Gear Review: Smith Nexus Mips Helmet and 4D MAG Goggles for Winter 2023-2024

Embarking on the Slopes with the Smith Nexus Mips Helmet

Selecting the striking Matte Pacific color, the Smith Nexus Mips Helmet immediately stood out for its head-turning aesthetics. Beyond its visual appeal, the lightweight, low-profile design elevated my skiing experience to new heights. The hybrid shell construction, balancing durability with a sleek in-molded shell, made it feel like I wasn’t wearing a helmet at all, without compromising on essential safety features.

A Weightless Guardian

Wearing the Nexus felt like a liberation rather than a burden. The advanced KOROYD® technology provided a level of lightweight, energy-absorbing protection that traditional foam helmets couldn’t match. Navigating the mountain felt agile, with the helmet adapting seamlessly to my movements. The impact-resistant exoskeleton and Mips® Brain Protection System offered peace of mind, knowing that I was well-protected in every descent.

Comfort Redefined: The BOA® 360 Fit System

The micro-adjustable BOA® 360 Fit System was a game-changer. The helmet adapted to my entire head, offering a level of comfort that allowed me to focus solely on the thrill of the ride. The sweat-wicking, odor-fighting liner kept me warm, and the front and rear adjustable 24-vent design allowed me to regulate airflow based on the changing conditions.

User-Friendly Features: From Fidlock® to Fit

The Fidlock® strap buckle showcased thoughtful design. Its easy one-hand operation was a welcome feature, especially when gearing up with gloves on. The helmet’s form-fitting comfort was accentuated by removable ear pads, offering a personalized touch to the overall experience. It’s these small yet impactful details that set the Nexus apart.

Navigating the Terrain with the Smith 4D MAG Goggles

Donning the AC | Sage Cattabriga-Alosa + ChromaPop™ Sun Black Gold Mirror 4D MAG Goggles, I entered a new dimension of vision on the mountain.

ChromaPop™ Brilliance: Seeing is Believing

The ChromaPop™ lens technology lived up to its promise, enhancing color, clarity, and definition. The world around me became a vivid panorama, and every detail popped with unparalleled brilliance. Whether in bright sunlight or overcast conditions, the ChromaPop™ lenses proved their versatility.

Magnetic Mastery: Smith MAG Lens Change System

Changing lenses mid-descent has never been smoother. The Smith MAG lens change system, employing magnets for quick changes, became a game-changer. The magnetic clasp securely held the lenses in place while allowing for swift changes, even with gloves on. It was a testament to Smith’s commitment to adaptability in the ever-changing mountain environment.

Expanding Horizons: BirdsEye Vision

BirdsEye Vision, offering a 25% increase in the field of view, was transformative. I wasn’t just aware of my line but also of fellow riders in my periphery. It enhanced safety and situational awareness, crucial elements when navigating crowded slopes.

Seamless Integration: Fit, Comfort, and Fog-Free Performance

The 4D MAG Goggles seamlessly integrated with my Smith helmet. The QuickFit strap adjustment system, ultra-wide silicone-backed strap, and three-layer DriWix face foam ensured a snug fit that stayed in place even during high-speed descents. The AirEvac ventilation system, designed for fog-free lenses, was a welcomed assurance in varied weather conditions.

Personal Experience: A Weightless Journey

The lightweight construction of the Nexus helmet made it feel like a natural extension of my skiing experience. The magnet clasp, securing the helmet under my chin, struck a perfect balance between security and convenience. It provided a snug fit that stayed put, even during the most exhilarating runs. Taking off the helmet with gloves on was a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly design—a testament to the thoughtful engineering that defines Smith gear.

Elevate Your Winter Adventure with Smith Gear

As winter approaches and the snow-covered mountains beckon, elevate your skiing experience with the Smith Nexus Mips Helmet and 4D MAG Goggles. The perfect blend of style, safety, and innovation awaits you. Explore the lightweight prowess of the Nexus and the optical brilliance of the 4D MAG Goggles. Now is the time to gear up for unforgettable winter moments.

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