Ortovox Baselayers Review: Warmth, Comfort, and Style

Ortovox 185 Rock’n’wool Long Sleeve

Ortovox 185 Rock’n’wool Long Sleeve

During my winter camping trip, the Ortovox 185 Rock’n’wool Long Sleeve proved to be a game-changer. These baselayers are exceptionally comfortable, and their ability to keep me warm without causing overheating was impressive.

The secret lies in the fine merino wool fibers, measuring just 19 microns. This material feels soft against the skin and regulates both temperature and moisture. Whether I was hiking through snow-covered trails or setting up camp, the long sleeve maintained an optimum climate.

Beyond functionality, the 185 Rock’n’wool Long Sleeve boasts a fresh new look. The split, asymmetrical design and vibrant colors with multi-colored twisted yarn add a touch of style to my winter adventures. It’s a classic that’s both practical and fashionable—a must-have for mountain enthusiasts.

Ortovox 185 Rock’n’wool Short Pants

Ortovox 185 Rock’n’wool Short Pants

The Ortovox 185 Rock’n’wool Short Pants were my trusty companions during chilly weather. Made from fine merino wool (also 19 microns), these 3/4 pants kept me warm without feeling bulky.

Freeriding demands a solid base layer, and these short pants deliver. They’re comfortable against the skin and excel at regulating temperature and moisture. Whether I was carving through powder or trekking up snowy slopes, the Ortovox quality shone through.

The split design and fresh colors, combined with the on-trend waistband, make these short pants stand out. Ortovox understands that winter adventures are multifaceted, and their 185 Rock’n’wool Short Pants are an absolute must for any freeride enthusiast.

In summary, Ortovox has nailed the balance between performance and style with their Rock’n’wool baselayers. Thank you for sharing your experience, and here’s to many more comfortable and odor-free adventures! 

Backcountry Tahoe Sun Crew Review

Essential Sun Protection

As the mountains beckon with the arrival of spring, the Backcountry Tahoe Sun Crew emerges as a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Designed for those who seek the thrill of trail running or the tranquility of lakeside relaxation, this hoodless sun hoodie is a versatile addition to any adventurer’s wardrobe.

Backcountry Tahoe Sun Crew

Thoughtful Design

The Tahoe Sun Crew offers maximum sun protection with its UPF 50+ fabric, shielding you from harmful UV rays. Whether you’re fishing in the bright sun or hiking through desert landscapes, you can trust this shirt to keep you protected.


The fabric’s moisture-wicking capabilities ensure that you stay dry and comfortable as you work up a sweat. It dries quickly, which is essential when you’re on the move, and the added stretch provides performance flexibility for activities like casting and paddling.

Backcountry Tahoe Sun Crew

Casual Yet Functional

The thumbholes are a clever feature, preventing the sleeves from sliding up and maintaining coverage. Gearhead® Expert Jessie points out that by ditching the hood, the Tahoe Sun Crew gains versatility, offering unbeatable coverage while maintaining a casual appearance.

Lightweight and Comfortable

This sun crew is the lightweight counterpart to the traditional sun hoodie, providing all the benefits without the bulk. It’s perfect for those who want sun protection without the weight, making it an ideal choice for your upcoming camping trip to Yellowstone.

Backcountry Tahoe Sun Crew

In Summary

The Backcountry Tahoe Sun Crew is a smart choice for anyone looking for reliable sun protection without sacrificing comfort or style. It’s a piece that will accompany you on your summer adventures, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to face the sun’s rays head-on.

Backcountry Wasatch Ripstop Trail Pant Review

Lightweight and Durable

The Backcountry Wasatch Ripstop Trail Pant is designed for adventurers who want to explore beyond their backyard trails. These featherweight pants strike a balance between durability and mobility, making them ideal for hiking and camping.

Backcountry Wasatch Ripstop Trail Pant

Eco-Friendly Performance

Made from a recycled performance blend, these pants not only provide comfort but also contribute to environmental sustainability. The fabric’s eco-friendly properties allow you to move freely while minimizing your ecological footprint.


The water-repellent finish ensures that light precipitation won’t dampen your outdoor experience. Whether you encounter a passing drizzle or dewy grass, these pants keep you dry and comfortable.

Backcountry Wasatch Ripstop Trail Pant

Customizable Fit

The adjustable leg hems allow you to cinch in the pants for a low-profile, snag-free fit. No more worrying about loose fabric getting caught on branches or rocks during your hikes.

Backcountry Wasatch Ripstop Trail Pant

Practical Storage

Cargo pockets provide ample storage space for your on-trail essentials. Keep your phone, trail map, or energy bars within easy reach without compromising comfort.

Convenient Locker Loop

The side locker loop is a thoughtful addition. When you’re taking a break or setting up camp, hang your pants securely using the loop. It’s a small detail that adds convenience to your outdoor adventures.

Versatile Performance

The Backcountry Wasatch Ripstop Trail Pant strikes the right balance between burly and breezy. It shields you from thorny brush and rugged trails without stifling your microclimate. The gusseted crotch and stretch fabric ensure you can move freely, whether you’re traversing technical terrain or clambering up rock scrambles.

In summary, these pants are a reliable companion for spring hikes and camping trips. They adapt to temperature fluctuations, never getting too hot or too cold. So gear up, hit the trails, and enjoy the great outdoors with confidence!


As an avid outdoorsman and a dedicated Boy Scout leader, I recently had the opportunity to put the KÜHL THE “RADIKL” OUTSIDER Pant to the test during a winter camping trip. With temperatures plummeting to single digits, the need for durable and warm clothing was paramount.

Warmth and Layering: The pants proved to be an excellent outer layer, pairing seamlessly with baselayers to provide the necessary insulation against the biting cold. The full seat and thigh coverage ensured that warmth was retained, and the slight taper from knee to leg opening meant that there was no unnecessary exposure to the elements.

Material and Durability: The Dynawax™ ripstop fabric, a unique blend of strength and lightness, offered impressive wind and water resistance while maintaining the comfort one would expect from cotton. This was particularly appreciated during long hours spent outdoors, where the weather can be as unpredictable as it is harsh.

Resilience: In the true spirit of scouting, the pants were subjected to a variety of rigorous activities, from wood chopping to navigating through rugged terrain. Unlike other pants that succumb to wear and tear, either tearing upon contact with sharp objects or melting from campfire sparks, the RADIKL OUTSIDER Pant remained unscathed. The hearty material withstood every challenge, a testament to its superior quality and design.

Versatility: The adjustable leg openings are a thoughtful touch, allowing for a snug fit over boots or shoes, depending on the activity at hand. This adaptability is crucial when transitioning between different outdoor pursuits.

Protection: With a UPF rating of 50+, the pants also provided peace of mind, knowing that protection from the sun’s harmful rays was taken care of during daytime activities.

In conclusion, the KÜHL THE “RADIKL” OUTSIDER Pant is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a reliable companion for any outdoor enthusiast. Its blend of durability, comfort, and thoughtful design makes it unmatched in the market, living up to its promise of being MATCHED BY NO ONE. Whether for a Boy Scout adventure or a solo trek, these pants are sure to exceed expectations.

A Winter Essential: The Outlaw Waxed Jacket

I recently had the pleasure of wearing the Outlaw Waxed Jacket from KÜHL during a winter camping trip with my local Boy Scouts troop, and I must say, it was nothing short of amazing.

Outlaw Waxed Jacket

From the moment I slipped it on, I could feel the quality and durability of the jacket. It’s clear that KÜHL has put a lot of thought into the design and construction. The jacket held up incredibly well throughout the trip, even in the face of some pretty harsh winter conditions. Whether we were hiking, setting up camp, or sitting around the campfire, the Outlaw Waxed Jacket kept me warm and comfortable.

One of the things I love most about this jacket is its versatility. It’s not just for camping trips. I’ve worn it around town, to work, and even on a few outdoor adventures of my own. And every time, I’ve received compliments on how great it looks. The waxed finish gives it a rugged, yet sophisticated appearance that really stands out.

The KÜHL Outlaw Waxed Jacket has several notable features that make it a great choice for outdoor adventures:

Material: The jacket is made from a tough, wax-coated cotton canvas that softens with wear. This gives it a unique finish that will age as you wash or wear it, making it look like a favorite jacket you’ve worn for years.

Weather Resistance: The waxed cotton canvas finish makes the jacket very resistant to unexpected weather and downpours. It provides both wind and water resistance.

Comfort: The jacket has a soft flannel lining that provides next-to-skin comfort. The articulated design allows for freedom of motion.

Pockets: The jacket features a zippered interior security pocket, two large main zippered hand pockets with a fleecy lining to help keep your hands warm, and two smaller button-down chest pockets.

Outlaw Waxed Jacket

Sleeves: The sleeves come with multiple push popper options, allowing you to adjust the fit depending on whether you are wearing gloves or not. The inside of the sleeves are lined with nylon to make it easier to take off and put on the jacket.

This jacket is not only practical but also stylish, making it a fantastic choice for any outdoor enthusiast.

Outlaw Waxed Jacket

In conclusion, the Outlaw Waxed Jacket from KÜHL is a fantastic piece of outerwear that I would highly recommend. It’s durable, stylish, and versatile enough for any adventure. Whether you’re planning a winter camping trip with the Boy Scouts or just looking for a great everyday jacket, the Outlaw Waxed Jacket is an excellent choice.

Ortovox Mountain Guide Gloves – Your Reliable Companion for Alpine Adventures

The Ortovox Mountain Guide Gloves are more than just your average pair of gloves; they’re a trusty companion for alpinists venturing into rugged terrains or for winter camping and hiking. Designed with durability and performance in mind, these gloves offer optimum grip and protection in the most demanding conditions.

Ortovox Mountain Guide Gloves

One of the standout features of the Mountain Guide Gloves is their robust construction. Crafted from high-quality goatskin leather, these gloves are built to withstand the rigors of alpine terrain. The double-layered leather in key areas such as the palm, thumb, and index finger provides added durability and protection against abrasion from sticks, ropes, or ice axes. Additionally, the seam-free finger construction ensures a snug and comfortable fit, minimizing irritation and enhancing longevity.

During a recent Boy Scout winter camping trip, I had the opportunity to put the Mountain Guide Gloves to the test. While these gloves offer very little insulation on their own, I found them to be an excellent outer layer when paired with the Crosspoint Waterproof Gloves. Together, they provided the perfect combination of warmth and protection against the elements.

Ortovox Mountain Guide Gloves

What impressed me most about the Mountain Guide Gloves was their versatility. Whether I was chopping wood, carrying water, or setting up camp, these gloves remained sturdy and reliable throughout. The adjustable hook and loop fastener cuffs ensured a secure fit, while the carabiner loop on the wrist allowed for easy attachment to my gear when not in use.

Despite their rugged construction, the Mountain Guide Gloves still managed to offer a comfortable fit. The soft goatskin leather felt pleasant against my skin, and the ergonomic design allowed for unrestricted movement, essential for handling tasks in challenging environments.

In conclusion, if you’re an alpinist or outdoor enthusiast seeking a reliable pair of gloves for your adventures, look no further than the Ortovox Mountain Guide Gloves. With their durable construction, optimum grip, and versatile design, these gloves are sure to become your go-to choice for tackling the toughest conditions in the mountains.

Sea to Summit Unveils Cutting-Edge Sleep and Camp Kitchen Product Collections for 2024

Boulder, CO (March 14, 2023) — Sea to Summit, the award-winning global manufacturer of adventure equipment, is excited to announce their 2024 New Product Launch. The milestone unveiling of their new sleeping bag and liner categories, alongside three redesigned, award-winning camp kitchen ranges, highlights Sea to Summit’s commitment to innovation, sustainability and enhancing the outdoor experience.

The introduction of three distinct camp kitchen lines – FrontierDetour and Passage – reflects Sea to Summit’s dedication to enhancing the outdoor culinary experience. All three collections were 2023 Australian Good Design Award Winners and feature evolutions of the past X-Series, Delta and Alpha line.

Dave Thompson, General Manager of Product Design, delves into the inspiration and benefits of these camp kitchen products:

“We had a lot of fun reimagining our core promise for an evolving consumer. We were laser-focused on the customer, and obsessed with enhancing the cooking experience throughout the various adventures our customers engage in.”

Inspired by extreme explorers, Frontier cookware and tableware was engineered for weight-focused adventurers who demand functionality, ease of use, and a high degree of packability. Key features include nestable and fold-flat layouts, patent-pending LIDKEEP technology, abrasion-resistant ceramic coating and a patent-pending Click-Safe removable handle for easy stowing. The intelligent design behind the Frontier line introduces a more durable, more compact, and more ergonomic kitchenware for backpacking.

The Detour collection, tailored for adventurers on the move, whether in overland vehicles, RV kitchens, or boat galleys, debuts the first-ever collapsible camp kitchen equipment compatible with both gas stoves and induction cooktops. Crafted from stainless steel, this collection also features rattle-free stowability to ensure a quiet journey, while maintaining the convenience and quality of home cooking for any vehicle-based adventure.

“There is a significant rise in the number of vehicle-based campers who want to take a gourmet home-cooking experience on the road, yet need products that can be stowed easily. We felt that our core expertise in developing collapsible, packable kitchenware solutions delivered a key benefit to this user,” says Thompson on the increased popularity of vehicle-based camping.

Sea to Summit’s 2024 sleeping bag and liner collections usher in new levels of comfort and convenience across a wide range of conditions and pursuits. Utilizing new fabrics and enhanced details, these bags and liners seamlessly integrate to redefine the sleep experience.

In addition to evolving and streamlining their most popular sleeping bags like the Spark and Ascent, Sea to Summit delivers a completely new offering in the Spark PRO. The Spark PRO is the perfect option for lightweight adventurers who demand comfort. 950+ FILL Power makes this bag as comfortable as it is compact, and introduces the versatility of the Free Flow zip system to a class of lightweight bags.

“Our goal was to evolve sleeping bags and liners to build on the versatility that has been a hallmark of Sea to Summit sleeping bags,” states Kevin Joyce, Sea to Summit’s General Manager of Product Merchandising. “A key element in this is the Free Flow zip system, which has been revised for 2024 and introduced for the first time into the lightweight realm with the Spark Pro. Free Flow allows users to adapt their sleeping bag to meet their own preferences and various external conditions.”

The new iteration of Sea to Summit sleeping bags feature notable sustainability updates, including bluesign® approved fills and fabrics, non-PFC DWR treatments, Recycled Claim Standard shells and linings, RDS-Certified Down and Forest Stewardship Council approved packaging.

Comfort and versatility extend to the women’s specific sleeping bag models as well. The women’s specific designs feature a carefully crafted, thermally efficient shape to allow a natural sleep position without compressing insulation, and body-mapped down to provide maximum warmth.

Sea to Summit has long been the market leader in sleeping bag liners, but the new models represent a quantum leap forward for the end user. The three new collections include the Reactor Series Thermal Boost Liners for enhanced warmth, the Breeze Series Moisture Management Liners for comfort in warm, humid conditions, and Lightweight Liners for minimalist adventures. The new liners have shoulder openings and an all-new base drawcord that aligns with the Free Flow zip system of the sleeping bags to give you an even greater level of versatility.

Dave Thompson concludes, “We’re quite overwhelmed by the loyalty we’ve seen from users that have journeyed with us for over 30 years. Our 2024 lineup provides ongoing reassurance to consumers and invites them to journey with us as we continue to innovate around our core objectives of creating the most lightweight, packable and durable products to support their adventures.”

Sea to Summit’s 2024 product range is a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to quality, innovation and sustainable practices.

Gear Review: Stio Baselayer Midweight Merino Tight and Crew

Stio.com offers a dynamic duo for the cold weather enthusiasts: the Basis Peakwool Men’s Large Basis Midweight Merino Tight and the Basis Midweight Merino Crew. These baselayers are designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in chilly conditions, and after putting them to the test, they certainly stand out in the crowded field of outdoor apparel.

Basis Midweight Merino Crew:

The Basis Midweight Merino Crew is a testament to the comfort and versatility of merino wool. Designed for cold conditions, this baselayer delivers soft-on-skin comfort and exceptional thermal regulation. The proprietary PeakWool™ fabric combines the natural properties of merino wool, Tencel, recycled nylon, and spandex, resulting in a fabric that regulates body temperature, resists odors, and manages moisture effectively.

Living in Boise, Idaho, where temperatures can drop, I found the Basis Crew to be a reliable companion. The thumbholes make layering easy, whether you’re working in the office or exploring the great outdoors. The fabric’s heat transfer labels and tag-free design are a welcome touch, adding to the overall comfort.

Moisture-wicking is exceptional, with the fabric maintaining its structure even when saturated. The Basis Stretch top has proven to be a high-quality piece, excelling in both skiing adventures and relaxed moments at home.


  • Excellent quality Merino
  • Durable fabric with no signs of wear
  • Tag-free design for added comfort
  • Made in North America
  • Resists stinky body odors
  • Flatlock stitching

Basis Midweight Merino Tight:

When the chill bites and adventure calls, the Basis Midweight Merino Tight steps up with elevated performance and thermoregulating properties. The PeakWool™ fabric ensures a soft-on-skin experience, combining merino wool with Tencel, recycled nylon, and spandex for a blend that excels in keeping your core warm and dry.

The attention to detail in design is evident. With a front fly, athletic design ideal for aerobic activities, and a gusset for added flexibility, these tights are geared for active pursuits. The flatlock seams maximize comfort and easy layering, contributing to an all-around positive experience.

Stio’s commitment to sustainability is commendable, with a climate-neutral approach, use of preferred materials, and a trade-in program, Stio Second Turn™️, allowing customers to renew and shop used apparel.


  • Thoughtful design for active pursuits
  • Climate-neutral commitment
  • Use of preferred materials
  • Trade-in program for sustainable practices

In conclusion, the Stio Basis Peakwool Men’s Large Basis Midweight Merino Tight and Midweight Merino Crew deliver a one-two punch of comfort, functionality, and sustainability. Whether you’re conquering the slopes or embracing the winter chill, these baselayers prove to be reliable companions for the cold weather adventurer.

Gear Review: Smith Venture Sunglasses – Conquer the Summit in Style

Unveiling the Alpine Pioneer: Smith Venture Sunglasses

When the call of snow-clad summits beckons, the Smith Venture sunglasses stand ready as your trusted companions. Designed for alpine enthusiasts and crafted with precision, these sunglasses redefine eye protection in high-altitude environments. My journey with the Venture sunglasses was more than an exploration; it was a testament to their prowess in the face of challenging terrains.

Visionary Exploration: ChromaPop™ Polarized Excellence

Equipped with ChromaPop™ Glass polarized lenses, the Venture sunglasses don’t just shield your eyes; they transform your vision. As I ventured into the alpine, the lenses cut through glare, revealing a world of enhanced color and contrast. The terrain-boosting view captured every wind drift and crevasse with unparalleled clarity. The lenses, highly scratch-resistant, held up against the elements, ensuring that my vision remained pristine even in the harshest conditions.

Functional Elegance: Fit and Integration

The medium fit and coverage of the Venture sunglasses strike the perfect balance. AutoLock hinges facilitated easy one-hand on and off, a crucial convenience when my hands were occupied with an ice axe or ski poles. The 4-base lens curvature provided a wide field of view, enhancing my peripheral vision during every ascent and descent.

Megol temple and nose pads played a dual role, providing a non-slip grip to keep the glasses securely in place. The AutoLock hinges, a thoughtful touch, held the frames open for easy maneuvering. QuickFit temples allowed for effortless adjustments, ensuring a customized fit that stayed snug during every adventure.

Crafted for the Elements: Durable Elegance

The frame, made from Evolve bio-based material, demonstrated a perfect marriage of lightweight design and durability. These sunglasses proved to be versatile, excelling not only in the piercing cold of an ice climb but also under the blazing sun during a cross-country trek. The removable TPU side shields became a shield against peripheral light, dust, and snow, enhancing the overall functionality of the glasses.

The inclusion of a removable nose piece added an extra layer of protection, particularly appreciated when facing unexpected weather changes. The sunglasses transition seamlessly from the intensity of an ascent to the relaxation post-adventure, proving that functionality can coexist with style.

What’s in the Box: A Complete Adventure Kit

The Venture sunglasses come complete with removable TPU side shields, inspired by snow goggles, blocking peripheral light and enhancing focus. The addition of a snow goggle-inspired retainer strap ensures that your eyewear stays securely with you, no matter the twists and turns of the trail. The microfiber bag and hard case provide safe storage, a testament to Smith’s commitment to the longevity of your gear.

Personal Symphony: A Hiker’s Perspective

My personal experience with the Smith Venture sunglasses has been nothing short of exceptional. These sunglasses emerged as the ideal companion for a range of activities, from leisurely hikes to the more intense realms of ice climbing. Their lightweight design is a boon during low-intensity pursuits, providing a refreshing alternative to bulky goggles.

The Venture sunglasses were not merely a shield against the sun; they became a reliable barrier against side light, dust, and unexpected flurries of snow. The ChromaPop™ lenses painted the world in vibrant hues, turning every outing into a visual spectacle. Their adaptability from high to low activity levels makes them a versatile choice for anyone who embraces the great outdoors.

In conclusion, the Smith Venture sunglasses aren’t just eyewear; they are an embodiment of Smith’s commitment to functionality, durability, and style. Elevate your alpine experience and conquer the summit in style with the Venture sunglasses.

Ready to conquer your alpine adventure? Explore the Smith Venture Sunglasses at Smith Optics, and redefine your vision in the mountains.

Low Temperature Camping with Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight Sleeping Back

The Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight Sleeping Bag, specifically the 5-degree Fahrenheit model, is a cold-weather warrior that’s been put to the test in the unforgiving elements of fall and winter camping. This is my take on why the Spark IV deserves a spot in your gear arsenal.

Spark Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Designed for Ultralight Backpacking:

The Spark Ultralight Sleeping Bag is explicitly designed for those who embrace the ethos of ultralight backpacking. It’s a streamlined choice that doesn’t compromise on warmth, making it the ideal companion for cold-weather adventures. Here’s a closer look at why it stands out.

Performance: Winter Season Rating:

The Spark falls under the category of a single-season sleeping bag, making it suitable for fall and winter camping. With a lower temperature rating of 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 degrees Celsius), it’s a reliable choice for those who venture into the great outdoors when the mercury drops.

Spark Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Lightweight and Compact:

Ultralight doesn’t mean ultra-tight. The Spark mummy sleeping bags are snug but still offer adequate room for the performance-oriented, backcountry user. At a weight of 31 ounces (1 lb 15 oz) and a compressed volume of 6.6 liters, it’s astonishingly lightweight and easy to pack.

Premium Down Insulation:

The Spark is insulated with Ultra-Dry Down 850+ Loft, comprised of 90% down cluster premium goose down. This high-quality insulation is certified under the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), providing peace of mind regarding its ethical sourcing.

Spark Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Thoughtful Design and Features:

  • Shell and Liner Materials: The 10D shell and 7D liner materials contribute to the sleeping bag’s remarkable lightweight and compact packed size.
  • Complete Package: The Spark comes with a lightweight Ultra-Sil compression bag for convenient packing and a storage cell for breathable storage, ensuring your bag remains in top condition.
  • Zipper-Length Trimming: The Spark is trimmed to save weight and achieve gram-saving performance. It’s available with a full-length side zipper, which can be coupled to a Flame sleeping bag with a full-length zipper, enhancing versatility.
  • Baffle Construction: The 5-degree Fahrenheit model is fully baffled, helping maintain even insulation distribution.
  • Mummy Shape: The Spark features a broader mummy shape, offering a snug fit that keeps you warm and comfortable during chilly nights.

Performance in the Field:

I had the pleasure of testing the Sea to Summit Spark during a Scout camping event in the Colorado mountains, where temperatures took a significant dip. The bag’s performance was impressive, living up to its 5-degree Fahrenheit rating.

It features a full-length snag-free zipper, a down-filled draft tube, and a draft collar, which proved to be invaluable in sealing in warmth and preventing cold drafts. The fabric along the length of the zipper is reinforced with a stiffener, a premium feature often found in top-tier sleeping bags.

Draft Tube and Collar: The draft tube serves its purpose, but I must mention it’s relatively narrow, which was a bit surprising for a cold-weather bag. The draft collar, too, felt shallow, requiring additional layers to fill the gap and seal in warmth.

Spark Ultralight Sleeping Bag

In Conclusion:

The Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight Sleeping Bag, particularly the 5-degree Fahrenheit model, is a reliable and lightweight choice for cold-weather camping. With premium down insulation, thoughtful design, and features that cater to ultralight backpacking, it’s an essential piece of gear for anyone venturing out into the brisk autumn and winter wilderness. During my recent Scout camping event, the Spark IV lived up to its temperature rating and provided a comfortable and warm haven in the heart of the Colorado mountains. It’s a trustworthy companion for chilly nights under the stars, making it a must-have for winter camping enthusiasts.