Ortovox Mountain Guide Gloves – Your Reliable Companion for Alpine Adventures

The Ortovox Mountain Guide Gloves are more than just your average pair of gloves; they’re a trusty companion for alpinists venturing into rugged terrains or for winter camping and hiking. Designed with durability and performance in mind, these gloves offer optimum grip and protection in the most demanding conditions.

Ortovox Mountain Guide Gloves

One of the standout features of the Mountain Guide Gloves is their robust construction. Crafted from high-quality goatskin leather, these gloves are built to withstand the rigors of alpine terrain. The double-layered leather in key areas such as the palm, thumb, and index finger provides added durability and protection against abrasion from sticks, ropes, or ice axes. Additionally, the seam-free finger construction ensures a snug and comfortable fit, minimizing irritation and enhancing longevity.

During a recent Boy Scout winter camping trip, I had the opportunity to put the Mountain Guide Gloves to the test. While these gloves offer very little insulation on their own, I found them to be an excellent outer layer when paired with the Crosspoint Waterproof Gloves. Together, they provided the perfect combination of warmth and protection against the elements.

Ortovox Mountain Guide Gloves

What impressed me most about the Mountain Guide Gloves was their versatility. Whether I was chopping wood, carrying water, or setting up camp, these gloves remained sturdy and reliable throughout. The adjustable hook and loop fastener cuffs ensured a secure fit, while the carabiner loop on the wrist allowed for easy attachment to my gear when not in use.

Despite their rugged construction, the Mountain Guide Gloves still managed to offer a comfortable fit. The soft goatskin leather felt pleasant against my skin, and the ergonomic design allowed for unrestricted movement, essential for handling tasks in challenging environments.

In conclusion, if you’re an alpinist or outdoor enthusiast seeking a reliable pair of gloves for your adventures, look no further than the Ortovox Mountain Guide Gloves. With their durable construction, optimum grip, and versatile design, these gloves are sure to become your go-to choice for tackling the toughest conditions in the mountains.

Tracksmith NDO Tights – Conquering Winter Runs with Confidence

In the unforgiving terrain of Colorado, where winter storms can descend with little warning, the Tracksmith NDO Tights prove to be an indispensable ally for trail runners braving the elements. True to their name, NDO, which stands for “No Days Off,” these tights are engineered to ensure you never have to skip a run, regardless of the temperature or weather conditions.

Tracksmith NDO Tights
Tracksmith NDO Tights

When the icy winds start to howl and the snow begins to fall, the NDO Tights step up to the challenge with unparalleled protection and comfort. Constructed from a double-layered fabric, these tights provide a cozy barrier against the biting cold, while the wind-blocking overlay at the front thighs shields you from the harsh elements. Unlike thin, flimsy tights that leave you shivering, the NDO Tights feel substantial and warm, allowing you to maintain your focus and performance even as the temperature drops.

Venturing out for a nighttime run in Boulder’s rugged terrain can be daunting, but with the NDO Tights, visibility is never a concern. Thanks to the innovative 360-degree reflectivity developed by 3M, these tights ensure you stand out in low light conditions, providing added safety and peace of mind as you navigate the trails after dark. The reflective sash, strategically placed on the right thigh and back left calf, ensures you remain visible from all angles, making nighttime runs both safe and enjoyable.

Tracksmith NDO Tights
Tracksmith NDO Tights

What truly sets the NDO Tights apart is their thoughtful design and attention to detail. From the soft elastic waistband that allows for easy layering to the strategically placed pockets for storing essentials, every aspect of these tights is engineered to enhance your comfort and performance. Whether you’re stashing gloves or gels in the envelope pockets or securely storing your phone and keys in the side zippered pocket, the NDO Tights have you covered for all your trail running needs.

Tracksmith NDO Tights
Tracksmith NDO Tights

In the midst of a winter or under the cover of night, the Tracksmith NDO Tights prove to be a reliable companion for trail runners seeking comfort, warmth, and visibility. So, if you’re ready to tackle the trails with confidence, regardless of the weather conditions, look no further than the NDO Tights. With their unbeatable performance and thoughtful design, these tights ensure you never have to take a day off from your passion for running.

Tracksmith Nor’Easter Jacket – Braving the Winter Elements in Style

The Tracksmith Nor’Easter Jacket isn’t just your average outer layer for runners; it’s a shield against the harshest winter conditions, offering both protection from the elements and stylish functionality. Designed with the runner’s needs in mind, this jacket seamlessly blends comfort, performance, and aesthetics.

Tracksmith Nor'Easter Jacket
Tracksmith Nor’Easter Jacket

First and foremost, the Nor’Easter lives up to its name by braving the worst weather Mother Nature can throw at you. The Schoeller Dryskin Shell serves as a formidable barrier against wind and water, ensuring you stay dry and warm even in the most blustery conditions. The addition of a merino wool liner not only provides insulation but also manages moisture and regulates temperature, keeping you comfortable throughout your run.

Comfort is paramount when facing chilly temperatures, and the Nor’Easter delivers on all fronts. The soft, brushed fabric baseball collar adds a touch of luxury while offering protection against neck chafing. The two-way zipper allows for easy adjustments, letting you release excess heat without compromising coverage. Moreover, the jacket’s lightweight construction prevents you from feeling weighed down, allowing for unrestricted movement as you conquer the trails.

Beyond its technical prowess, the Nor’Easter doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality. Its sleek silhouette and thoughtful design details make it a versatile piece that transitions seamlessly from the trail to the coffee shop. Reflective piping and details enhance visibility in low light, ensuring you stay safe during nighttime runs, while zippered pockets provide ample storage for essentials like your phone, keys, or a credit card.

Tracksmith Nor'Easter Jacket
Tracksmith Nor’Easter Jacket

What truly sets the Nor’Easter apart is its attention to detail and versatility. Whether you’re pounding the pavement or grabbing a post-run latte, this jacket has you covered in both performance and style. So, if you’re in the market for a reliable outer layer that can handle the rigors of winter running while still looking effortlessly chic, look no further than the Tracksmith Nor’Easter Jacket. It’s the ultimate companion for taking on the cold with confidence and flair.

Elevate Pizza Night with Solo Stove’s Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box

Solo Stove's Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box
Solo Stove’s Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box

At Huck Adventures, we’re all about embracing the outdoor lifestyle, but sometimes the best adventures happen right in your own kitchen. That’s why we were thrilled to try out Solo Stove’s Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box, a curated kit that brings the taste of authentic Italian pizza directly to your doorstep.

Here’s what we found:

Artisan Quality & Brands

Solo Stove's Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box
Solo Stove’s Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box

One of the most exciting aspects of this pizza kit is the commitment to artisan quality. From Patty’s Neapolitan dough balls to Bianco DiNapoli organic pizza sauce, every ingredient comes from kitchens dedicated to crafting the finest and freshest products. These are brands with deep-rooted family and Italian traditions, and it shows in the exceptional quality of their offerings.

Ultimate Convenience

Gone are the days of spending hours in the kitchen making pizza dough or scrambling to find high-quality ingredients at the last minute. With Solo Stove’s Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box, you can effortlessly become the pizzaiolo of your kitchen. Simply thaw out the ingredients and dough in the fridge, proof the dough at room temperature, and then stretch, top, and launch your pizza into the oven for a truly unforgettable experience. It’s the perfect blend of artisan quality and ultimate convenience.

Portion-Based Box

Solo Stove's Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box
Solo Stove’s Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box

The Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box is designed with ease in mind. Each component is portioned perfectly, from the uniformly sized Neapolitan dough balls to the resealable organic pizza sauce and premium mozzarella and pepperoni. This not only maximizes flexibility but also minimizes waste, ensuring that you can enjoy fresh, homemade pizza whenever the craving strikes.

For my family of five, we used half of the ingredients for our first pizza night. Six pizzas were plenty to feed us, with plenty of extras for dinner the next day. And the leftovers heated up great!

Neapolitan Dough

Solo Stove's Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box
Solo Stove’s Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box

The preservative-free Neapolitan dough balls are a standout feature of this kit. Made with the finest ingredients, including fresh yeast and Caputo 00 Pizzeria Flour, they’re flash-frozen to lock in freshness and flavor. Caputo 00 Pizzeria Flour is renowned for its high protein content, creating an elastic dough that’s easy to stretch and produces a light, airy crust that’s a delight to sink your teeth into.

These dough balls were much better than my attempts and they cooked up great!

Preparing the Dough

Handling the dough is a crucial part of the pizza-making process, and Solo Stove provides clear instructions for achieving the perfect crust. Whether you opt for an overnight thaw in the fridge or a quicker thaw at room temperature, the key is to allow the dough to proof for optimal stretching. Additionally, using large grain cornmeal on the pizza peel helps prevent sticking and ensures a smooth transfer to the oven.

Solo Stove's Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box
Solo Stove’s Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box

Overall, Solo Stove’s Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box is a game-changer for pizza enthusiasts. With its commitment to quality, convenience, and flexibility, it’s never been easier to enjoy delicious, homemade pizza whenever the mood strikes. So why wait? Elevate your pizza night with Solo Stove’s Neapolitan Artisan Pizza Box and prepare to be amazed.

Sea to Summit Unveils Cutting-Edge Sleep and Camp Kitchen Product Collections for 2024

Boulder, CO (March 14, 2023) — Sea to Summit, the award-winning global manufacturer of adventure equipment, is excited to announce their 2024 New Product Launch. The milestone unveiling of their new sleeping bag and liner categories, alongside three redesigned, award-winning camp kitchen ranges, highlights Sea to Summit’s commitment to innovation, sustainability and enhancing the outdoor experience.

The introduction of three distinct camp kitchen lines – FrontierDetour and Passage – reflects Sea to Summit’s dedication to enhancing the outdoor culinary experience. All three collections were 2023 Australian Good Design Award Winners and feature evolutions of the past X-Series, Delta and Alpha line.

Dave Thompson, General Manager of Product Design, delves into the inspiration and benefits of these camp kitchen products:

“We had a lot of fun reimagining our core promise for an evolving consumer. We were laser-focused on the customer, and obsessed with enhancing the cooking experience throughout the various adventures our customers engage in.”

Inspired by extreme explorers, Frontier cookware and tableware was engineered for weight-focused adventurers who demand functionality, ease of use, and a high degree of packability. Key features include nestable and fold-flat layouts, patent-pending LIDKEEP technology, abrasion-resistant ceramic coating and a patent-pending Click-Safe removable handle for easy stowing. The intelligent design behind the Frontier line introduces a more durable, more compact, and more ergonomic kitchenware for backpacking.

The Detour collection, tailored for adventurers on the move, whether in overland vehicles, RV kitchens, or boat galleys, debuts the first-ever collapsible camp kitchen equipment compatible with both gas stoves and induction cooktops. Crafted from stainless steel, this collection also features rattle-free stowability to ensure a quiet journey, while maintaining the convenience and quality of home cooking for any vehicle-based adventure.

“There is a significant rise in the number of vehicle-based campers who want to take a gourmet home-cooking experience on the road, yet need products that can be stowed easily. We felt that our core expertise in developing collapsible, packable kitchenware solutions delivered a key benefit to this user,” says Thompson on the increased popularity of vehicle-based camping.

Sea to Summit’s 2024 sleeping bag and liner collections usher in new levels of comfort and convenience across a wide range of conditions and pursuits. Utilizing new fabrics and enhanced details, these bags and liners seamlessly integrate to redefine the sleep experience.

In addition to evolving and streamlining their most popular sleeping bags like the Spark and Ascent, Sea to Summit delivers a completely new offering in the Spark PRO. The Spark PRO is the perfect option for lightweight adventurers who demand comfort. 950+ FILL Power makes this bag as comfortable as it is compact, and introduces the versatility of the Free Flow zip system to a class of lightweight bags.

“Our goal was to evolve sleeping bags and liners to build on the versatility that has been a hallmark of Sea to Summit sleeping bags,” states Kevin Joyce, Sea to Summit’s General Manager of Product Merchandising. “A key element in this is the Free Flow zip system, which has been revised for 2024 and introduced for the first time into the lightweight realm with the Spark Pro. Free Flow allows users to adapt their sleeping bag to meet their own preferences and various external conditions.”

The new iteration of Sea to Summit sleeping bags feature notable sustainability updates, including bluesign® approved fills and fabrics, non-PFC DWR treatments, Recycled Claim Standard shells and linings, RDS-Certified Down and Forest Stewardship Council approved packaging.

Comfort and versatility extend to the women’s specific sleeping bag models as well. The women’s specific designs feature a carefully crafted, thermally efficient shape to allow a natural sleep position without compressing insulation, and body-mapped down to provide maximum warmth.

Sea to Summit has long been the market leader in sleeping bag liners, but the new models represent a quantum leap forward for the end user. The three new collections include the Reactor Series Thermal Boost Liners for enhanced warmth, the Breeze Series Moisture Management Liners for comfort in warm, humid conditions, and Lightweight Liners for minimalist adventures. The new liners have shoulder openings and an all-new base drawcord that aligns with the Free Flow zip system of the sleeping bags to give you an even greater level of versatility.

Dave Thompson concludes, “We’re quite overwhelmed by the loyalty we’ve seen from users that have journeyed with us for over 30 years. Our 2024 lineup provides ongoing reassurance to consumers and invites them to journey with us as we continue to innovate around our core objectives of creating the most lightweight, packable and durable products to support their adventures.”

Sea to Summit’s 2024 product range is a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to quality, innovation and sustainable practices.

All-Weather Performance: CrossPoint Waterproof Gloves Review

When it comes to outdoor adventures, having gear that can keep up with the elements is essential. That’s why I turned to CrossPoint Waterproof Gloves for my recent hunting and fishing excursions, as well as during an overnight Boy Scout camping trip in the rugged mountains of Colorado.

CrossPoint Waterproof Gloves

Here’s what I found:

Crafted with a triple-layer design, these gloves offer unparalleled protection from the elements. The durable knit outer layer, complete with silicone grip, provides a secure hold in any conditions. Meanwhile, the windproof and waterproof middle layer ensures that my hands stay dry and warm, no matter how wet or cold the weather gets. Additionally, the Coolmax inner fiber lining adds an extra level of comfort and moisture-wicking capability, keeping my hands comfortable and dry throughout the day.

CrossPoint Waterproof Gloves

One standout feature of these gloves is their touchscreen compatibility. With touchscreen-friendly fingertips, I can easily use my smartphone or GPS device without having to remove my gloves, making navigation a breeze whether I’m tracking my route or checking the weather forecast.

CrossPoint Waterproof Gloves

The ergonomic 3D molded fit is another highlight of these gloves. Designed for both men and women, the seamless construction provides a snug, waterproof barrier that’s perfect for a variety of outdoor activities, from cycling and running to winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Plus, the gloves are equipped with Showers Pass’ exclusive waterproof membrane, which maintains a balance between waterproofing and airflow to reduce sweat buildup and ensure lightweight comfort, even during intense activities.

One thing I particularly appreciated about these gloves is their quick-drying capabilities. Made with quick-drying exterior and interior fabric lining, they’re always ready for daily use, even after getting wet in the rain or snow. The multi-directional stretch fabric also enhances comfort and dexterity, allowing for unrestricted movement whether I’m casting a line or taking aim at my target.

Overall, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the performance of CrossPoint Waterproof Gloves. Whether I’m out in the field hunting, casting a line while fishing, or braving the elements on a camping trip, these gloves have kept my hands dry, warm, and comfortable every step of the way. Plus, knowing that they’re made in the USA from high-quality materials gives me added confidence in their durability and reliability. If you’re looking for a versatile pair of gloves that can handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way, look no further than CrossPoint Waterproof Gloves.