The Outdoor Industry as an Investment

SUP in Vail, Colorado. Photo by Nic Daughtry
Photo by Nic Daughtry

Around 146 million Americans aged six and over participated in an outdoor activity at least once during the year 2017. This is according to the Outdoor Foundation’s 2018 Outdoor Participation Report. These participants — roughly 49% of the population of the USA — accounted for a whopping $887 billion in annual consumer spending. This includes spending on travel and lodging, as well as trip details like tickets and guides. Another $184.5 billion was spent on outdoor recreation products from footwear to equipment, vehicles and outdoor gear.

When combined with the global travel industry, which goes hand in hand with the outdoor recreation industry, it’s clear that the market has huge potential as an investment opportunity as these numbers only account for the market in the US.

But who are the participants in this market? When we consider the outdoor enthusiasts who travel to go hiking, camping and do other things, it’s clear that they would be the main participants. However, there is also another group of people, 70 million strong in the US, who want to be active outdoors but are unable to due to various obstacles. Family commitments, hefty costs, a lack of outdoor knowledge and skills and physical disabilities are some of the things keeping this eager group away from adding to the revenue potential of the outdoor industry.

Crack Climbing in Moab
Photo by Nic Daughtry

Capturing This Revenue Potential

So how can both of these groups, those eager outdoor recreation participants, and those who are unable but want to participate come together? Where is the investment opportunity that can help unite them in this industry? It’s on the blockchain.

Huck Adventures is launching the Huck token, an ERC-20 token built on the ethereum blockchain that will reward participants for participating in the outdoor enthusiast ecosystem. The Huck token is a utility token, exclusively for use in the Huck ecosystem. This ecosystem will bring together outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy going on adventures like rock climbing, cycling, water rafting and just about any outdoor activity one can imagine. Not to be left out will be those enthusiasts who are unable to participate in outdoor activities but that would still like to improve or share their knowledge of the outdoors and contribute to the ecosystem.

The Huck ecosystem will facilitate a community of outdoor enthusiasts and not only encourage them to participate in activities but also engage in outdoor recreation events and promotions, while earning Huck tokens as a reward. These participants will be able to earn rewards for content creation, promotion, bug reporting on the platform and more.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of the size of the outdoor recreation industry and enthusiastic participants in the Huck ecosystem, it’s time to learn why joining this ecosystem by purchasing Huck tokens provides a great opportunity to invest in the outdoor industry.

Token Incentives

Huck Adventures Inc. and their strategic partners will run special events and promotions geared towards outdoor enthusiasts. These events and promotions provide opportunities for growth of the Huck ecosystem. Events are a great way for outdoor enthusiasts to connect with each other and go on adventures. Through the community created in the Huck ecosystem, these events can bring together people who know each other digitally, before they’ve connected physically. This means that the community will have huge potential for growth and therefore even more users of the Huck token.

HUCK is a utility token that functions as a digital voucher and can be used to pay for goods and services within the various Huck Adventures platforms. The tokens are also used as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem. Outdoor enthusiasts are always looking for their next adventure. However, travelling to go on an adventure, whether you’re camping or hiking or snowboarding requires some type of specialized equipment. It also means booking travel adventures and experiences. All of these things can be purchased via the various Huck platforms using the Huck token. Ecosystem participants can also benefit from preferential discounts on services.

Token holders can participate in educational services and charitable activities as well as projects hosted by Huck’s global partners. For wide scale adoption and overall community growth, it is important to have partners and community members in a number of different locations. Through the work of Huck Adventures, this means that the Huck ecosystem will contain both for-profit and non-profit organizations whose goal is the improvement of the outdoor industry.

Huck holders are rewarded loyalty points for using the platforms products and services through the Huck marketplace partners and strategic alliances. These token holders also get access to exclusive promotional offers and can also earn money through affiliate campaigns.

The Huck ecosystem will provide a large community of outdoor enthusiasts seeking to grow and enjoy the benefits of outdoor recreation together. Through the use of blockchain technology, the Huck ecosystem can be grown quickly by incentivizing ecosystem participants with Huck tokens as rewards. The Huck token offers a unique opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts as well as those interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies to join the outdoor industry and take advantage of the almost one billion USD in annual spending.

Ready to invest in the outdoor industry? Join the Huck Token Crowd Sale happening now. Earn a bonus while the pre-sale is ongoing. You can find more details on the Huck website here.

How Does the Huck Token Derive Its Value?

Rafting in Bueno Vista, Colorado
Photo by Nic Daughtry

The wonderful outdoors. Quiet, peaceful, but also perfect for the adventure of your life. From climbing to skiing, fishing, mountaineering, backpacking or camping, there are countless activities that just about anyone can enjoy. For those who classify themselves as true outdoor enthusiasts, they have been traveling, participating in various outdoor activities and sharing their knowledge on blogs and social media platforms simply for the love of it for years. Now, Huck Adventures is hoping to capitalize on the wide interest of those involved in the outdoor industry, and grow this community of people into a large ecosystem, with the Huck Token at the center of it all.

How are they going to do this? The HUCK Token is an ERC-20 token built on the ethereum blockchain that will see community members earn rewards through their participation in the ecosystem. Like many cryptocurrencies before them, many have wondered how a token such as this will derive its value. With a burgeoning community of people passionate about the outdoors, the sky is well and truly the limit for the value the Huck token can derive from the Huck ecosystem.

But how exactly will this work? To start, let’s answer the question of value vs price.

Value vs Price

One of the issues that has plagued the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has been the disparity and lack of understanding of the difference between value and price. The cryptocurrency industry became one of the most prominent in late 2017 as the price of bitcoin skyrocketed to 20,000 USD. This sparked huge interest as many speculative investors dove in, hoping to catch a piece of the pie as the price of cryptocurrencies skyrocketed.

Hundreds, if not thousands of token sales popped up in the months during this period of high prices for bitcoin and other prominent alt coins. Many hoped to catch a piece of the price jumps and turn them into a profit.

One question which many asked was just how many of these token sales and cryptocurrency projects were actively seeking to create value for their communities? For many, the purpose of buying these coins was simply to capitalize on the growing speculators. For a few select others, including the projects which are still around today and the ones that are beginning now, the goal is to create value for not only the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, but also the target industry for their projects.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are simply tools to help create value in a particular industry.

In the case of the Huck Token, the goal is to create value for a huge community of outdoor enthusiasts. How do you do that? By having a real use-case for the token and providing a rewards system for community members, something that incentivizes participation in the community and benefits all involved.

Value Creation Methods:


The primary use case for the Huck Token is the distribution of earnings and rewards to those participating in the community. If you spend a lot of time creating content about the outdoor industry, then this is a great way for you to earn. For outdoor enthusiasts, one of the most crucial parts of the adventuring is the gear that is used. Whether it’s for climbing or camping, there will be some form of outdoor gear being utilized. In a 2019 world, no one buys anything without doing research. This might be in the form of reading reviews or blog posts about outdoor gear and the best places to go hiking.

Who creates these reviews and blog posts? Other outdoor enthusiasts. Now, they can be rewarded for this content with Huck tokens instead of simply website traffic, likes and shares.

Another way in which news and content about the outdoor industry is shared is through promotions and influencers. If you like something, you’re probably going to want to share it with your friends and recommend they use it so that they can get the best out of it too. Now, instead of just the feel good factor of sharing something useful and helping solve someone’s problem by finding the perfect hiking boot or fishing pole, you can earn Huck tokens by referring others. Inviting your friends to participate in the Huck community will not only help you to earn rewards, but also contribute to the growth of the community by adding even more outdoor enthusiasts. Through the content on the platform, people who have been skeptical about diving into the outdoors will also be able to find everything they need to know to get started.

The Huck Adventure ecosystem isn’t just about sharing content through blog posts and social media. It also includes the Huck App and other platforms which help to bring everyone together in one place. For those members of the ecosystem, they can earn Huck tokens by reporting bugs and making sure that everything related to the apps are running smoothly.

Community Growth & Partnerships

Community members will be creating content to help promote and encourage participation in outdoor activities. Outdoor enthusiasts will be helping others to learn more about the best items to purchase and the best places to go for the adventures of their lives. This not only helps to grow interest in the outdoors, but also grow the Huck ecosystem. People who have earned rewards and converted them into Huck tokens can then use those tokens to purchase more outdoor gear, swag and go on other adventures, providing the ecosystem and community with even more resources and knowledge of the industry.

SUP in Vail, Colorado
Photo by Nic Daughtry

Another area helping to boost ecosystem growth and thus the value of the Huck token, will be the partnerships with various outdoor companies. This includes non-profit organizations doing their part to preserve the outdoors, and for-profit organizations selling their exclusive products in the Huck store and on the Huck app.

For a cryptocurrency token to have value it must have a use-case and an ecosystem to foster growth. The Huck ecosystem is able to provide both these things by uniting a community of outdoor enthusiasts and companies to share their knowledge and love for the outdoors. It also provides an opportunity for these community members to earn Huck tokens through content creation, promotion, bug reporting and more.

Huck Adventures Launches Huck Token

The First reward system for the outdoors

Huck Adventures is creating the world’s first social platform and reward system for the outdoor industry, and its presale/crowdsale for its utility token launched yesterday.

The Huck App, which is currently being tested through a live beta in Colorado, connects outdoor enthusiasts with each other and the resources they need to get outdoors.

The Huck Token (ticker symbol: HUCK) is an ERC-20 based utility token, which derives its value from Huck ecosystem products and services. The pre-sale will run through Nov. 28 with a bonus structure of up to 30 percent for early adopters. The crowdsale will run Nov. 29 through Dec. 30. There will be 1 Billion Huck Tokens available during the crowdsale, with a hard cap of USD 5 million. Initial listing price will start at $0.005 per Huck Token. Huck Tokens may be purchased on www.hucktoken.com.

“Huck Adventures is leading the way in democratizing the outdoor industry,” Huck Founder/CEO Ben Nelson said. “With the Huck Token, a user’s knowledge on sports or gear will no longer be valued on how many likes it receives, but instead by providing tangible benefits and real value to other outdoors enthusiasts worldwide.”

Through the Huck Adventures app, outdoor enthusiasts will be able earn Huck Tokens by contributing to the Huck community, including reviewing outdoor gear, reporting bugs on the app, posting educational content, and uploading photo and video content. Huck Token will be able to be redeemed for rewards through the Huck Reward Platform or cashed out for fiat. Eventually, rewards on the platform will include adventure deals from travel providers, new equipment, and exclusive swag.

The outdoor recreation industry is worth an enormous $887 billion per year in the U.S. alone, accounting for 2.2 percent of total GDP, and inspiring 147 million American outdoor enthusiasts to regularly adventure in nature. Despite this, it’s still incredibly difficult for outdoor enthusiasts to find a simple and engaging platform, where they can share interests, connect, and pass on their experience.

That’s why the Huck Adventure App is creating the world’s first social platform and reward system for the outdoor industry.

Huck aims to unite people with the desire to get outside, explore the world, learn from each other, and create connections that will last a lifetime. Together with its community of outdoor enthusiasts and content creators, Huck aims to grow outdoor participation, and drive research and development in the outdoors industry.

Huck also donates 10 percent of its profits to environmental and outdoor recreation nonprofits.

Learn more at www.huckadventures.com.