Running into Summer with Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

The Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts are a trail runner’s dream come true. From the moment I slipped them on, I could tell these were a cut above the rest. The material is incredibly soft and smooth against the skin, yet highly durable and quick-drying – perfect for long runs on the trails.

Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

After putting in 50 miles of testing, I experienced zero chafing or discomfort. The fit is secure without being restrictive, thanks to the adjustable clip belt that keeps the shorts locked in place even with a phone bouncing in the side pocket. Speaking of pockets, the Off Roads are extremely well-equipped with four internal pockets for gels/fuel and two exterior pockets that can easily fit a phone, keys, or other essentials.

Beyond just performance, Tracksmith really went the extra mile with the design of these shorts. The 4.75″ inseam provides an optimal balance of coverage and mobility on the trails. Little touches like the UV protection and anti-pilling fabric elevate them even further.

Whether you’re an avid trail runner or just prefer to take your training off the beaten path, the Off Roads Shorts from Tracksmith should be at the top of your list. They strike the perfect balance of lightweight performance and heavy-duty utility. Once you go off road in these, you won’t want to hit the trails in anything else.

Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

As Tracksmith says, these shorts were “designed for the trails” and it really shows. The lightweight, quick-drying fabric with UV protection allows you to tackle any trail condition while staying cool, dry and protected from the elements. The barely-there liner provides just the right amount of support and protection against chafing.

One of my favorite features is the sheer number of pockets – six in total! There are four internal pockets in the rear yoke that are perfect for stashing gels, chews or other fuel for long runs. Then there’s an accessible drop-in pocket on the hip that securely held my iPhone 14 Pro even on aggressive downhills. Finally, there’s a zipper pocket for keys or other small essentials. Having all this storage means you can truly go farther off the beaten path without being weighed down.

What sets the Off Roads apart is their versatility for any trail adventure. The streamlined construction balances weight and function perfectly. As Tracksmith says, “the shorts have been thoughtfully upgraded with a significantly streamlined liner and shell.” The liner is thin and comfortable enough for short runs, yet durable enough to prevent chafing on all-day epics. The quick-dry shell sheds moisture and protects your skin from the sun’s rays.

Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

At the same time, the Off Roads don’t sacrifice functionality for weight. Tracksmith prioritized “mobility and long lasting comfort” with an updated fit featuring increased ease throughout the legs. This enhanced range of motion is essential for tackling steep, technical trails. The 4.75″ inseam hits the sweet spot between coverage and agility. And you never have to worry about the shorts slipping thanks to the adjustable belt at the waistband.

The real genius is in how the Off Roads blend simplicity and utility. As Tracksmith puts it, “the construction has been streamlined with an improved, lightweight liner that protects from chafing and dries tremendously fast – a simplification that pairs well with the shell, which is equipped to shield the skin from UV rays and resist pilling. On the other hand, not only did we add room throughout the fit to enhance comfort, but we improved storage space, now featuring four internal fuel pockets with two external pockets that can fit your phone or other essentials.”

Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

Hitting the trails in the Off Roads Shorts is an experience that transcends just another training run. As Tracksmith beautifully states, “the beauty of going off road doesn’t just lie in the symphony of dirt and stones crunching beneath our feet or the rustle of leaves accompanying the furry or feathered occupants in trees. It is also narrated by the silence that only trails, hills, and mountains can provide in the distance from paved roads and smooth tracks; an internal silence found in the simple space between human and earth, where intrusions of mundanity have been left behind.” Wearing gear designed specifically for getting off the beaten path elevates that connection to nature.

In the end, the Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts check every box – lightweight, durable, secure, ultra-functional storage, and most importantly, they just feel incredible to run in. If you’re seeking a premium trail running short to push your off-road adventures further, look no further.