Battle of the Ballistic Glasses: Comparing Smith’s Frontman Elite, Outback Elite, and Longfin Elite for Shooting and Outdoor Enthusiasts

As a shooting and outdoor enthusiast, I decided to compare three of the most popular Smith ballistic glasses: the Frontman Elite, Outback Elite, and Longfin Elite. In this review, I’ll discuss my experience with each pair and compare their features to help you decide which is best suited for your needs.

Comfort and Fit

Frontman Elite

Frontman Elite:

The Frontman Elite glasses offer a medium fit with extensive coverage, making them suitable for most face shapes. The hydrophilic megol temple and nose pads provide a snug and secure fit without being too tight. I found them very comfortable and barely noticed them while shooting in the backcountry.

Outback Elite

Outback Elite:

The Outback Elite glasses also have a medium-large fit with extensive coverage. The 8-base lens curvature wraps around your head for a snug fit, while the hydrophilic megol temple and nose pads keep them in place even when you sweat. They are lightweight, which is a bonus during extended shooting sessions.

Longfin Elite:

These glasses also feature a medium-large fit with extensive coverage, and the 6-base lens curvature provides a modest wraparound fit. The hydrophilic megol temple and nose pads ensure they stay in place. While they are comfortable, I did notice a small blind spot on the periphery due to the shield on the frames.

Outback Elite

Safety and Protection

All three glasses offer the same level of protection, with high-impact lens material and compliance with MIL-PRF-31013 clause and ANSI Z87.1 standards. They all provide 100% UVA/B/C protection, protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays during outdoor activities.

Clarity and Field of View

Frontman Elite

Frontman Elite:

The Frontman Elite glasses offer excellent clarity between bright sunlight and dusk. They are dark enough to prevent bright sunlight from annoying and provide a clear view during shooting sessions.

Outback Elite

Outback Elite:

These glasses provide a great field of view, and I tested them with iron sights, red dots, and rifle scopes. The wraparound fit enhances peripheral vision and reduces glare. They also work well for fishing, with the ChromaPop+ Elite Polarized Gray Green Lens reducing glare on the water and enhancing colors.

Longfin Elite:

The Longfin Elite glasses offer good clarity and a modest wraparound fit. However, the small blind spot on the peripheral may be an issue for some users.


Each pair of glasses has a distinct style, with the Frontman Elite and Longfin Elite leaning towards a more lifestyle look and the Outback Elite having a sportier design. The color combinations available for each model are stylish, and I’ve received compliments on all three pairs.


The Frontman Elite and Outback Elite glasses are priced at $239.00, while the Longfin Elite is slightly more affordable at $169.00. Considering their performance, safety features, and stylish designs, all three glasses offer excellent value for money.


All three Smith ballistic glasses provide excellent protection, comfort, and clarity for shooting and outdoor activities. The Frontman Elite and Outback Elite glasses offer a more secure wraparound fit, while the Longfin Elite is slightly more affordable and has a more casual style. Depending on your preferences and requirements, any of these glasses would be a great addition to your outdoor gear collection.

James & DDC Field Notes 3 Pack and The Stilwell Compact Pen

As a dedicated outdoorsman, I constantly seek the best tools to enhance my shooting and hunting experiences. The James & DDC Field Notes 3 Pack and The Stilwell Compact Pen have now become essential components of my range and hunting kit. In this review, I will share how these products have improved my outdoor adventures and made documenting my experiences more convenient.

James & DDC Field Notes 3 Pack and The Stilwell Compact Pen

James & DDC Field Notes 3 Pack – My Pocket-Sized Companion

When it comes to outdoor activities, having a reliable and compact notebook is crucial. The James & DDC Field Notes 3 Pack has proven to be the perfect size for my range bag, allowing me to make notes and sit in my rifle quickly. In addition, the absence of cell phone coverage is no longer an issue, as these notebooks enable me to keep track of site settings and perform calculations on the go.

Key Features:
  1. Made for Writing: These notebooks are designed for writing things down, making them ideal for jotting down important information in the field.
  2. Everyday Carry: The compact size of these notebooks ensures they fit comfortably in your back pocket, always within reach.
  3. Remember: If it’s important, write it down! The Field Notes 3 Pack serves as a reminder to document essential information.

James & DDC Field Notes 3 Pack and The Stilwell Compact Pen

The Stilwell – The Compact Pen Re-imagined

The Stilwell Compact Pen is the ultimate solution to the challenges of carrying a full-sized pen while in the great outdoors. Its minimal form allows it to fit in your pocket or bag easily, yet it performs exceptionally when needed. 

“The small size makes it easy to carry around my neck or tucked in a bag and is now my go-to pen for taking notes in the field outside for shooting and hunting.”

Ben Nelson
Key Features:
  1. Adventure Ready: This compact pen is designed for travel, shooting, and hunting, fitting effortlessly in the coin pocket of your jeans.
  2. Lanyard: The attached lanyard ensures easy deployment, making it convenient to use at a moment’s notice.
  3. Easy Refills: The Stilwell uses standard XYZ refills, allowing you to choose your preferred ink and easily acquire replacements.
  4. Balanced Feel: This pen is engineered with optimal balance, ensuring it fits comfortably in your hand and functions smoothly.

Benefits of Tracking Range Distance, Scope Measurements, and Drift

Accurate documentation of your shooting experience, including range distance, scope measurements, and drift, is essential for improving your skills and achieving consistent results. The James & DDC Field Notes 3 Pack and The Stilwell Compact Pen provide an efficient and reliable way to track these essential aspects. Here are some key benefits of monitoring range distance, scope measurements, and drift:

  1. Improved Accuracy: Consistently tracking range distance and scope adjustments helps you fine-tune your shooting skills. By analyzing your previous records, you can make more precise adjustments to your scope, leading to better shot placement and increased accuracy.
  2. Understanding Ballistics: Documenting drift caused by wind and bullet velocity lets you understand ballistics better. This knowledge will enable you to compensate for external factors more effectively and enhance your shooting accuracy.
  3. Personalized Data: Recording your shooting experiences creates a customized database of information. This data enables you to make informed decisions when adjusting your scope and predicting drift, accounting for your specific shooting style and equipment.
  4. Consistent Performance: Continuously tracking your shooting experiences helps you identify patterns and trends in your performance. This information lets you maintain and improve your skills, leading to more consistent results.
  5. Learning from Mistakes: Keeping records of your shooting sessions, including details such as range distance, scope measurements, and drift, can help you identify errors and learn from them. You can make the necessary adjustments to correct these mistakes and enhance your overall performance by analyzing your records.
  6. Faster Adjustments: As you become more familiar with your personal shooting data, you can make quicker and more accurate adjustments in the field. This can be particularly beneficial in hunting situations where time is of the essence.
  7. Confidence Building: By maintaining detailed records of your shooting experiences, you will develop a more robust understanding of your abilities and limitations. This knowledge will help build your confidence, enabling you to make better decisions and execute more precise shots in high-pressure situations.

As a passionate shooter and hunter, the James & DDC Field Notes 3 Pack and the Stilwell Compact Pen have become essential to my gear. Their petite structure, hardiness, and efficacy make them the ultimate companions for every hunt or shooting expedition. These two items give me the comfort and trust I need to record my experiences in the wild accurately.

Logging the range, scope parameters, and deflection is imperative to hone one’s marksmanship and guarantee the desired outcomes. The James & DDC Field Notes 3 Pack and The Stilwell Compact Pen provide an easy and dependable way to track this data, making them must-haves for all serious shooters and hunters. So remember to bring them on your next trip!

Everything You Need to Know About the Smith PivLock™ Echo MAX Elite Ballistic Glasses

If you’re looking to outfit yourself with the best ballistic glasses on the market, look no further than the Smith PivLock™ Echo MAX Elite! From the durability of its frames to the high-quality lenses and excellent interchangeable shields, these glasses are an all-around impressive piece of eye protection that will meet your needs in any environment. Read on to learn everything you need about these special glasses!


As a gun owner, I’m always looking for ways to improve my shooting. I recently came across the Smith PivLockTM Echo MAX Elite ballistic glasses and was impressed with their distortion-free edges. This feature is essential to me because it allows for a more precise sight picture when shooting a long gun. The lenses are also treated with an anti-fog coating, which is a must in my book.

Eye Protection

The Smith PivLockTM Echo MAX Elite ballistic glasses check all the boxes to earn a MIL-PRF-31013 rating. They go beyond that, with various features, making them our preferred choice for high-quality eye protection. They’re exceptionally incredibly, even when worn for extended periods. They’re compatible with most other gear, including hearing protection and helmets. Plus, the echo lens coating protects against harmful UV rays.

  • VisionFrameless FreeFloat™ lens for a comfortable fit and increased impact resistance
  • Anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating on all lenses
  • Lenses meet MIL-PRF-31013 clause
  • ANSI Z87.1 compliant
  • 100% UVA/B protection

The metal temples on the Smith PivLockTM Echo MAX Elite are so thin that you can easily fit over-ear hearing protection, which is excellent for soldiers who need eye and ear protection. The glasses are also comfortable and don’t fog up for long periods. Plus, the Echo is compatible with night vision goggles, making it a versatile piece of gear.

  • 7-base shield lens curvature offers a wraparound fit
  • Super thin, moldable alloy temples fit cleanly under ear protection without breaking the seal
  • Adjustable nose piece for a perfect fit
  • FramePivLock™’s interchangeable lens system makes lens changes easy.

When you first get the Smith PivLockTM Echo MAX Elite, you’ll notice how lightweight and comfortable. The lenses are easy to change – make sure not to lose anything in the process! I’ve found them compatible with my other gear and offer excellent protection. Overall, I’m happy with them.


The Smith PivLockTM Echo MAX Elite Ballistic Glasses are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality pair of glasses. They offer safety, comfort, and compatibility with other gear, making them a perfect choice for military life. However, the price tag of $180 may be a bit much for some people. But if you can stomach the price, these glasses are a home run.

Final Thoughts

The Smith PivLockTM Echo MAX Elite ballistic glasses are our top pick for military eye protection for a few reasons. They offer excellent protection against impact and UV rays; they’re also comfortable to wear and look good. We also love the superior clarity and protection given by these glasses.