Tracksmith Nailed It With Their Merino Harrier Long Sleeve Top

The Tracksmith Harrier Long Sleeve is the perfect top for those early morning runs when the temperature is brisk but you know the sun will soon bring warmth. Made from a premium merino wool blend, it provides just the right amount of insulation to ward off the chill at the start while allowing excellent breathability as the effort increases.

Harrier Long Sleeve

I’ve been putting the Harrier through its paces for early morning runs in the foothills around Boulder, Colorado. No matter how cold the pre-dawn temperature dips into, the merino wool keeps me comfortable on the start. Yet as the sun crests the horizon and I work up a sweat, the shirt manages to regulate my temperature exceptionally well, never leaving me overly hot or sweaty.

The magic lies in the merino wool fabric that Tracksmith was actually the first running brand to utilize for performance apparel. Merino is nature’s miracle fiber – incredibly soft, moisture-wicking, temp-regulating, and resistant to odors. You can skip washing this shirt for multiple uses and it never develops a stink, even after long or intense sessions.

Harrier Long Sleeve

What’s most impressive about the Harrier Long Sleeve is how well it performs in such a wide range of conditions. Set out on a cold, dry morning run and the merino insulation traps precious heat to keep you comfortable. But if unexpected rain or snow falls, the fabric wicks away the moisture rather than soaking through. Then when the effort increases, the wool’s natural breathability kicks in to prevent overheating and clamminess.

The fit and construction are laser-focused on performance as well. The raglan sleeves allow for unlimited shoulder mobility, crucial for maintaining proper form on fatigued runs. The sleeve cuffs have a trim shape to avoid excess fabric flapping around. And the overall cut is streamlined but not overly slim or compressive.

Harrier Long Sleeve

Even small details were sweated, like the lack of an exterior label to prevent chafing at the neck. Just an incredibly smooth, itch-free collar that disappears once you get moving. There are also thumb holes integrated into the cuffs to create a warm shelter for your hands on cold days.

After many uses, I’ve come to appreciate the odor resistance and durability of this top. Following some of my toughest track sessions or longest trail runs, I’m amazed at how fresh the Harrier still smells even if I skip a wash. The merino-nylon blend just does not funk up. It also shows minimal pilling or wear even with repeated exposure to the elements.

What really stands out is the Harrier’s versatility for all seasons of running. In the depths of winter, you can layer it as a insulating base layer. Once spring hits, it serves as the perfect weight for chilly starts that warm up throughout a run. And when summer rolls around, the breathability and moisture transfer allow you to extend it into those months too.

Harrier Long Sleeve

For runners who prefer natural technical fabrics, the Harrier is tough to beat. You get the plush softness of merino against your skin. The natural temp-regulation covers you from freezing to overheating. And the ability to skip washes makes one durable top stretch remarkably far.

Tracksmith was truly ahead of the curve when they became a pioneer in utilizing merino wool for running gear. As they put it, “we were the very first running brand to use Merino as a performance fabric, a monumental move that created the ultimate natural fiber running top.” That spirit of innovation persists in today’s Harrier Long Sleeve.

While plenty of brands have since followed suit with their own merino tops, the Harrier remains a best-in-class option: “One of Tracksmith’s original products, refined over the years, perfecting the design utilizing the soft and durable material to create a layer that moves with you, matching the rigor of your runs year after year after year.”

Whether your goal is to chase personal bests or just get in a daily dose of running, start your day off right by throwing on the Harrier Long Sleeve top. It will keep you comfortable through any workout and all conditions that Mother Nature dishes out. This truly is an all-season warrior of a running top.