Dovetail Worker Wear Review

The Maven Pants

Winter is right around the corner, and having fashionable attire you can layer and move in, is a must! 

Whether in the garden picking weeds or out on the range doing target practice, the Maven Slim pants are the way to go. The stretch allows for easy mobility while the CORDURA® fabric ensures no tears while breathable. 

I wore these jeans to the range and was impressed with how easily and swiftly I could move despite the slim fit! As a bonus, I received many compliments from both men and women at the brewery we visited immediately after the range! 

  • Fit- True to size 
  • The Maven Slim
  • Size 2
  • Inseam 28 
  • I am 121 lbs , 5’6
  • Quality- Excellent
  • Functionality- extra range of motion- excellent
  • Color- cocoa brown


  • Slim Leg
  • Mid Rise waist 
  • 10 pockets
  • Hip slot
  • Tool loop
  • Reinforced knee
  • Knee slot 
Maven Pants with Aj Performance Work Shirt

Aj Performance Work Shirt

Size medium

If you are looking for a lightweight and durable flannel, this is the flannel for you. This flannel goes with me on all my camping trips because it is the perfect mesh of warm and breathable. I threw this on after a cold plunge and was ecstatic at how quickly it warmed my body and dried out! 


  • Functional pockets
  • Stretch with no boxy fit
  • Soft fabric 

Zeller Work Shirt Indigo Chambray

Size small

This was my go-to all summer when the sun went down. It’s warm and goes with anything. I have washed this many times, and the color does not fade or shrink! The left chest pocket is big enough to hold my phone—an exceptionally made shirt. 


  • Armpit gussets
  • Reinforced elbows
  • Chest pockets- extra deep pocket on the left side
  • Cuff tabs
  • Slim fit 

Chubbies Unveils First-Ever Pant Collection

Chubbies, known for their versatile men’s apparel, announced today that they are launching their first pants collection.

Chubbies Everywear Pants
Chubbies Everywear Pants

For over a decade, Chubbies has been perfecting shortswear. Their product catalogue is full of amazing casual and swim shorts. But now, they are playing the long game with The Everywear Pant.

The Everywear Pant is the ultimate performance casual pant. It features a super soft, lightweight fabrication with Chubbies’ signature built-in 4-way stretch for comfort and motion. These pants were designed to go everywhere and do anything.

“We’ve built a brand laser-focused on delivering weekend-ready apparel to our customers via proper-length shorts,” mentioned Rainer Castillo, Co-Founder and President of Chubbies. “But, seasons change, and poison ivy exists. Today, we evolve our brand to include a silhouette you can wear 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s still the same Chubbies… just a little longer.”

The Everywear Pant

The Everywear Pant marks over 3 years of customer research, surveying, and wear-testing. Chubbies prioritized comfort and versatility in their product design.

The Everywear Pant’s fabric is water-resistant and wrinkle-resistant. They can be dressed up or dressed down. They were made for hikes, date nights, travel, and everything else in between.

Prior to their launch, Chubbies sent us a pair to test and I have to say, from the first time I put them on, I was in love.

The Everywear Pant

These pants were so darn comfortable. The fabric was soft and light and when I took it out on the town and trail, I found that the fabric was pretty comfortable and breathable. Even on exposed hikes, I never thought to myself, “Boy, I wish I was in shorts.” That’s how awesome and versatile these pants are!

The design of the Everywear Pant is great as well. They come in a variety of colors and the ones I tested were a light grey. But the detail of the pants is what stood out. Inside each pocket is a little tropical floral design. It’s fun and matches well with the Chubbies shirt I was testing out as well.

The Everywear Pant

I love the wrinkle resistance in the fabric, too. These came with me on a recent trip and when I pulled them out of my duffle, they were ready to be thrown on. No ironing needed.

The Everywear Pants are available for purchase today at noon EDT in stores and online for $94.50. Available in 6 colors and in sizes S-XXL.

California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt Review

What I love most about California Cowboy’s shirts is their functionality. We’ve recently covered their Western High Sierra Shirt (perfect for Fall and Winter activities) and their High Water Shirt (perfect for after playing in the pool or at the beach).

And as much as I love their High Water Shirt, because of the Terry Cloth lining, I don’t wear it unless I am going to the pool or beach. What about a shirt for boating? Or for hanging out at your local brew garden with friends? Or to wear on work calls so your boss says, “Huh, you’re looking festive today.”

California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt
California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt

Thankfully, California Cowboy has their Tropic High Water Shirt. They sent me one to test.

The Tropic High Water shirt is their take on a classic Camp shirt. They removed the Terry Cloth and used a new stretch fabric for a very light, loose, and comfortable fit.

And it still has the same features that make the Western High Sierra Shirt and their lined High Water Shirt so great:

  • Tech Dry Pocket for safe phone storage
  • Bottle Pocket for safe beer storage
  • Bottle Opener Pocket
  • Sunglass Loop
  • Camp Collar with loop
  • And it comes with a slick bottle opener and koozie

Last week I spent at the lake and this shirt was the perfect boating shirt. It was very comfortable in the 90-degree weather and I definitely made good use of the tech dry pocket for my iPhone and the extra beer storage.

California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt
California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt

I also have to acknowledge the fantastic designs on these shirts. The one I tested had this desert motel design; complete with howling coyotes, rattlesnakes, and cacti. Their designs are definitely a vibe.

If you’re looking for a functional shirt for summer, look no further than the Tropic High Water Shirt.

California Cowboy PCH Jogger Review

When I was at Outdoor Retailer, one of the standouts that was featured was an upcoming pant from California Cowboy. I was immediately impressed and I couldn’t wait to try them out. Luckily, California Cowboy was happy to oblige and sent a pair over.

California Cowboy PCH Jogger
California Cowboy PCH Jogger

The PCH in the PCH Jogger stands for the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s an ode to the road tripper.

The PCH Jogger is a lightweight, stretch twill jogger. They have elastic ankle cuffs and an elastic waist.

California Cowboy PCH Jogger
California Cowboy PCH Jogger

Then crotch is gusseted for extra comfort and stretch and the design also has an articulate knee so as you stretch and move the pant doesn’t shift on you.

It also has pockets for days.

  • Bellowed Bottle Pocket with Snap Closure
  • Breathable Mesh Tech Pocket
  • Welt Catch All Pocket
  • Front Slash Pockets
  • Combo Pen + Bottle Opener Pocket
California Cowboy PCH Jogger
California Cowboy PCH Jogger

When I tested the PCH Jogger, I was road tripping across the Midwest and these pants were the perfect companion for 10 hour days in the car. They were light and comfy. The fabric itself is really soft.

Given that it was 90-degrees or more and the sun was beating on me while I was driving, I also found these pants to be very breathable. I never felt myself get uncomfortable or hot.

Once I got to the lake, I found the pockets to be especially functional. The catch-all pocket in the back was great for throwing in loose things: snail shells and special rocks from the kids, fishing supplies, and even my SONOS Roam (letting the top pop out of the pocket).

California Cowboy PCH Jogger
California Cowboy PCH Jogger

Additionally, I love the safety that the tech pocket provided. I was able to zip it closed and keep my valuables safe, which was much needed as I was chasing kids on the dock making sure that they (or I) didn’t fall into the lake.

I love these pants. I can’t wait for more adventures this Summer and Fall in them.

With the PCH Jogger, I tested a 34″ waist. With the elastic, I found that it fit true to size.

SAXX Gainmaker 2N1 Short Review

I’m a big fan of SAXX.

Several years ago, I started testing a pair of their 2N1 running shorts and they became, overnight, my favorite running shorts.

The reason was simple: I didn’t chafe.

I was preparing for several ultramarathons and recovery from long runs was the worse when chafing was involved. But in SAXX shorts, I didn’t. They were my constant race companion. I ran a 50K, 55K, and 50 miler in them and my boys were happy!

But as great as they were for running, that’s all they were good for. They were too light for anything else. That’s why I was excited when SAXX sent me a pair of their Gainmaker 2N1 Shorts to test out.

SAXX Gainmaker 2N1 Short
SAXX Gainmaker 2N1 Short

Their Gainmaker’s come in two sizes: long (9″ inseam) and short (7″ inseam).

These shorts were great!

They are made with SAXX BallPark Pouch™. It keeps everything secure without being too tight. The liner is made from a light-compression fabric so that even around your thighs, things are secure. Even after several reps of squats they aren’t going to ride up on you.

SAXX Gainmaker 2N1 Short
SAXX Gainmaker 2N1 Short

There are two hand pockets, along with a front security zip pocket. The zip pocket feels small, but it is big enough to squeeze in a iPhone 12 Pro.

The Gainmaker 2N1 is made for all types of training. Lifting weights, rock climbing, yoga–they are very versatile. Personally, I love them for yoga because they stay in place. The compression liner doesn’t move.

They are lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking so they can withstand any exercise.

SAXX Gainmaker 2N1 Short
SAXX Gainmaker 2N1 Short

I brought them down with me to Costa Rica and they were also my running shorts for my jaunts along the beach. Even after putting over 5 miles in them, they stayed in place and didn’t chafe.

The colors I tested were their Cargo Grey and Stone Blue. They are two of their lighter colors and when I did sweat in them, you saw where I sweated fairly easily. It’s fine for beach runs or home workouts, but if you are working out at a gym and a bit self-conscious about your appearance, I’d suggest going for one of their darker colors.

Overall, I am a huge fan of these shorts. I’ve been using them for all sorts of activities, including hikes and paddleboarding. The BallPark Pouch, more than anything else, is what makes these shorts stand out and a must have for your activities.

SAXX Gainmaker 2N1 Short
SAXX Gainmaker 2N1 Short

I am 5’11”, 180 pounds, a 34″ waist, and am wearing a size Medium. I am right on the edge though of being a Large. If you have an opportunity to try on before you buy, try that. Otherwise, if you’re like me, buy both sizes, and return what doesn’t fit great.

Showers Pass Apex Merino Tech T-Shirt Review

The Showers Pass Apex Merino Wool Tech is an extremely comfortable performance t-shirt. They sent us one to test and it’s been the perfect companion on many rides and hikes.

Showers Pass Apex Merino Tech T-Shirt
Showers Pass Apex Merino Tech T-Shirt

The Apex Merino Tech is made with 87% Merino Wool and 13% Nylon blend.

Merino Wool is a powerhouse of a fabric. It provides antimicrobial protection from odors and natural breathability. This makes the Apex Merino Tech the perfect shirt for long activities. When testing Merino Wool products, I always like to see how long I can go between washes before the stink sets in. I did a nice sweaty five-mile run, two 15 mile bike rides, and a four hour hike before I felt that I needed to put it in the wash. Given this performance, I am planning to take this on an overnight backpacking trip.

Showers Pass Apex Merino Tech T-Shirt

The Apex Merino Tech is also designed to reduce chafing. The sleeves and side panels have flatlocked stitching to reduce chafing. During testing with backpacks or hydration packs, I found that the shirt moved less than other performance fabrics, reducing the movement that my packs typically did.

I also appreciate that Showers Pass shirts have a longer back to keep the shirt from riding up. This is a great feature while cycling, reducing back exposure as you’re bent over the handlebars.

Unpacking the shipping box, I was immediately impressed by how light and soft this shirt was. You can tell how much thought and care Showers Pass put into this shirt.

Showers Pass Apex Merino Tech T-Shirt
Showers Pass Apex Merino Tech T-Shirt

The fit is on the slimmer side, but is perfect for the types of activities I’ve taken it on.

It was also comfortable when paired with their Cloudburst Jacket.


If you’re looking for a performance t-shirt this summer, Merino Wool and this shirt from Shower Pass is a must buy.

I am 5’11” and 185 pounds and wear a size large.

You can purchase the Apex Merino Tech T-Shirt on their website for $75. Well worth it and it will last for several seasons.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt Review

If you could have the perfect after-pool or post-beach shirt, what would it look like?

Would it have a sunglass holder?

Would it be lined with the softest towel-like material?

Would it have a dry pocket that you could slide your iPhone in so that you could take it to the pool or beach without worrying about keeping it dry?

Would it have a pocket to stash an extra beer or seltzer?

Would it come with a bottle opener and coozie?

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

But California Cowboy lives on making your beachwear / poolwear dreams a reality.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt
California Cowboy High Water Shirt

This summer they’ve released their High Water Shirt, which is the amalgamation of all these possibilities.

Over the last month I’ve been hanging out in Costa Rica. Pura Vida, all the way.

A lot of time at the beach and pool and this shirt has become a stable in my daily attire.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt
California Cowboy High Water Shirt

It is lined with terry cloth, so I can hop out of the pool, put it on and be dry and comfortable.

I have three kids, so I’m always chasing after them. Sunglasses stashed on the head or easy to lose, so having a sunglass holder built into the shirt is amazing.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt
California Cowboy High Water Shirt

Likewise, being able to carry an extra beverage or two is very important. The High Water Shirt has that covered with their beverage pocket.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt
California Cowboy High Water Shirt

It’s easy to keep a cold one safe while you’re sipping on another one. Or, if you’re chasing after kids, stash your beverage into your pocket for safe keeping.

If you’re at the beach, it’s also a great pocket for stashing seashells.

Finally, there is the dry pocket. It can easily hold a iPhone Pro Max, wallet, and keys.

Needless to say, the product design on this is fantastic.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt
California Cowboy High Water Shirt

I love this product and it is going with me to the pool and beach every time I go.

You can purchase the High Water Shirt on their website. I am 5’11”, 185 pounds, and wear a size Large.

This Father’s Day, Protect Your Balls With BN3TH

When it comes to protecting your most sensitive area, having the right underwear is key. If it’s too tight or too loose or not the right fabric, you could be in a world of discomfort. And if there’s an area I don’t want to be uncomfortable, it’s there in my nether region.

For Father’s Day, BN3TH sent me a few pairs to test out.

BN3TH Pro Iconic

The fabric in their Pro Iconic line were made out of 82% Polyester / 7% IONIC+™ Polyester / 11% Spandex. They were super comfy. During heavy workouts or long activities like hikes, I found that they wicked moisture away. Not having swamp butt or a sticky crotch was a great feeling.

These were made for movement!

They fit tight around my thighs, but weren’t uncomfortable. During the hikes I took during testing, I noticed that they didn’t ride up like some other underwear. They stayed in place and didn’t bunch up.

BN3TH Pro Iconic

The fabric also contains anti-odor technology to keep things smelling fresh, making day hikes or camping easy.

Over the last several days, I’ve been in Costa Rica. It’s rainy season, so things are also moist. But the days that I wear BN3TH, things are kept super fresh.

But what truly stands out about BN3TH is their MyPakage Pouch Technology™. It’s a pouch for your man goods. It keeps them separate, which helps eliminate chafing or sticky situations.

BN3TH has a variety of styles to choose from based on your various needs. If you’re assessing your underwear drawer and wondering if you need to make a change, the answer is yes.

KÜHL’s AIRSPEED™ Men’s Shirt Review

KÜHL sent our team the AIRSPEED shirt to review and I was immediately impressed.

Pirate Blue
KÜHL’s AIRSPEED™ Men’s Shirt

Colorado summers where I live are warm and dry with temperatures fluctuating from early morning to evening. Higher in the mountains, you get a wider range and lower low points in the morning and evening.

I found this shirt to be the perfect outdoor companion for those types of days.

For our test, I took this on an overnight camping and hiking trip.

The AIRSPEED is a long-sleeve shirt, which provides ample, UPF 30+, coverage. It was warm enough for cool mornings hiking through the woods. As the day heated up, the cuffs roll up easily to attach to a button located mid-bicep.

It is constructed using three different fabric types:

  • Fabric 1: 72% Nylon, 28% Polyester | 88 GSM
  • Fabric 2: 85% Polyester, 15% Cotton | 160 GSM
  • Fabric 3: (Mesh): 85% Polyester, 15% Cotton | 160 GSM

This combination of fabrics makes the AIRSPEED a breathable, high-performance shirt. The knit panels provide ventilation and stretch for easy movement. The sleeves are designed with five panels for freedom of motion; making it easy to set up the tent or cast a fishing line.

Pirate Blue
KÜHL’s AIRSPEED™ Men’s Shirt

Throughout the testing period, I found this shirt to be extremely comfortable. While hiking with a backpack on, my back did get sticky. It’s worth noting that the fabric isn’t “moisture wicking,” but as KÜHL describes it: “moisture managing.”

But after my hike, as I rested at the camp site, the shirt dried out quickly.

Additional features on this shirt include:

  • Zipper security pocket where I was easily able to stash my driver’s license and credit card
  • Hidden, button-down collar
  • Two button-down chest pockets for additional storage
  • Sunglass cleaner inside bottom left placket
Pirate Blue
KÜHL’s AIRSPEED™ Men’s Shirt

This is an extremely functional and durable shirt. Perfect companion for the outdoors. And it pairs really well with our recently reviewed KÜHL RENEGADE pant.

I am 5’11” and 185 pounds and wear a size large. Found that it fit true to size.

You can purchase this on their website or at your favorite outdoor store.

KÜHL’s RENEGADE Men’s Pant Review

KÜHL’s PR team sent me a pair of their RENEGADE Men’s Pant to test out. The KÜHL’s RENEGADE Men’s Pant delivered just in time for a trip I made down to San Antonio.


While it is a great pair of pants for hiking and camping, it also became my favorite pants for travel.

It’s exclusive DURALUX fabric is a blend of 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex. It makes for a light, breathable pant. But these pants are tough! On a hike I lost my footing and slid on my butt over some loose gravel. “Oh no!” I thought, turning around to see if there was a hole or tear on my backside, but there wasn’t. Not even a slight abrasion! I could point to several other brands’ pants in my closet that have abrasions or tears from similar falls.

Movement is great in these, as well. KÜHL’s RENEGADE were designed with articulated knees and a gusseted crotch. Climbing and scrambling over rocks was easy in these. I didn’t feel that there was a time where the fabric was too tight in these over-articulated movements.


What made these great for traveling was all the pockets; eight in total! There’s a side pocket that is big enough for a cell phone to slip in. There are two zippered pockets on the sides that were great to hold my wallet and AirPod headphones.

It’s also worth noting that these pants offer sun protection (UPF 50+) which is perfect for longer days out in nature.

I’m also a big fan of the style of these pants. They are comfortable, but they look good. When I met other team members in San Antonio they commented that I look like someone from Colorado, so mission accomplished!

These pants are available in a handful of different earth tones.

I’m 5’11” and wear a 34×32 and found them true to size.

They are available for purchase on their website, but can also be found in your favorite outdoor retailer.