Running into Summer with Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

The Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts are a trail runner’s dream come true. From the moment I slipped them on, I could tell these were a cut above the rest. The material is incredibly soft and smooth against the skin, yet highly durable and quick-drying – perfect for long runs on the trails.

Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

After putting in 50 miles of testing, I experienced zero chafing or discomfort. The fit is secure without being restrictive, thanks to the adjustable clip belt that keeps the shorts locked in place even with a phone bouncing in the side pocket. Speaking of pockets, the Off Roads are extremely well-equipped with four internal pockets for gels/fuel and two exterior pockets that can easily fit a phone, keys, or other essentials.

Beyond just performance, Tracksmith really went the extra mile with the design of these shorts. The 4.75″ inseam provides an optimal balance of coverage and mobility on the trails. Little touches like the UV protection and anti-pilling fabric elevate them even further.

Whether you’re an avid trail runner or just prefer to take your training off the beaten path, the Off Roads Shorts from Tracksmith should be at the top of your list. They strike the perfect balance of lightweight performance and heavy-duty utility. Once you go off road in these, you won’t want to hit the trails in anything else.

Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

As Tracksmith says, these shorts were “designed for the trails” and it really shows. The lightweight, quick-drying fabric with UV protection allows you to tackle any trail condition while staying cool, dry and protected from the elements. The barely-there liner provides just the right amount of support and protection against chafing.

One of my favorite features is the sheer number of pockets – six in total! There are four internal pockets in the rear yoke that are perfect for stashing gels, chews or other fuel for long runs. Then there’s an accessible drop-in pocket on the hip that securely held my iPhone 14 Pro even on aggressive downhills. Finally, there’s a zipper pocket for keys or other small essentials. Having all this storage means you can truly go farther off the beaten path without being weighed down.

What sets the Off Roads apart is their versatility for any trail adventure. The streamlined construction balances weight and function perfectly. As Tracksmith says, “the shorts have been thoughtfully upgraded with a significantly streamlined liner and shell.” The liner is thin and comfortable enough for short runs, yet durable enough to prevent chafing on all-day epics. The quick-dry shell sheds moisture and protects your skin from the sun’s rays.

Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

At the same time, the Off Roads don’t sacrifice functionality for weight. Tracksmith prioritized “mobility and long lasting comfort” with an updated fit featuring increased ease throughout the legs. This enhanced range of motion is essential for tackling steep, technical trails. The 4.75″ inseam hits the sweet spot between coverage and agility. And you never have to worry about the shorts slipping thanks to the adjustable belt at the waistband.

The real genius is in how the Off Roads blend simplicity and utility. As Tracksmith puts it, “the construction has been streamlined with an improved, lightweight liner that protects from chafing and dries tremendously fast – a simplification that pairs well with the shell, which is equipped to shield the skin from UV rays and resist pilling. On the other hand, not only did we add room throughout the fit to enhance comfort, but we improved storage space, now featuring four internal fuel pockets with two external pockets that can fit your phone or other essentials.”

Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

Hitting the trails in the Off Roads Shorts is an experience that transcends just another training run. As Tracksmith beautifully states, “the beauty of going off road doesn’t just lie in the symphony of dirt and stones crunching beneath our feet or the rustle of leaves accompanying the furry or feathered occupants in trees. It is also narrated by the silence that only trails, hills, and mountains can provide in the distance from paved roads and smooth tracks; an internal silence found in the simple space between human and earth, where intrusions of mundanity have been left behind.” Wearing gear designed specifically for getting off the beaten path elevates that connection to nature.

In the end, the Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts check every box – lightweight, durable, secure, ultra-functional storage, and most importantly, they just feel incredible to run in. If you’re seeking a premium trail running short to push your off-road adventures further, look no further.

Tracksmith Nailed It With Their Merino Harrier Long Sleeve Top

The Tracksmith Harrier Long Sleeve is the perfect top for those early morning runs when the temperature is brisk but you know the sun will soon bring warmth. Made from a premium merino wool blend, it provides just the right amount of insulation to ward off the chill at the start while allowing excellent breathability as the effort increases.

Harrier Long Sleeve

I’ve been putting the Harrier through its paces for early morning runs in the foothills around Boulder, Colorado. No matter how cold the pre-dawn temperature dips into, the merino wool keeps me comfortable on the start. Yet as the sun crests the horizon and I work up a sweat, the shirt manages to regulate my temperature exceptionally well, never leaving me overly hot or sweaty.

The magic lies in the merino wool fabric that Tracksmith was actually the first running brand to utilize for performance apparel. Merino is nature’s miracle fiber – incredibly soft, moisture-wicking, temp-regulating, and resistant to odors. You can skip washing this shirt for multiple uses and it never develops a stink, even after long or intense sessions.

Harrier Long Sleeve

What’s most impressive about the Harrier Long Sleeve is how well it performs in such a wide range of conditions. Set out on a cold, dry morning run and the merino insulation traps precious heat to keep you comfortable. But if unexpected rain or snow falls, the fabric wicks away the moisture rather than soaking through. Then when the effort increases, the wool’s natural breathability kicks in to prevent overheating and clamminess.

The fit and construction are laser-focused on performance as well. The raglan sleeves allow for unlimited shoulder mobility, crucial for maintaining proper form on fatigued runs. The sleeve cuffs have a trim shape to avoid excess fabric flapping around. And the overall cut is streamlined but not overly slim or compressive.

Harrier Long Sleeve

Even small details were sweated, like the lack of an exterior label to prevent chafing at the neck. Just an incredibly smooth, itch-free collar that disappears once you get moving. There are also thumb holes integrated into the cuffs to create a warm shelter for your hands on cold days.

After many uses, I’ve come to appreciate the odor resistance and durability of this top. Following some of my toughest track sessions or longest trail runs, I’m amazed at how fresh the Harrier still smells even if I skip a wash. The merino-nylon blend just does not funk up. It also shows minimal pilling or wear even with repeated exposure to the elements.

What really stands out is the Harrier’s versatility for all seasons of running. In the depths of winter, you can layer it as a insulating base layer. Once spring hits, it serves as the perfect weight for chilly starts that warm up throughout a run. And when summer rolls around, the breathability and moisture transfer allow you to extend it into those months too.

Harrier Long Sleeve

For runners who prefer natural technical fabrics, the Harrier is tough to beat. You get the plush softness of merino against your skin. The natural temp-regulation covers you from freezing to overheating. And the ability to skip washes makes one durable top stretch remarkably far.

Tracksmith was truly ahead of the curve when they became a pioneer in utilizing merino wool for running gear. As they put it, “we were the very first running brand to use Merino as a performance fabric, a monumental move that created the ultimate natural fiber running top.” That spirit of innovation persists in today’s Harrier Long Sleeve.

While plenty of brands have since followed suit with their own merino tops, the Harrier remains a best-in-class option: “One of Tracksmith’s original products, refined over the years, perfecting the design utilizing the soft and durable material to create a layer that moves with you, matching the rigor of your runs year after year after year.”

Whether your goal is to chase personal bests or just get in a daily dose of running, start your day off right by throwing on the Harrier Long Sleeve top. It will keep you comfortable through any workout and all conditions that Mother Nature dishes out. This truly is an all-season warrior of a running top.

Layering Perfection for Boulder Trail Runs: A Review of the Tracksmith Harbor Vest

Tracksmith Harbor Vest

The Tracksmith Harbor Vest is the perfect layering piece for those early morning or evening runs when the temperature drops and you need an extra layer of warmth. In the foothills outside Boulder, Colorado, the mornings can be brisk even as the sun covers the Flatirons. Pulling on the Harbor Vest before heading out to tackle the trails, you instantly feel insulated yet unencumbered. This vest keeps your core toasty with PrimaLoft® Gold synthetic insulation, while still allowing excellent ventilation through a large back vent to prevent overheating.

As I make my way along the winding dirt paths, the light rain that’s moved in does little to chill me thanks to the water-repellent outer shell of the Harbor Vest that sheds moisture. I power up the gradual inclines, relishing how the quilted construction provides structured insulation right where I need it without restricting my mobility. The scoop armholes allow my arms to swing freely in stride, even with the vest layered over my long sleeve base layer.

Tracksmith Harbor Vest

Reaching the vista point at the top, I pause to take in the panoramic views of the iconic Flatiron rock formations. I slip my hands into the zip hand pockets, appreciating their ease of access. As I begin my descent, I find myself unzipping the vest, allowing that fantastic back ventilation to kick in and keep me cool. Even with the temperature fluctuations, I feel comfortable and unburdened throughout my run.

Back in town, I find use for the interior drop-in pockets of the Harbor Vest, perfect for stashing away my keys, cards, or Energy Chews for my next adventure in the foothills. Though insulated, the vest is surprisingly lightweight and unrestricted, moving fluidly with me through every stride.

Tracksmith Harbor Vest

With its warmth where you want it and venting where you need it, the Harbor Vest is ideal for staying comfortable through changing conditions on your run. It embodies Tracksmith’s runner-first design philosophy, providing lightweight insulation and weather protection without compromising on mobility or breathability. For those runners braving the elements in pursuit of miles on the trails, the Harbor Vest is an invaluable companion. When unpredictable mountain weather rolls in, you can trust this technical vest to keep you cozy yet unimpeded in your movements as you conquer the terrain.

Canyon Coolers Artist Series: Drinkware That’s A Work of Art

When it comes to drinkware, the options are endless – but few stand out quite like the Canyon Coolers Artist Series. In a sea of bland solid colors and generic designs, these mugs and tumblers immediately catch your eye with their bold, eye-catching artwork from a curated selection of talented artists.

Canyon Coolers Artist Series

First up is Rod Cooley, a graphic designer specializing in bold organic illustrations heavily inspired by his love for the outdoors, traditional tattoos, overlanding, and Native American culture. Cooley’s pieces practically leap off the drinkware with their vibrant colors and intricate linework capturing an almost tattoo-like quality.

Then there’s Rachel Jung, hailing from the artistic paradise of Moab, Utah. Jung’s abstract designs offer a different aesthetic, flowing with colors and shapes that evoke the breathtaking scenery of the American Southwest. Her artwork is truly transportive.

The collection also features Flagstaff-based artist Ashley Matelski, who brings her keen eye to recreate the local mountainous Arizona landscape in a series of paintings. Matelski’s pieces capture the rugged beauty of the state in rich, detailed brushstrokes.

Canyon Coolers Artist Series

But this Artist Series isn’t just a pretty face. Thanks to double-walled vacuum insulation, these mugs and tumblers will keep your drinks piping hot or refreshingly cold for hours. The durable powder coating means the gorgeous 3D printed artwork won’t wear off anytime soon.

My only word of caution is that, to preserve that striking raised artwork, hand washing is recommended over the dishwasher. But that’s a small price to pay for drinkware that doubles as a portable art gallery.

Whether you want an eye-catching mug for your morning coffee or a beer tumbler that stands out at the campsite, the Canyon Coolers Artist Series is the way to go. It elevates drinkware from a humble beverage vessel to a stylish accessory you’ll be proud to show off.

Engel 65 Hard Cooler: The Ultimate Camping Companion

When it comes to camping trips in the mountains, having a reliable and high-performance cooler is a must. The Engel 65 High Performance Hard Cooler is a game-changer, built to keep your food and beverages fresh and chilled for days on end. Recently, we put this cooler to the test during a weekend camping trip in the mountains, and it exceeded our expectations in every way.

Engel 65 High Performance Hard Cooler

Pre-Trip Preparation: The key to a successful camping trip is planning ahead, and the Engel 65 made this process a breeze. We prepped all our meals for the weekend, cutting up ingredients and storing them in stackable glass containers. The cooler’s spacious interior accommodated these containers with ease, along with ample room for sodas for the kids and a couple of six-packs of beer for the adults.

Ice Retention: One of the standout features of the Engel 65 is its unparalleled ice retention capabilities. With 2 inches of closed-cell foam insulation in the lid, sides, and bottom, this cooler kept our food and beverages chilled for the entire trip. Even after three nights of camping, the ice had barely melted, ensuring that our perishables remained fresh and our drinks stayed frosty.

Engel 65 High Performance Hard Cooler

Durability and Toughness: The Engel 65 is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. Its seamless, rotomolded polyethylene shell is virtually indestructible, and the all-silicone gaskets create a near-airtight seal, preventing warm air from seeping in. The reinforced non-skid lid provides excellent traction and stability, whether you’re standing or sitting on it.

Ease of Use: Despite its rugged construction, the Engel 65 is surprisingly user-friendly. The recessed marine-grade draw latches are adjustable and double as bottle openers, while the integrated full-length, self-stopping rear hinge ensures smooth lid operation. The recessed one-twist drain plug makes it easy to empty any excess water after your trip.

Engel 65 High Performance Hard Cooler

Bear Resistance: For those camping in bear country, the Engel 65 offers peace of mind with its IGBC-certified bear resistance. The dual padlock holes allow you to securely lock the cooler shut, keeping your food and drinks safe from curious wildlife.

Overall, the Engel 65 High Performance Hard Cooler is an exceptional choice for any camping or outdoor adventure. Its superior ice retention, durability, and user-friendly design make it a worthy investment for anyone who values fresh food and chilled beverages in the great outdoors.

Ortovox Baselayers Review: Warmth, Comfort, and Style

Ortovox 185 Rock’n’wool Long Sleeve

Ortovox 185 Rock’n’wool Long Sleeve

During my winter camping trip, the Ortovox 185 Rock’n’wool Long Sleeve proved to be a game-changer. These baselayers are exceptionally comfortable, and their ability to keep me warm without causing overheating was impressive.

The secret lies in the fine merino wool fibers, measuring just 19 microns. This material feels soft against the skin and regulates both temperature and moisture. Whether I was hiking through snow-covered trails or setting up camp, the long sleeve maintained an optimum climate.

Beyond functionality, the 185 Rock’n’wool Long Sleeve boasts a fresh new look. The split, asymmetrical design and vibrant colors with multi-colored twisted yarn add a touch of style to my winter adventures. It’s a classic that’s both practical and fashionable—a must-have for mountain enthusiasts.

Ortovox 185 Rock’n’wool Short Pants

Ortovox 185 Rock’n’wool Short Pants

The Ortovox 185 Rock’n’wool Short Pants were my trusty companions during chilly weather. Made from fine merino wool (also 19 microns), these 3/4 pants kept me warm without feeling bulky.

Freeriding demands a solid base layer, and these short pants deliver. They’re comfortable against the skin and excel at regulating temperature and moisture. Whether I was carving through powder or trekking up snowy slopes, the Ortovox quality shone through.

The split design and fresh colors, combined with the on-trend waistband, make these short pants stand out. Ortovox understands that winter adventures are multifaceted, and their 185 Rock’n’wool Short Pants are an absolute must for any freeride enthusiast.

In summary, Ortovox has nailed the balance between performance and style with their Rock’n’wool baselayers. Thank you for sharing your experience, and here’s to many more comfortable and odor-free adventures! 

Backcountry Tahoe Sun Crew Review

Essential Sun Protection

As the mountains beckon with the arrival of spring, the Backcountry Tahoe Sun Crew emerges as a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Designed for those who seek the thrill of trail running or the tranquility of lakeside relaxation, this hoodless sun hoodie is a versatile addition to any adventurer’s wardrobe.

Backcountry Tahoe Sun Crew

Thoughtful Design

The Tahoe Sun Crew offers maximum sun protection with its UPF 50+ fabric, shielding you from harmful UV rays. Whether you’re fishing in the bright sun or hiking through desert landscapes, you can trust this shirt to keep you protected.


The fabric’s moisture-wicking capabilities ensure that you stay dry and comfortable as you work up a sweat. It dries quickly, which is essential when you’re on the move, and the added stretch provides performance flexibility for activities like casting and paddling.

Backcountry Tahoe Sun Crew

Casual Yet Functional

The thumbholes are a clever feature, preventing the sleeves from sliding up and maintaining coverage. Gearhead® Expert Jessie points out that by ditching the hood, the Tahoe Sun Crew gains versatility, offering unbeatable coverage while maintaining a casual appearance.

Lightweight and Comfortable

This sun crew is the lightweight counterpart to the traditional sun hoodie, providing all the benefits without the bulk. It’s perfect for those who want sun protection without the weight, making it an ideal choice for your upcoming camping trip to Yellowstone.

Backcountry Tahoe Sun Crew

In Summary

The Backcountry Tahoe Sun Crew is a smart choice for anyone looking for reliable sun protection without sacrificing comfort or style. It’s a piece that will accompany you on your summer adventures, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to face the sun’s rays head-on.

Backcountry Wasatch Ripstop Trail Pant Review

Lightweight and Durable

The Backcountry Wasatch Ripstop Trail Pant is designed for adventurers who want to explore beyond their backyard trails. These featherweight pants strike a balance between durability and mobility, making them ideal for hiking and camping.

Backcountry Wasatch Ripstop Trail Pant

Eco-Friendly Performance

Made from a recycled performance blend, these pants not only provide comfort but also contribute to environmental sustainability. The fabric’s eco-friendly properties allow you to move freely while minimizing your ecological footprint.


The water-repellent finish ensures that light precipitation won’t dampen your outdoor experience. Whether you encounter a passing drizzle or dewy grass, these pants keep you dry and comfortable.

Backcountry Wasatch Ripstop Trail Pant

Customizable Fit

The adjustable leg hems allow you to cinch in the pants for a low-profile, snag-free fit. No more worrying about loose fabric getting caught on branches or rocks during your hikes.

Backcountry Wasatch Ripstop Trail Pant

Practical Storage

Cargo pockets provide ample storage space for your on-trail essentials. Keep your phone, trail map, or energy bars within easy reach without compromising comfort.

Convenient Locker Loop

The side locker loop is a thoughtful addition. When you’re taking a break or setting up camp, hang your pants securely using the loop. It’s a small detail that adds convenience to your outdoor adventures.

Versatile Performance

The Backcountry Wasatch Ripstop Trail Pant strikes the right balance between burly and breezy. It shields you from thorny brush and rugged trails without stifling your microclimate. The gusseted crotch and stretch fabric ensure you can move freely, whether you’re traversing technical terrain or clambering up rock scrambles.

In summary, these pants are a reliable companion for spring hikes and camping trips. They adapt to temperature fluctuations, never getting too hot or too cold. So gear up, hit the trails, and enjoy the great outdoors with confidence!


As an avid outdoorsman and a dedicated Boy Scout leader, I recently had the opportunity to put the KÜHL THE “RADIKL” OUTSIDER Pant to the test during a winter camping trip. With temperatures plummeting to single digits, the need for durable and warm clothing was paramount.

Warmth and Layering: The pants proved to be an excellent outer layer, pairing seamlessly with baselayers to provide the necessary insulation against the biting cold. The full seat and thigh coverage ensured that warmth was retained, and the slight taper from knee to leg opening meant that there was no unnecessary exposure to the elements.

Material and Durability: The Dynawax™ ripstop fabric, a unique blend of strength and lightness, offered impressive wind and water resistance while maintaining the comfort one would expect from cotton. This was particularly appreciated during long hours spent outdoors, where the weather can be as unpredictable as it is harsh.

Resilience: In the true spirit of scouting, the pants were subjected to a variety of rigorous activities, from wood chopping to navigating through rugged terrain. Unlike other pants that succumb to wear and tear, either tearing upon contact with sharp objects or melting from campfire sparks, the RADIKL OUTSIDER Pant remained unscathed. The hearty material withstood every challenge, a testament to its superior quality and design.

Versatility: The adjustable leg openings are a thoughtful touch, allowing for a snug fit over boots or shoes, depending on the activity at hand. This adaptability is crucial when transitioning between different outdoor pursuits.

Protection: With a UPF rating of 50+, the pants also provided peace of mind, knowing that protection from the sun’s harmful rays was taken care of during daytime activities.

In conclusion, the KÜHL THE “RADIKL” OUTSIDER Pant is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a reliable companion for any outdoor enthusiast. Its blend of durability, comfort, and thoughtful design makes it unmatched in the market, living up to its promise of being MATCHED BY NO ONE. Whether for a Boy Scout adventure or a solo trek, these pants are sure to exceed expectations.

A Winter Essential: The Outlaw Waxed Jacket

I recently had the pleasure of wearing the Outlaw Waxed Jacket from KÜHL during a winter camping trip with my local Boy Scouts troop, and I must say, it was nothing short of amazing.

Outlaw Waxed Jacket

From the moment I slipped it on, I could feel the quality and durability of the jacket. It’s clear that KÜHL has put a lot of thought into the design and construction. The jacket held up incredibly well throughout the trip, even in the face of some pretty harsh winter conditions. Whether we were hiking, setting up camp, or sitting around the campfire, the Outlaw Waxed Jacket kept me warm and comfortable.

One of the things I love most about this jacket is its versatility. It’s not just for camping trips. I’ve worn it around town, to work, and even on a few outdoor adventures of my own. And every time, I’ve received compliments on how great it looks. The waxed finish gives it a rugged, yet sophisticated appearance that really stands out.

The KÜHL Outlaw Waxed Jacket has several notable features that make it a great choice for outdoor adventures:

Material: The jacket is made from a tough, wax-coated cotton canvas that softens with wear. This gives it a unique finish that will age as you wash or wear it, making it look like a favorite jacket you’ve worn for years.

Weather Resistance: The waxed cotton canvas finish makes the jacket very resistant to unexpected weather and downpours. It provides both wind and water resistance.

Comfort: The jacket has a soft flannel lining that provides next-to-skin comfort. The articulated design allows for freedom of motion.

Pockets: The jacket features a zippered interior security pocket, two large main zippered hand pockets with a fleecy lining to help keep your hands warm, and two smaller button-down chest pockets.

Outlaw Waxed Jacket

Sleeves: The sleeves come with multiple push popper options, allowing you to adjust the fit depending on whether you are wearing gloves or not. The inside of the sleeves are lined with nylon to make it easier to take off and put on the jacket.

This jacket is not only practical but also stylish, making it a fantastic choice for any outdoor enthusiast.

Outlaw Waxed Jacket

In conclusion, the Outlaw Waxed Jacket from KÜHL is a fantastic piece of outerwear that I would highly recommend. It’s durable, stylish, and versatile enough for any adventure. Whether you’re planning a winter camping trip with the Boy Scouts or just looking for a great everyday jacket, the Outlaw Waxed Jacket is an excellent choice.