Running into Summer with Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

The Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts are a trail runner’s dream come true. From the moment I slipped them on, I could tell these were a cut above the rest. The material is incredibly soft and smooth against the skin, yet highly durable and quick-drying – perfect for long runs on the trails.

Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

After putting in 50 miles of testing, I experienced zero chafing or discomfort. The fit is secure without being restrictive, thanks to the adjustable clip belt that keeps the shorts locked in place even with a phone bouncing in the side pocket. Speaking of pockets, the Off Roads are extremely well-equipped with four internal pockets for gels/fuel and two exterior pockets that can easily fit a phone, keys, or other essentials.

Beyond just performance, Tracksmith really went the extra mile with the design of these shorts. The 4.75″ inseam provides an optimal balance of coverage and mobility on the trails. Little touches like the UV protection and anti-pilling fabric elevate them even further.

Whether you’re an avid trail runner or just prefer to take your training off the beaten path, the Off Roads Shorts from Tracksmith should be at the top of your list. They strike the perfect balance of lightweight performance and heavy-duty utility. Once you go off road in these, you won’t want to hit the trails in anything else.

Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

As Tracksmith says, these shorts were “designed for the trails” and it really shows. The lightweight, quick-drying fabric with UV protection allows you to tackle any trail condition while staying cool, dry and protected from the elements. The barely-there liner provides just the right amount of support and protection against chafing.

One of my favorite features is the sheer number of pockets – six in total! There are four internal pockets in the rear yoke that are perfect for stashing gels, chews or other fuel for long runs. Then there’s an accessible drop-in pocket on the hip that securely held my iPhone 14 Pro even on aggressive downhills. Finally, there’s a zipper pocket for keys or other small essentials. Having all this storage means you can truly go farther off the beaten path without being weighed down.

What sets the Off Roads apart is their versatility for any trail adventure. The streamlined construction balances weight and function perfectly. As Tracksmith says, “the shorts have been thoughtfully upgraded with a significantly streamlined liner and shell.” The liner is thin and comfortable enough for short runs, yet durable enough to prevent chafing on all-day epics. The quick-dry shell sheds moisture and protects your skin from the sun’s rays.

Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

At the same time, the Off Roads don’t sacrifice functionality for weight. Tracksmith prioritized “mobility and long lasting comfort” with an updated fit featuring increased ease throughout the legs. This enhanced range of motion is essential for tackling steep, technical trails. The 4.75″ inseam hits the sweet spot between coverage and agility. And you never have to worry about the shorts slipping thanks to the adjustable belt at the waistband.

The real genius is in how the Off Roads blend simplicity and utility. As Tracksmith puts it, “the construction has been streamlined with an improved, lightweight liner that protects from chafing and dries tremendously fast – a simplification that pairs well with the shell, which is equipped to shield the skin from UV rays and resist pilling. On the other hand, not only did we add room throughout the fit to enhance comfort, but we improved storage space, now featuring four internal fuel pockets with two external pockets that can fit your phone or other essentials.”

Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

Hitting the trails in the Off Roads Shorts is an experience that transcends just another training run. As Tracksmith beautifully states, “the beauty of going off road doesn’t just lie in the symphony of dirt and stones crunching beneath our feet or the rustle of leaves accompanying the furry or feathered occupants in trees. It is also narrated by the silence that only trails, hills, and mountains can provide in the distance from paved roads and smooth tracks; an internal silence found in the simple space between human and earth, where intrusions of mundanity have been left behind.” Wearing gear designed specifically for getting off the beaten path elevates that connection to nature.

In the end, the Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts check every box – lightweight, durable, secure, ultra-functional storage, and most importantly, they just feel incredible to run in. If you’re seeking a premium trail running short to push your off-road adventures further, look no further.

Tracksmith Nailed It With Their Merino Harrier Long Sleeve Top

The Tracksmith Harrier Long Sleeve is the perfect top for those early morning runs when the temperature is brisk but you know the sun will soon bring warmth. Made from a premium merino wool blend, it provides just the right amount of insulation to ward off the chill at the start while allowing excellent breathability as the effort increases.

Harrier Long Sleeve

I’ve been putting the Harrier through its paces for early morning runs in the foothills around Boulder, Colorado. No matter how cold the pre-dawn temperature dips into, the merino wool keeps me comfortable on the start. Yet as the sun crests the horizon and I work up a sweat, the shirt manages to regulate my temperature exceptionally well, never leaving me overly hot or sweaty.

The magic lies in the merino wool fabric that Tracksmith was actually the first running brand to utilize for performance apparel. Merino is nature’s miracle fiber – incredibly soft, moisture-wicking, temp-regulating, and resistant to odors. You can skip washing this shirt for multiple uses and it never develops a stink, even after long or intense sessions.

Harrier Long Sleeve

What’s most impressive about the Harrier Long Sleeve is how well it performs in such a wide range of conditions. Set out on a cold, dry morning run and the merino insulation traps precious heat to keep you comfortable. But if unexpected rain or snow falls, the fabric wicks away the moisture rather than soaking through. Then when the effort increases, the wool’s natural breathability kicks in to prevent overheating and clamminess.

The fit and construction are laser-focused on performance as well. The raglan sleeves allow for unlimited shoulder mobility, crucial for maintaining proper form on fatigued runs. The sleeve cuffs have a trim shape to avoid excess fabric flapping around. And the overall cut is streamlined but not overly slim or compressive.

Harrier Long Sleeve

Even small details were sweated, like the lack of an exterior label to prevent chafing at the neck. Just an incredibly smooth, itch-free collar that disappears once you get moving. There are also thumb holes integrated into the cuffs to create a warm shelter for your hands on cold days.

After many uses, I’ve come to appreciate the odor resistance and durability of this top. Following some of my toughest track sessions or longest trail runs, I’m amazed at how fresh the Harrier still smells even if I skip a wash. The merino-nylon blend just does not funk up. It also shows minimal pilling or wear even with repeated exposure to the elements.

What really stands out is the Harrier’s versatility for all seasons of running. In the depths of winter, you can layer it as a insulating base layer. Once spring hits, it serves as the perfect weight for chilly starts that warm up throughout a run. And when summer rolls around, the breathability and moisture transfer allow you to extend it into those months too.

Harrier Long Sleeve

For runners who prefer natural technical fabrics, the Harrier is tough to beat. You get the plush softness of merino against your skin. The natural temp-regulation covers you from freezing to overheating. And the ability to skip washes makes one durable top stretch remarkably far.

Tracksmith was truly ahead of the curve when they became a pioneer in utilizing merino wool for running gear. As they put it, “we were the very first running brand to use Merino as a performance fabric, a monumental move that created the ultimate natural fiber running top.” That spirit of innovation persists in today’s Harrier Long Sleeve.

While plenty of brands have since followed suit with their own merino tops, the Harrier remains a best-in-class option: “One of Tracksmith’s original products, refined over the years, perfecting the design utilizing the soft and durable material to create a layer that moves with you, matching the rigor of your runs year after year after year.”

Whether your goal is to chase personal bests or just get in a daily dose of running, start your day off right by throwing on the Harrier Long Sleeve top. It will keep you comfortable through any workout and all conditions that Mother Nature dishes out. This truly is an all-season warrior of a running top.

Tracksmith NDO Tights – Conquering Winter Runs with Confidence

In the unforgiving terrain of Colorado, where winter storms can descend with little warning, the Tracksmith NDO Tights prove to be an indispensable ally for trail runners braving the elements. True to their name, NDO, which stands for “No Days Off,” these tights are engineered to ensure you never have to skip a run, regardless of the temperature or weather conditions.

Tracksmith NDO Tights
Tracksmith NDO Tights

When the icy winds start to howl and the snow begins to fall, the NDO Tights step up to the challenge with unparalleled protection and comfort. Constructed from a double-layered fabric, these tights provide a cozy barrier against the biting cold, while the wind-blocking overlay at the front thighs shields you from the harsh elements. Unlike thin, flimsy tights that leave you shivering, the NDO Tights feel substantial and warm, allowing you to maintain your focus and performance even as the temperature drops.

Venturing out for a nighttime run in Boulder’s rugged terrain can be daunting, but with the NDO Tights, visibility is never a concern. Thanks to the innovative 360-degree reflectivity developed by 3M, these tights ensure you stand out in low light conditions, providing added safety and peace of mind as you navigate the trails after dark. The reflective sash, strategically placed on the right thigh and back left calf, ensures you remain visible from all angles, making nighttime runs both safe and enjoyable.

Tracksmith NDO Tights
Tracksmith NDO Tights

What truly sets the NDO Tights apart is their thoughtful design and attention to detail. From the soft elastic waistband that allows for easy layering to the strategically placed pockets for storing essentials, every aspect of these tights is engineered to enhance your comfort and performance. Whether you’re stashing gloves or gels in the envelope pockets or securely storing your phone and keys in the side zippered pocket, the NDO Tights have you covered for all your trail running needs.

Tracksmith NDO Tights
Tracksmith NDO Tights

In the midst of a winter or under the cover of night, the Tracksmith NDO Tights prove to be a reliable companion for trail runners seeking comfort, warmth, and visibility. So, if you’re ready to tackle the trails with confidence, regardless of the weather conditions, look no further than the NDO Tights. With their unbeatable performance and thoughtful design, these tights ensure you never have to take a day off from your passion for running.

Tracksmith Nor’Easter Jacket – Braving the Winter Elements in Style

The Tracksmith Nor’Easter Jacket isn’t just your average outer layer for runners; it’s a shield against the harshest winter conditions, offering both protection from the elements and stylish functionality. Designed with the runner’s needs in mind, this jacket seamlessly blends comfort, performance, and aesthetics.

Tracksmith Nor'Easter Jacket
Tracksmith Nor’Easter Jacket

First and foremost, the Nor’Easter lives up to its name by braving the worst weather Mother Nature can throw at you. The Schoeller Dryskin Shell serves as a formidable barrier against wind and water, ensuring you stay dry and warm even in the most blustery conditions. The addition of a merino wool liner not only provides insulation but also manages moisture and regulates temperature, keeping you comfortable throughout your run.

Comfort is paramount when facing chilly temperatures, and the Nor’Easter delivers on all fronts. The soft, brushed fabric baseball collar adds a touch of luxury while offering protection against neck chafing. The two-way zipper allows for easy adjustments, letting you release excess heat without compromising coverage. Moreover, the jacket’s lightweight construction prevents you from feeling weighed down, allowing for unrestricted movement as you conquer the trails.

Beyond its technical prowess, the Nor’Easter doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality. Its sleek silhouette and thoughtful design details make it a versatile piece that transitions seamlessly from the trail to the coffee shop. Reflective piping and details enhance visibility in low light, ensuring you stay safe during nighttime runs, while zippered pockets provide ample storage for essentials like your phone, keys, or a credit card.

Tracksmith Nor'Easter Jacket
Tracksmith Nor’Easter Jacket

What truly sets the Nor’Easter apart is its attention to detail and versatility. Whether you’re pounding the pavement or grabbing a post-run latte, this jacket has you covered in both performance and style. So, if you’re in the market for a reliable outer layer that can handle the rigors of winter running while still looking effortlessly chic, look no further than the Tracksmith Nor’Easter Jacket. It’s the ultimate companion for taking on the cold with confidence and flair.

Cool Weather Running: A Review of Tracksmith’s Session Pants and Brighton Base Layer

Tracksmith Session Pants and Brighton Base Layer

As a trail runner navigating the rugged and picturesque foothills of Boulder, Colorado, I’m constantly on the lookout for gear that can keep pace with my adventures while providing comfort and functionality. The Tracksmith Session Pants and Brighton Base Layer have become essential components in my training wardrobe, especially for those cooler morning runs.

Brighton Base Layer: The Foundation of Comfort

The Brighton Base Layer, crafted from an engineered Merino mesh, is a testament to thoughtful design and material choice.

Brighton Base Layer

This seamless, lightweight long sleeve is a marvel in regulating temperature and managing moisture – crucial for those chilly starts that turn into warm strides.

Its Merino wool construction, a luxurious 16.5 micron blend, isn’t just soft and breathable; it’s a game-changer in odor resistance and warmth retention, even when damp.

The more open knit around the core, complemented by a closed knit on the sleeves, offers a balanced warmth perfect for layering or standing alone on milder days.

Brighton Base Layer

Wearing this base layer feels like a second skin, devoid of any irritation or chafing – a nod to the European seamless construction that rivals the comfort of my favorite pajamas.

Session Pants: Every Runner’s Dream

Transitioning to the lower half, the Session Pants are a revelation for any-season training.

Session Pants

Their lightweight, ultra-soft, and breathable Veloce fabric, strikes a perfect balance between weight, stretch, and warmth.

These aren’t just another pair of running pants; they’re a versatile companion that adapts to temperature fluctuations and varying paces. The high-stretch knit fabric moves with my body, never clinging or overheating, even during more intense training sessions.

Session Pants

Functionality is boosted with thoughtful details like zippered pockets large enough for an iPhone Pro and extended ankle zippers for hassle-free wear. The Session Pants have become a steadfast ally in my training regimen, their comfort and durability ensuring they are with me for every run.

In Conclusion: Essential Gear for the Trail Runner

In Boulder’s unpredictable climate, the Tracksmith Session Pants and Brighton Base Layer have proven to be indispensable. Whether I’m gearing up for a long run in the hills or a quick morning jog, these pieces provide the comfort, functionality, and adaptability I need.

They’re more than just clothes; they’re a key part of my training arsenal, helping me tackle the trails with confidence and comfort. For any runner facing the elements and demanding the best from their gear, Tracksmith’s offerings are not just recommended, they’re essential.

Tracksmith Fells Waffle Layer Review: The Ultimate Cold Weather Running Companion

When the temperature drops and the trails call, every runner knows the importance of reliable, comfortable gear. This is where the Tracksmith Fells Waffle Layer comes into play, a garment that redefines cold weather running. In this comprehensive review, I’ll delve into how the Fells Waffle Layer, in combination with the Session Pants and the Brighton Base Layer, forms an unbeatable trio for those frosty morning runs.

Tracksmith Fells Waffle Layer

The Power of Merino: The Fells Waffle Layer

At the heart of the Fells Waffle Layer lies its unique Merino wool waffle knit. This isn’t just any base layer; it’s a testament to how traditional materials can be re-engineered for modern performance. The waffle pattern is designed ingeniously to trap air against the skin, providing an insulating layer that’s crucial in cold conditions. But that’s not all – as your effort increases, this same pattern allows heat to escape, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal body temperature.

Merino wool’s natural versatility is unmatched – it insulates, regulates temperature, and wicks away sweat. Unlike synthetic materials, Merino wool remains warm even when wet, a critical feature for those unexpected downpours or sweat-intensive runs. The Fells Waffle Layer elevates this with a blend of high-performing Merino wool and recycled polyester, offering the best of both worlds: the temperature regulating and odor-resistant qualities of wool combined with the durability and wicking capabilities of polyester.

Layering Up with Tracksmith: A Trio for Triumph

Running in cold weather isn’t just about staying warm; it’s about managing body temperature without sacrificing mobility or comfort. This is where the strategic layering of the Fells Waffle Layer, the Session Pants, and the Brighton Base Layer shines.

Tracksmith Fells Waffle Layer

The Session Pants are the perfect companion to the Fells Waffle Layer. Their lightweight, stretchable fabric, courtesy of the Italian-made Veloce blend, provides warmth without bulk, ensuring unrestricted movement during runs. The pants’ breathability and moisture-wicking properties complement the Fells Waffle Layer’s temperature regulation, creating a harmonious balance between warmth and ventilation.

For those especially brisk mornings, adding the Brighton Base Layer under the Fells Waffle Layer provides an extra shield against the cold. The Brighton’s seamless Merino mesh design works in tandem with the waffle knit, enhancing the thermal insulation while continuing to wick away moisture. This layering system ensures a comfortable, dry experience, regardless of the intensity of your run.

Experience and Performance: Tested in the Trenches

As a runner who has tested these pieces in the varying climates of winter mornings, I can attest to their performance. The Fells Waffle Layer’s non-scratchy, soft feel against the skin is a delight, while its odor-resistant nature means it’s always ready for the next run, even if laundry day is still far off. Its ability to adapt to changing body temperatures is nothing short of impressive, keeping me warm during the initial cool start and cool when the run intensifies.

The Session Pants are equally remarkable. Their comfort is unparalleled, feeling like a second skin, and their functionality is evident in every stride. The zippered pockets are a thoughtful addition, ensuring essentials are secure.

And when layered with the Brighton Base Layer, the system excels in providing sustained warmth and comfort. This trio has become my go-to for winter runs, offering a blend of warmth, breathability, and comfort that I’ve yet to find in other running gear.

Final Thoughts: A Winter Running Revelation

The Tracksmith Fells Waffle Layer, in concert with the Session Pants and Brighton Base Layer, offers a well-rounded solution for cold weather running. It’s a testament to Tracksmith’s commitment to quality, functionality, and runner-specific design. Whether you’re a seasoned trail runner or a casual jogger, this combination promises to enhance your cold-weather running experience significantly.

Tracksmith Fells Waffle Layer

In conclusion, for anyone looking to invest in high-quality, performance-oriented running gear, the Tracksmith Fells Waffle Layer and its complementary pieces are an excellent choice. They’re not just clothes; they’re a commitment to better, more comfortable, and more enjoyable winter runs. As a testament to their quality and functionality, this Tracksmith review highly recommends these products to any runner looking to conquer the cold.

Conquering Boulder’s Foothills with the Tracksmith Eliot Runner – A 100-Mile Review

As an avid runner who’s just logged my first 100 miles in the Tracksmith Eliot Runner around the stunning foothills of Boulder, Colorado, I feel compelled to share my experience with this remarkable shoe. From pine-covered trails to concrete paths, the Eliot Runner has been an exceptional companion on my journey.

Tracksmith Eliot Runner

First Impressions

When I first slipped on the Eliot Runner, I was struck by its comfort. The engineered mesh upper, combined with the synthetic suede collar and eyestay, hugged my feet snugly, offering both support and breathability. The medium width fit my feet perfectly, true to size, and I was pleasantly surprised by the lightweight design – an essential quality for any runner who loves the feel of moving unencumbered.

Performance on the Trail

The real test, however, was on the trails. Boulder’s foothills are a runner’s paradise but demand a shoe that can handle diverse terrain from non-technical trails to light gravel. The Eliot Runner rose to the challenge spectacularly. The innovative two-part system, featuring a Pebax® insole and a supercritical foam midsole, provided a cushioned yet responsive experience. It was like the shoe absorbed the roughness of the trails while propelling me forward with every stride.

Tracksmith Eliot Runner

Durability and Maintenance

After several muddy and wet runs, I appreciated the easy maintenance. Following Tracksmith’s care instructions, I was able to keep my Eliot Runners in top condition. Removing the insoles and packing the shoes with paper worked wonders in drying them out without losing shape or comfort.

Aesthetic Appeal

While performance is my top priority, I can’t help but admire the understated, minimalist design of the Eliot Runner. It’s a shoe that looks as good as it feels, blending functionality with style in a way that complements any runner’s wardrobe.

Tracksmith Eliot Runner

Final Thoughts

100 miles in, and the Tracksmith Eliot Runner has proven to be more than just a shoe; it’s a reliable partner for the long runs, the quick jogs, and everything in between. It’s a testament to Tracksmith’s commitment to quality, combining best-in-class materials with thoughtful design to create a running experience that feels both natural and exhilarating. For anyone running in varied terrains, seeking comfort, durability, and performance, I can’t recommend the Eliot Runner enough. It’s not just a great shoe; it’s a game-changer for runners who demand the best from their gear.

Barefoot Freedom: Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Knit Review

In a world where footwear often prioritizes fashion over fitness and profit over wellness, the Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Knit stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking a return to the natural. Combining sustainability, performance, and minimalist design, this shoe is a testament to the idea that footwear should work with your body, not against it. In this review, we’ll explore what makes the Primus Lite Knit an excellent choice for those looking to reclaim their natural potential.

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Knit

Sustainability Meets Mobility

The Primus Lite Knit takes the beloved Primus Lite to the next level with its flexible knit upper, which is crafted from recycled plastics. This innovative material not only reduces waste but also enhances mobility and agility, making every step feel effortlessly natural.

The Sole of the Matter

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Knit

At the heart of this shoe is the 2mm Primus outsole, designed to bring you as close to the ground as possible. It provides a sensory-rich experience that connects you to the terrain beneath your feet. For added performance, the insole is constructed with algae-derived RISE foam, which not only offers comfort but also helps clean up our waterways by repurposing harmful algae.

Protection Without Compromise

Despite its minimalist design, the Primus Lite Knit doesn’t compromise on protection. The Pro5 Puncture Resistant finish, a lightweight and flexible 0.8mm layer on the sole, keeps painful objects out while allowing you to feel the ground beneath you. It’s a balance that ensures both safety and sensory feedback.

Lightweight and Agile

Weighing in at just 246g (based on a single shoe in Men’s size: EU 42 | UK 8 | US 9), the Primus Lite Knit is exceptionally lightweight. This characteristic, combined with its sensitive 2mm Primus sole and flexible knit upper, makes it an ideal choice for active lifestyles. Whether you’re engaging in weight and strength training, calisthenics, animal flow, or even light road running, this shoe provides the freedom of movement you need.

Versatile for Every Terrain

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Knit

The Primus Lite Knit adapts effortlessly to various terrains and activities. With its stripped-back soles, it’s the perfect companion for barefoot living even in the city, providing a close connection to urban surfaces. For your workouts, whether it’s weightlifting or a HIIT session, this shoe offers barefoot performance that helps you unleash your natural potential.

A Design Focused on Natural Living

Vivobarefoot’s commitment to natural living is evident in every aspect of the Primus Lite Knit. The Primus Outsole, with its thin 2mm profile, minimizes the barrier between your feet and the ground. It allows natural movement while still offering ample protection for urban environments. The hexagonal tread pattern enhances multidirectional flexibility and grip, ensuring you’re ready for any terrain.

Reclaim Your Natural Potential

In a world where conventional shoes can hinder our body’s natural abilities, the Primus Lite Knit invites you to reclaim your natural potential. It’s a reminder that nature, in its simplicity and efficiency, can heal and empower us. This shoe isn’t just footwear; it’s a philosophy that puts your well-being first.

Unlock Savings with VIVOHEALTH

As an added bonus, when you purchase the Primus Lite Knit, you can take advantage of a 25% discount on a VIVOHEALTH online course. Strengthen your foot health and performance while enjoying the comfort and freedom of the Primus Lite Knit. Use code VH25PLKNIT at checkout to redeem this special offer.

The Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Knit is more than just a shoe; it’s a lifestyle choice that prioritizes your body’s natural abilities. With sustainability, performance, and minimalist design at its core, this shoe empowers you to move, feel, and thrive in harmony with your environment. Reclaim your natural potential with the Primus Lite Knit and take the first step toward a healthier, more connected future.

Unleash Your Workout Potential: A Review of the Ibex Springbok Short – The Perfect Companion for Cool and Comfortable Runs!

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Ibex Springbok Short, and let me tell you, these shorts are a game-changer! Whether you’re hitting the trail or going for a run, these shorts will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your workout.

Ibex Springbok Short

One of the standout features of these shorts is the built-in brief made from Ibex’s Merino Tencel blend. This fabric combines the natural cooling properties of Tencel, derived from sustainably grown eucalyptus, with the benefits of merino wool. The result is a lightweight and breathable material that excels in hot and humid weather, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable when the temperature rises.

The 6 7/8″ inseam of the shorts provides a great balance between coverage and freedom of movement. Whether you’re going for a long run or tackling challenging trails, these shorts won’t hold you back. The interior drawstring with an elastic waistband allows for a customizable fit, ensuring they stay securely in place during your workout.

Ibex Springbok Short

I appreciate the attention to detail in the design of these shorts. The interior hidden pocket is a great addition for safely storing small essentials like keys or cards. Additionally, the back pocket with a zipper provides extra security for items you want to keep within reach.

One feature that some may love and others may prefer to remove is the Merino Tencel interior brief. While I personally found it comfortable and supportive, it’s easy to remove if it doesn’t suit your preference. This flexibility adds to the versatility of the shorts, making them suitable for a variety of activities.

Ibex Springbok Short

In terms of comfort, these shorts truly shine. They are incredibly soft to the touch, and the fabric feels great against the skin. I experienced no chafing or discomfort, even during longer runs in varying temperatures and humidity levels. The material’s Merino Edge Cool finish enhances its versatility in different climates and provides a cooler feel to the touch.

Lastly, I must mention the durability of these shorts. Compared to other brands I have tried, the Ibex Springbok Short feels more robust and long-lasting. The pockets are well-sized and can accommodate items like energy gels or a small phone, without feeling bulky or hindering your movement.

I highly recommend the Ibex Springbok Short. They are incredibly comfortable, perform exceptionally well in hot and humid conditions, and offer convenient features like hidden pockets and a durable construction. Whether you’re hitting the trails or going for a run, these shorts are a fantastic choice for any active individual.

The Best Equipment for the Murph Challenge

The Murph Challenge is an annual fitness event that pays tribute to Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, a United States Navy SEAL who sacrificed his life during Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan in 2005.

This challenge has become a popular way for individuals around the world to honor and remember fallen heroes on Memorial Day.

The Murph Challenge consists of a grueling workout that includes a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, and another one-mile run—all done while wearing a weighted vest.

There are variations. GoRuck, in 2023, published their version of the Murph, which traded out the 100 pull-ups for 100 bent over rows using either 40 or 60# sandbags. Due to a shoulder injury, this is the version I completed this year.

This intense physical test pushes participants to their limits, testing their strength, endurance, and mental resilience.

Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt and Interval Short
2023 Murph Challenge

This was my first year training for and completing the Murph Challenge.

Completing the Murph Challenge requires not only physical preparedness but also the right gear and equipment to enhance performance and provide necessary support.

From weighted vests to durable footwear, the products used during this challenge play a crucial role in helping participants achieve their best results.

In this product review, we will explore several items that Huck Adventures received from the brands below to test.

And we put them to the test while training and during the Murph Challenge, evaluating their functionality, comfort, and overall performance. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a first-time participant, finding the right gear can make a significant difference in your Murph Challenge experience.

GoRuck Training Weight Vest

Completing the Murph with a weighted vest is a big part of the challenge. Sure, doing the workout without weights is already grueling. But it also simulates the real-life conditions of military personnel and the gear and equipment they carry.

GoRuck Weight Training Vest
GoRuck Weight Training Vest

The GoRuck Training Weight Vest (full review here) was a consistent companion while I trained and built up my rep counts for the Murph.

Anytime, I walked the dog, I put it on.

When I hiked one of the smaller mountains in Boulder, I put it on.

Running in the GoRuck Training Weight Vest was surprising. I thought it would bounce, but it didn’t. It stayed secure, but didn’t feel tight. I could still breath deeply.

My biggest challenge wearing it was getting used to the weight on my shoulders. For longer periods of activity, my shoulders would tire from holding the weight and I would find myself unstrapping the velcro and stretching; providing some relief. Gradually that feeling went away.

For the Murph, the standard is a 20# weight vest. Mine was 40#. I wore it for both runs, but ended up shedding it halfway through the rows, pushups, and squats.

Ten Thousand Interval Short and Versatile Shirt

Throughout these past several months, Ten Thousand has been a consistent workout partner.

While training in cold weather, I used their Sherpa Tech Jacket and their Interval Pant.

Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt and Interval Short
Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt and Interval Short

But as temperatures warmed up, I found myself training more and more in their Interval Short and Versatile Shirt.

Everything Ten Thousand makes is amazing. The material is soft and moves with you.

When doing workouts, like the Murph, where you are doing a lot of different compound movements, I was very pleased that I didn’t chafe.

I was able to also test how odor-resistant the material was when I took the Interval Short and Versatile Shirt with me on a five-day work trip. Each morning, I went to the hotel gym and I worked up a heavy sweat. By the time I reached by fifth morning and my fifth workout, they still smelled great.

When I am not working out, I find myself wearing them. Even now as I am writing this article, I am wearing them.

I have an upcoming weeklong Boy Scout camp that I plan to take the Interval Short and Versatile Shirt to.

If you’re looking for new workout apparel, checkout Ten Thousand. You won’t be disappointed.

Flux Footwear

If you’re doing the Murph, you need the right shoes. Shoes that are perfect for the gym and perfect for running.

And that’s where Flux Footwear comes in. Full reviews here.

Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt and Interval Short
Flux Footwear High Top Adapt

While training for the Murph Challenge, we tested the Flux Footwear Adapt Trainer and Flux Footwear High Top Adapt.

For workouts where I lifted heavy for squats and deadlifts, I consistently found myself wearing the High Top Adapt. I enjoyed the extra ankle stability that the construction of the high top provided. For the Murph, these were my shoe of choice for this exact reason.

One of my favorite features of Flux Footwear’s shoes is their innovative ADAPTSOL CUSHION. It allows the shoe to adapt to the shape of the user’s foot, providing a comfortable and customized fit. The little bumps in the footbed also act as little foot massagers.

These shoes are also minimalist in design. Wide toe box. 10mm insole. 0mm heel to toe drop. It provides the perfect balance between cushion and ground feel so that when I am lifting in them or running, my feet are very happy.

Decathlon Workout Equipment

When I first started this journey, I knew I needed to make some changes with how I worked out. I needed to build up strength, so I could increase my endurance. It wasn’t enough to just do bodyweight pushups or squats with the GoRuck weighted vest.

As I was researching equipment, I realized just how darn expensive it would be to build out my home gym.

But then I came across Decathlon. Huck Adventures partnered with them to review their weight-training rack and their weight plates. I also purchased a incline weight bench and an Olympic barbell.

What makes Decathlon different is that their business model is built to lower overhead and indirect costs so they can provide their customers with high quality equipment at a lower price than their competition.

When I was researching, I compared prices between Decathlon, the big-box retailers, and leading fitness companies and Decathlon consistently was a better value.

And upon receiving the equipment, I was happy with the overall quality.

Decathlon Weight-Training Rack

The weight-training rack was the most important piece of equipment I added to train for the Murph. Mostly because it allowed me to do pull-ups. It is able to be secured to the floor to prevent any wobbling and if I had the space, I could have trained to do kipping or butterfly pull-ups to have an easier go at it.

The rack was a great setup for bench-press and using as a squat rack to help me build up my strength and endurance for the weighted exercises in the Murph.

I have been very impressed with Decathlon as a brand and the equipment I received and bought from them. If you’re looking to build out your home gym, checkout Decathlon.


The COROS VERTIX 2 was also a consistent partner while I trained.

I mean, it’s a consistent partner every day. I hardly take it off. You can read my full review here.


But the big feature I want to highlight is the Multisport mode.

With this mode, you can set up your watch for workouts like the Murph. You can assign 5 different workout modes with the Multisport mode. For the Murph, I set mine up for Run, Gym Cardio (this is the mode I tend to use for a majority of my workouts, focusing more on my heartrate range versus tracking reps and muscle group in their Strength mode), and finally Run.

It is easy to use and setup. The user interface of the watch makes it really easy to switch between workouts in Multisport.

The COROS VERTIX 2 is the best watch on the market, in my opinion. Mostly because of its battery life (on average, I charge every 28 days). But their team consistently brings updates and new features to the watch through their firmware updates. They listen to their customers and continue to improve their software and hardware.


Hydration is one of the most important aspects of pushing yourself physically.

My go-to water bottle for years was a simple stainless steel 32-ounce. But I would find myself filling it up multiple times throughout the day. Which, in itself, isn’t a bad thing, but I’m lazy sometimes.


HydroJug has become my favorite hydration vehicle. It’s a 73 oz. water jug. I tested their plastic version that came with a straw and sleeve to keep your water cool, but they also have a vacuum-sealed stainless steel version, as well.

It’s handle makes it easy to carry and when it’s full, you can get a few reps of bicep curls in.

The flip-top makes it easy to open and the straw has a rubber bottom that allows it to pop out for easy drinking.

Throughout the day, the HydroJug has been a consistent companion. Whether I am working or working out, the HydroJug goes with me wherever I go.

The designs they have on their website are pretty cool, as well. For testing, I received the sage color HydroJug and a black camo sleeve. It looks pretty sweet.

Murph Results

I’m not going to lie.

The Murph Challenge was hard.

I followed GoRuck’s Murph Challenge, which was a one-mile run, 100 bent-over rows, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and finished with another one-mile run.

I broke out the rows, push-ups, and squats into 20 rounds of 5, 10, and 15 respectively.

For both runs I wore my 40# GoRuck weight vest and wore it for the first 10 rounds of rows, push-ups, and squats.

My total time was 58 minutes. I’m not blaming my kids for my time, but it’s worth mentioning that I had several pint-sized interruptions. Total activity time was 47 minutes.

Halfway through the rows, pull-ups, and squats I had moments where I wondered if I would be able to finish the Murph.

When I started my final run, I knew I was committed, because I had to get home, right? But, being perfectly honest, there were moments where I walked to catch my breath.

But I finished.

A huge thank-you to the brands that partnered with Huck Adventures for the Murph Challenge.

This is going to be a new Memorial Day tradition for me. And I hope to beat my time next year.