Vvolt e–Mobility Announces Exclusive Multichannel Retail Partnership with Moosejaw

In addition to their own consumer-direct channels, Vvolt is pleased to announce that they have entered into an exclusive partnership with leading outdoor retailer Moosejaw, who will be stocking models from Vvolt’s new range of mid-drive and  hub-motor ebikes. Vvolt ebikes will be available to Moosejaw’s online customers for home delivery or fulfillment through their 10 brick-and-mortar store locations, four of which will also be stocking models on their sales floors. 

“We’re incredibly excited to work with Moosejaw as our chosen retail partner. They are experts in sharing the fun of outdoor experiences, and having our ebikes on their retail floors offers people a great opportunity to see and test prior to  purchase,” says Vvolt founder Kyle Ranson. 

Moosejaw Senior Merchant Brandon Rosengren responded “We’ve known Kyle and his team within the bike industry for many years and when the Vvolt opportunity arose, we were thrilled to join as a key partner. We’ve seen rapid growth in the  ebike segment and feel it’s a great opportunity to help get customers of all ages and abilities out on bikes, offer better experiences, and be part of the essential movement to provide more sustainable forms of transportation.” 

Partnership Focuses on Easy-to-Sell Ebikes with Rider-Friendly Tech 

The Stellar Series comprises four ebike models sharing technologies designed to make the riding experience simple and rewarding, which makes learning the line a cinch for Moosejaw sales and marketing teams. Featuring clean-running Carbon  Drive belts, simple handlebar computers and two easy-to-fit frame sizes per model, the Stellar Series simplifies the entry into the ebike experience for new and returning riders. Electrical systems connected by technology from Xplova; part of the  Acer computer group, add a level of familiarity and reassurance to consumers encountering a new brand. This message is reinforced by designs unencumbered by overly complex shifting systems, multi-page onboard displays or garish paint jobs. 

All bikes use clean-running Gates Carbon Drive belts, hydraulic disc brakes and electric drive components powered by Xplova’s ebike ecosystem. Two value-oriented Alpha models deliver motor assist via 350w Xplova rear hub drive. The  premium Sirius and Proxima models are equipped with 250w MPF mid-drive motors, delivering 80 nm of torque through Enviolo’s unique CVT internal gearhubs. 

The Vvolt ebike collection can be found at moosejaw.com/search/vvolt. 

About Vvolt E–Mobility 

Vvolt is a new electric vehicle brand founded to solve the challenges of human transportation through creating innovative electric mobility products and advocating for people-safe streets. Based in Portland Oregon, we’re drawing on our decades of experience in consumer electronics, bicycles and fashion to make rider-friendly ebikes and vehicles, and back them up with a company that delivers the kind of service we want as riders  ourselves. 

We’re imagining a future where more people ride more often, reducing the number of cars on the street in favor of a mix of electric and human-powered mobility vehicles. This human-scale future is one where we move efficiently from door-to door, with less time spent in parking lots, or traffic jams. We’re here to change our streets and shared spaces from being dominated by cars to places where more riders create safety in numbers for one another, usering in a new sense of community  and connection as we ride together. This is our vision- ebikes for everyone! 

About Moosejaw Mountaineering 

Moosejaw was started in 1992 by two wilderness guides driven by their enthusiasm for the outdoors and ascots. The company is based in Madison Heights, Michigan with stores throughout Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Colorado and Arkansas.  Moosejaw is also one of the top online outdoor retailers in the US with its award-winning site Moosejaw.com. 

Moosejaw is probably best known for its irreverent and wacky marketing, being the most fun outdoor retailer on the planet, and having the best hair (voted #1 by Mom). Moosejaw specializes in gear and apparel for backpacking, climbing, French  kissing, mountaineering, kayaking, trail running and cycling.