Join us for a Huck Adventure and photo shoot

We have a fun and exciting opportunity for you. Huck Adventures is shooting an advertising campaign July 31 – Aug. 15 in Telluride / Crested Butte, Moab, Lake Powell, and one more location in Colorado that’s TBD. The photos and videos we’ll be filming will be used in advertising campaigns, on the app and website, in email newsletters and flyers, and more. 

We’re looking for people to join us for our Huck Outside shoot who aren’t camera shy, are looking to go on an adventure with a fun group of people, like testing out new gear, and have experience in one or more of the following sport categories: 

  • Camping
  • SUP
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Deep Water Soloing (DWS)
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Pack rafting
  • Mountain Biking (MTB)
  • Slackline
  • Canyoneering
  • Sand Boarding
  • Trail Running
  • Rock Climbing

Shoot Schedule: 

  • Crested Butte (July 31-Aug 2)
  • Telluride / (Aug 2 – 3)
  • Moab / Zion National Park (Aug 4-8)
  • Lake Powell (August 9-12)
  • Colorado location (located between Lake Powell and Boulder) TBD (August 13-15)


  • Can I invite friends? Yes! As long as they don’t mind being on camera. We will require that everyone signs a photo release. 
  • Can I use the images on social media? We will put together a packet of photos that can be shared on social media as long as @huckadventures and @nicdaughtry is tagged on the photo and in the post. 
  • What will Huck provide? One meal a day, water, and some new gear for us to test and shoot. For the Lake Powell shoot, we will be covering the cost of the campgrounds.
  • Am I qualified to participate? We are looking for a fun crew of people with various ability levels. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends and participate with other Huckers. Please apply online at the link below. You’ll be notified by July 19 if you’ve been selected for the campaign shoot. 
  • Will I be tagged in the photos on social? That is an obvious yes to us. Please share the content we post. Everyone picked will fill out a form with your social handles to tag you.

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10 Must See Red Rocks Shows to See Before Winter

Red Rocks

Due to Red Rocks Amphitheater being in my backyard, I have developed a profound love for finding and sharing music. This has spiked my interest to travel to other outdoor music festivals, in order for me to get a feel of what other venues are like. Red Rocks Amphitheater is my all time favorite. Below is a list of 10 must-see shows before this Winter.

Louis The Child: July 11, 2019

This Chicago-based DJ and production duo are making their way into the electronic music genre. They are one of the newer bands to the EDM scene and are known for their hit singles:

  • Better Not
  • Weekend
  • Fire
  • It’s Strange
  • Love is Alive
  • Slow Down Love

Yoga on The Rocks: August 3, 2019 

Take a break from the bass and enjoy your morning with sunrise yoga on August 3, 2019. Practice your flow and get in the zone with a class that is instructed on the rocks overlooking Denver. 

Flume: August 6-7, 2019 

Flume August 6-7th, 2019 

Harley Streten, also known as Flume, is an Australian music programmer, record producer and DJ. Above all, he is known for being the pioneer of future bass. Influencing the electronic dance genre by his talent and original beats, Flume has won too many awards to list off including:

  • Best Independent Artist
  • Best Independent Album
  •  Best Male Artist
  •  Producer of the Year
  •  Engineer of the Year
  •  Album of the Year 

Touring a majority of the time internationally, his appearance in Colorado is a blessing to the Red Rocks community. I can assure you, from experience, that this is a show you do not want to miss. 

Red Rocks Yoga, Alison Wonderland: August 10

Start your day with a morning of stretching at Yoga on the rocks and end it with a night of dancing to Alison Wonderland. Alison Wonderland is an Australian singer, DJ, and electronic dance music producer. Most noteworthy, she is certified gold by ARIA and also made the top charts being debuted at No.1 on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums. She also received titles such as: 

  • Artist of the Year
  • New Artist of the Year
  • Breakout Artist

Alison is the highest billed female DJ in Coachella history. Catch her at Red Rocks this season for a show full of beautiful vocals and electronic dance music.

GRiZ: August 30-31, 2019

Grant Richard Kwieciński, also known as GRiZ, is an electronic producer and American DJ recognized for playing the saxophone and producing music in the electro-soul and funk genre. Because of his groovy and old school Motown soul vibe, he attracts listeners from all over. Get to the rocks for some new disco, future funk, advanced electronica, and anything that screams new sound. 

Rüfüs Du Sol: October 2-3 2019 

Yet another iconic Australian dance group consisting of Tyrone Lindqvist, James Hunt and Jon George that goes by the name of Rüfüs Du Sol. Receiving dozens of awards worldwide, this band is a must-see live.

  • Debut album Atlas, peaked at No. 1 in Australia for Best Independent Dance
  • Best Electronica Album
  • Best Dance Release
  • Record of the Year 
  • Live Act of the Year 

It will not be difficult to get down with this talented group of artists at one of the most amazing venues in the world.

Mac Demarco: October 6, 2019

McBriare Samuel Lanyon, also known as Mac DeMarco, is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer. Generating a mix of indie-rock, jangle pop and psychedelic rock, DeMarco never fails to stun the rock community with his “jiizz jazz” style of music.  

Tyler the Creator: October 7, 2019

The very talented Tyler Gregory Okonma, also known by his stage name Tyler the Creator, is an artist whose expertise in music is far beyond measure. Specializing in rapping, songwriting, signing, recording, fashion designing, graphic designing, and music video directing, Tyler is a performer to say the least. Tyler excels at the piano, keyboard, drums, vocals, and synthesizer, making him one of the most interesting performers to watch today. Tyler has won Best New Artist, Rookie of the Year and Must Follow Artist, attracting Red Rocks fanatics from all over. 

Vampire Weekend: October 8, 2019 

Ranging from a mixture of indie pop, indie rock, art pop and baroque pop, Vampire Weekend is an American rock band originating from New York City. The band’s first album Vampire Weekend was praised by critics for its worldwide music influence, leading the band to fame immediately. Come rock out with one of the most influential bands, at one of the most attractive scenes in the World. 

TroyBoi: October 18, 2019 

Troy Henry, also known as TroyBoi, is an up and coming British DJ in the Dance/Electronic music genre. He is headlining his first Red Rocks show mid October. Bringing colorful vibes with no restrictions, TroyBoi is ready to throw down in Morrison, and you should be there for it. 

Check out the full Red Rocks Calendar to see all of the events happening this summer.


GoPro Mountain Games IFSC 2019 Bouldering World Cup Winners.

GoPro Mountain Games for the 2019 Bouldering World Cup

This past weekend, Huck Adventures was in Vail, Colo. for the GoPro Mountain Games for the 2019 Bouldering World Cup put on by the International Federation of Sport Climbing.

The main event was at Vail’s Mountain Plaza where a 30-foot bouldering wall was constructed, challenging climbers to defy the laws of gravity as they reached, stretched, and leapt towards their next target.

Janja Garngret flashing the final boulder problem winning the World Cup
Janja Garngret flashing the final boulder problem winning the World Cup

Slovenia’s Janja Garngret was the standout in the women’s competition, winning her sixth straight World Cup and setting a new circuit record. Each series of climbs had escalating challenges that caused other climbers to fall, including the final stage: a 45-degree plane that inverted climbers over the stage before reaching the final crest. 

It’s worth noting that the only American to place in the top 10 of the women’s competition was Natalie Grossman from Boulder, Colo. Keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with her.

Going into the men’s competition, Adam Ondra (CZE) and Tomoa Narasaki (JPN) were neck-in-neck in the rankings. During his attempt of the technical slab climb, Ondra’s ranking slipped to fifth place. Narasaki continued to lead with another climber from Japan, Yoshiyuki Ogata, quickly closing rank. 

Yoshiyuki Ogata climbing the finishing route | Photo by Nic Daughtry
Yoshiyuki Ogata climbing the finishing route | Photo by Nic Daughtry
Yoshiyuki Ogata climbing the finishing route | Photo by Nic Daughtry
Yoshiyuki Ogata climbing the finishing route | Photo by Nic Daughtry

The first four climbers to secure the zone on the final wall were stopped by the next hold. Ogata was able to overcome the obstacle, earning his first IFSC World Cup gold medal. Narasaki fell four times trying to transition from the 45-degree inverted angle to the final panel. Narasaki finished second, clinching the season World Cup title.

Our Favorite Photos from CKS Paddlefest

The Huck Adventures team spent Memorial weekend in Buena Vista, Colo., for the CKS Paddlefest. There was tons of action on the banks of the gorgeous Arkansas River, and we caught it all on camera. Check out our favorite photos below.

If you haven’t been to a the CKS Paddlefest yet, you’re missing out. They have a little bit of everything, from the U.S. National Freestyle Championships to a kayak rodeo. Paddlers from all over the country, and even internationally, came for some action on the Arkansas River.

Huck Adventures had a booth at CKS Paddlefest, and we had a great time meeting everyone who stopped by. We were spreading the word about the Huck app and loved all the positive feedback we got from the paddling community.

If you missed our booth and want to be a beta tester, or just want to be notified of our launch, sign up on our website, www.huckadventures.com.

CKS Paddlefest 2019, Buena Vista, Colorado, Huck Adventures
Photo by Nic Daughtry Photography, @nicdaughtry
CKS Paddlefest 2019, Buena Vista, Colorado, Huck Adventures
Photo by Nic Daughtry Photography, @nicdaughtry
CKS Paddlefest 2019, Buena Vista, Colorado, Huck Adventures
Photo by Nic Daughtry Photography, @nicdaughtry
CKS Paddlefest 2019, Buena Vista, Colorado, Huck Adventures
Photo by Nic Daughtry Photography, @nicdaughtry
CKS Paddlefest 2019, Buena Vista, Colorado, Huck Adventures
Photo by Nic Daughtry Photography, @nicdaughtry

Thank you to Nic Daughtry Photography for the incredible photos of the event. Check out more of his work at https://nicdaughtry.com/

Huck Teams Up with Boulder Companies for Earth Day Event

Our team at Huck Adventures is dedicated to preserving the wonder of nature by keeping our land, oceans, and trails clean. A big part of our mission is to reinvest in the outdoors by partnering with nonprofits who have made that their mission.

That’s why we chose Clean Trails as a non-profit partner and why we were excited to participate in their nationwide volunteer clean up event in honor of Earth Day 2019 in conjunction with Earth Day Network.

Huck hosted the clean up of Boulder Creek Trail on April 27. Local Boulder businesses and community members joined us, including Charlotte’s Web CBD, Bobo’s Oat Bars, Burton Snowboards, and Xero Shoes.

Together there were over 40 people who cleaned over five miles of trail. Together they filled fourteen 50-gallon bags of trash along the city’s main waterway.

“It was great seeing the community come together for Earth Day to make a difference and help preserve Boulder’s beautiful trails,” Huck Founder and CEO Ben Nelson said.

3 Outdoorsy Activities You Can Do Anywhere This Earth Day

Attention: Earth Day is April 22. How are you planning to nurture Mother Nature and yourself on this special day?

Across the U.S. and beyond, Earth Day has become a pivotal holiday, with marches, exhibitions, seminars and festivals solely dedicated to our lady, Mother Earth. While this day is meant to be celebrated, it also serves as an important reminder to be gentle to our planet. Organizations worldwide come together to both educate and mediate, and we encourage you to reflect on your contributions and how you can continue to make our planet a safe, clean place for all.

To pay homage to Mother Nature, here are 3 outdoors activities you can do anywhere in the world to show her a little extra love on Earth Day.   

Volunteer for a CleanUp event with National CleanUp Day

For the entire month of April, National CleanUp Day and Earth Day Network are teaming up with community members and grassroots organizations around the country to clean up green spaces, urban landscapes and waterways. With 25 clean-up locations in more than 20 cities, and a call to action to communities nationwide, Earth Day 2019 CleanUp will deploy an army of volunteers to make a tangible impact on waste in our environments. Find a CleanUp event near you here, or find opportunities to rally your community here.

If you’re in Boulder, CO, Huck Adventures is hosting a clean up event on April 27 along Boulder Creek. Let us know you’re coming and read all the event details here.

Get a little dirty

We’re not all blessed with a backyard or a community garden, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find some dirt. Locate your nearest green space and get your hands dirty in celebration of Mother Earth. Whether it’s sowing some greens in your garden, fostering a tree, or helping your local community center with some landscaping, it will feel great to get your hands into some soil and be a part of bringing our Earth some new plant life.

Take a walk

Take a walk! Take a hike! Who cares! Just get outside and revel in all of the beauty around you. One of the easiest ways to give back to Mother Nature is to respect her and to enjoy her, so wander along your favorite trail, up a mountain, or on the sidewalk and take a look around. The whole point is to feel the wind in your hair and soak it all in, so don’t be too stressed about your destination. If you want some suggestions, though, we say you find a spot under your favorite tree or plan a little picnic in the park to carpe that diem.

What are your plans this Earth Day?

2019 UIAA World Cup Ice Climbing Finals in Denver

Some of the best ice climbers in the world converged in Denver to compete in the sixth and final event of the 2019 Ice Climbing World Cup on February 23-24. The American Alpine Club hosted this event, the first in the U.S., at Denver’s Civic Center Park. A total of 38 men and 26 women competed in the speed climbing and lead climbing competitions.

Over two-days, the event broke international records by becoming one of the most spectated climbing events of all time. They recorded a live crowd of more than 25,000, as well as hundreds of thousands more watching the competition’s live stream.

Walking up to the event, you could see a towering structure of sheer ice and steel that was built for the competition. The 60-foot wall of ice was kept frozen with a chilling system, utilizing the same technology as a skating rink, but on a vertical surface. It allowed for two climbers at a time to race up for the speed climbing competition.

Next to the wall was the structure for the lead climbing competitions. There were two walls with tiny holds for the climbers to scale. For the semifinals, the walls were identical, utilized by both men and women competitors. For the finals, the left side was customized just for women.

Once the climbers reached the top, they would make their way through a swinging obstacle course; hanging upside down, leaping to nearby structures, and sometimes falling. Only a few were able to make it to the very top, straddling a structure dubbed “the rhino horn” while pumping their fists in victory.

Saturday, February 23 — The Need for Speed

Saturday held qualifying rounds for lead and speed climbing, which determined the contenders for both nights.

Speed climbing featured three rounds: the quarterfinal, semi-final, and final rounds. Contestants sprinted up the wall in pairs, side-by-side, using ice tools and crampons. Judges rated the climbers soley for speed.

David Bouffard of Canada made history by becoming the first North American to quality for the quarterfinals in speed climbing. Unfortunately for Bouffard, he punctured his thigh with his ice axe and had to go to the hospital.

Bouffard returned for the finals, however, and took second place behind Russia’s Nikolai Kusovlev in first. Dmitriy Grebennikov of Russia came in third for men’s speed.

Maria Tolokonina of Russia also took Gold in the Women’s Speed Final.

Sunday, February 24 — Lead Climbing Finals

The lead climbing finals challenged the competitors to balance speed and agility to climb as far as possible before the clock ran out. There were eight finalists in the men’s and women’s category, and each climber had only eight minutes to make it through the course.

Utilizing their ice tools and crampons, they climbed up the wall to the obstacles. Points were given based on how many holds they touched and the amount of obstacles they were able to clip into. But making it to the aforementioned “rhino’s horn” was the pinnacle achievement.

Switzerland’s Yannick Glatthard raced through the course, becoming the first man to reach the horn with seconds to spare. The winner of Saturday’s men’s speed finals, Nikolai Kuzovlev, was able to reach the horn with just over 25 seconds left, becoming the champion of the lead climbing course.

The women’s competition was even more dramatic. Woonseon Shin of South Korea was the first to make it to the horn, but the clock ran out before she was able to make the final leap. The winner of the women’s speed climbing competition, Maria Tolokonina of Russia, leapt for the horn, barely catching it with her ice tool before falling. Her ice tool stuck, however, and because she had reached the horn before the clock ran out, she won.

Watching the crowd’s reaction to these superhuman climbers, you could see their sense of awe. Hopefully we’ll see more climbing events like this in the future, providing inspiration to a new generation of rock and ice climbers.

For complete results and World Cup Tour recap, please visit, https://www.theuiaa.org/ice-climbing/

It’s Time to Make a Difference – Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2019

The Outdoor Retailer Snow Show kicked off at the end of January as a celebration of the whole mountain experience. This was the 66th year of their annual Snow Show, and it didn’t disappoint. The Denver Convention Center was filled with inspirational explorers and storytellers.

The show kicked off with the launch of the Confluence of States, a newly announced bipartisan organization that is dedicated to developing a national platform to grow the outdoor recreation industry, protect the nation’s wild places, and transform conversation into a driver for economic prosperity. Their goal is to amplify, support, and unite outdoor efforts.

That announcement was quickly followed by a keynote address that focused heavily on sustainability and climate change. Based on recent reports, global warming will happen faster than anticipated. Extreme weather has become our new normal. As states like Colorado are growing in population, we will have less water because there isn’t the same level of snow pack.

Collaborate and Listen

These challenges will require more collaboration and innovation from the outdoor industry, and now’s the time to make the difference.

Throughout the show you could see that sentiment echoed throughout other talks, but also in the exhibitor booths of the outdoor retailers. There were several companies that were highlighting products that were created with sustainability in mind (like United by Blue Bison Jacket) or that showcased their dedication to sustainable efforts (like Nemo Equipment).

During a panel on sustainability, Pat Campbell, President of Mountain Division at Vail Resorts Inc., spoke about how Vail Resorts had launched Epic Promise, which included a Commitment to Zero—a pledge to reach a zero net operating carbon footprint by 2030. What was even more inspiring was how Vail is empowering their employees to take an active part in their initiative, which has inspired incredible collaboration and teamwork within the company around this initiative.

Positively impacting the negative effects of global warming is a huge initiative. The panel encouraged the business leaders to not be scared of how big this initiative is, but to focus on areas they could impact within their company. We’re not free from doing our part—we just need to figure out what that part is and not be complacent.

Take Action

Before this panel closed, they left the attendees with some words of wisdom as they set off to change the world:

  • Find a mentor to help you find your path
  • Set almost unattainable goals. Engage employees often.
  • Engage where decisions are being made
  • Take an adventurous approach.
  • Remember that we are in this together. We need to be inclusive, embrace diversity, and help one another.

We are in this Together

The Huck Adventures team was encouraged by this message because we are working to unite the outdoor community and believe that collaboration and innovation are the key to doing so.

As part of our company’s mission, we aim to grow outdoor participation, grow the outdoor industry, and reinvest in the outdoors by supporting nonprofits that are working to preserve the natural beauty of the outdoors and getting more people outside to enjoy it.

To get there, we know we can’t do it alone. So as we get our app ready for launch in a couple months, we have been busy collaborating and meeting with nonprofits and businesses with shared missions and values that want to be our partners. It’s an exciting time, and we are hopeful for the future, not just for Huck Adventures, but the entire outdoor community.

If you want to be one of Huck’s nonprofit or business partners, shoot us an email at info@huckadventures.com. You can also get updates on our progress and be notified when the app launches by signing up on our website at www.huckadventures.com.

Events this week with Huck

Thank you for your interest and support of Huck Adventures. We are hard at work prepping our app for launch and can’t wait to roll it out to you!

In the meantime, you can find us at a couple events this week around Denver.

Outdoor Retailer: Snow Show from Jan. 30 – Feb. 1

Huck Adventures will be at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show this week in Denver and will be sharing videos from the event on our YouTube channelInstagram, and Facebook–so check it out for a sneak peak of the latest gear, gadgets and clothing. And if you’ll be in attendance at the event, stop us and say hi. We’ll be the crew wearing black Huck t-shirts!

Movement Climbing Gym Jan. 28 and Feb. 1

Huck will be at Movement Climbing Gym “Focus on Fitness” events this week, including their kick-off from 5-8 p.m. on Jan. 28 (at 1155 W 5th Ave, Denver) and Friday Fun Day Finale partyfrom 5-8 p.m on Feb. 1 (at 1155 W 5th Ave, Denver). They will have classes and demos all week long and lots of chances to win prizes. And you won’t want to miss the party Friday night with “DJ D-Vinyl,” free beer from Olympia, and free kombucha and Hey Day Cold Brew. If you come out either night, stop by the Huck table to say hi and for a chance to win Black Diamond FreeWire Quickdraw Quickpack (value $80).

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