famer, Brett Tippie, is ideal for racking up miles on the trail or chasing down seconds in a race. With the right balance of trail bike agility and downhill bike stability, this bike’s ingenious symmetry allows riders to tackle steep and rocky descents or flowy jump trails. If you’re looking for a dreamy combination of aggressiveness, speed, agility and handling, look no further than the Capra 29. From $2,599.

Marin’s Mountain Vision Pro

The Mountain Vision Pro, used by mountain biker, Mark Matthews, makes climbs and descends look effortless, with 150mm of travel front and rear that balances suspension and playfulness perfectly. This bike is suitable for any mountain and trail and laughs in the face of steep faces and trail brutality. Choose this lively mountain bike for its beauty and its grace. From $8,899.99.

Specialized’s Epic Expert EVO

As epic as its namesake suggests, the Epic Expert EVO is an ideal choice to level up your bike game. Used by British racing cyclist, Hannah Barnes, this stunner has three modes, Open, Medium, and Firm, allowing you to ride seamlessly through every kind of terrain. Built for speed and long rides, this bike can tackle steep descents and climbs with certainty. From $5,850.

Have you seen a bike on social media that you want some feedback on, or do you have a recommendation of your own? Hit us up in the comments below.