Gear Review: Stio Baselayer Midweight Merino Tight and Crew

Stio.com offers a dynamic duo for the cold weather enthusiasts: the Basis Peakwool Men’s Large Basis Midweight Merino Tight and the Basis Midweight Merino Crew. These baselayers are designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in chilly conditions, and after putting them to the test, they certainly stand out in the crowded field of outdoor apparel.

Basis Midweight Merino Crew:

The Basis Midweight Merino Crew is a testament to the comfort and versatility of merino wool. Designed for cold conditions, this baselayer delivers soft-on-skin comfort and exceptional thermal regulation. The proprietary PeakWool™ fabric combines the natural properties of merino wool, Tencel, recycled nylon, and spandex, resulting in a fabric that regulates body temperature, resists odors, and manages moisture effectively.

Living in Boise, Idaho, where temperatures can drop, I found the Basis Crew to be a reliable companion. The thumbholes make layering easy, whether you’re working in the office or exploring the great outdoors. The fabric’s heat transfer labels and tag-free design are a welcome touch, adding to the overall comfort.

Moisture-wicking is exceptional, with the fabric maintaining its structure even when saturated. The Basis Stretch top has proven to be a high-quality piece, excelling in both skiing adventures and relaxed moments at home.


  • Excellent quality Merino
  • Durable fabric with no signs of wear
  • Tag-free design for added comfort
  • Made in North America
  • Resists stinky body odors
  • Flatlock stitching

Basis Midweight Merino Tight:

When the chill bites and adventure calls, the Basis Midweight Merino Tight steps up with elevated performance and thermoregulating properties. The PeakWool™ fabric ensures a soft-on-skin experience, combining merino wool with Tencel, recycled nylon, and spandex for a blend that excels in keeping your core warm and dry.

The attention to detail in design is evident. With a front fly, athletic design ideal for aerobic activities, and a gusset for added flexibility, these tights are geared for active pursuits. The flatlock seams maximize comfort and easy layering, contributing to an all-around positive experience.

Stio’s commitment to sustainability is commendable, with a climate-neutral approach, use of preferred materials, and a trade-in program, Stio Second Turn™️, allowing customers to renew and shop used apparel.


  • Thoughtful design for active pursuits
  • Climate-neutral commitment
  • Use of preferred materials
  • Trade-in program for sustainable practices

In conclusion, the Stio Basis Peakwool Men’s Large Basis Midweight Merino Tight and Midweight Merino Crew deliver a one-two punch of comfort, functionality, and sustainability. Whether you’re conquering the slopes or embracing the winter chill, these baselayers prove to be reliable companions for the cold weather adventurer.

Jack Wolfskin Insulated Flannel Shirt Review

Jack Wolfskin’s Insulated Flannel Shirt is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. Made of soft and comfortable flannel material and lined with sherpa, this shirt provides both warmth and style. The insulation layer inside the shirt traps heat effectively, making it an excellent choice for cold days, whether you are out on a hike or camping trip. The flannel material is not only soft to the touch but also durable, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

Jack Wolfskin Insulated Flannel Shirt

One of the standout features of the Jack Wolfskin Insulated Flannel Shirt is its versatility. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also looks great, making it an excellent choice for casual wear around town. The flannel material is soft and comfortable, making it ideal for all-day wear, and the insulation layer provides excellent warmth retention, even in the coldest of temperatures. Whether you are out exploring nature or running errands in town, this shirt will keep you comfortable and warm.

Another benefit of the Jack Wolfskin Insulated Flannel Shirt is its durability. The flannel material is tough and can withstand the rigors of outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping. The insulation layer inside the shirt is also durable and will not break down over time, ensuring that this shirt will last you for many adventures to come. Additionally, the flannel material is easy to care for, making it a low-maintenance option for outdoor enthusiasts.

One of the best things about the Jack Wolfskin Insulated Flannel Shirt is how well it fits. The shirt is cut to provide a comfortable and relaxed fit, making it ideal for layering. This is important for outdoor activities, as layering is key to staying warm and comfortable in the cold. The shirt also has a range of sizes available, ensuring that there is a size that will fit everyone.

In conclusion, the Jack Wolfskin Insulated Flannel Shirt is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Its soft and comfortable flannel material, insulation layer, and durable construction make it an excellent choice for cold days, whether you are out on a hike or camping trip. With its versatility and excellent fit, this shirt is a must-have for anyone who loves the outdoors. So, gear up for your next adventure with Jack Wolfskin’s Insulated Flannel Shirt!

Jack Wolfskin Routeburn Pro Insulated Vest Review

The Jack Wolfskin Routeburn Pro Insulated Vest is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and those looking for an extra layer of warmth on cold days. This vest is both comfortable and functional, with a snug fit that traps in heat, keeping you warm and cozy in even the harshest of conditions.

Jack Wolfskin Routeburn Pro Insulated Vest

Whether you’re hiking in the mountains, snowshoeing through the woods, or simply walking the dog on a chilly day, the Jack Wolfskin vest provides the perfect balance of warmth and mobility. The vest is lightweight and packable, making it easy to carry with you on any adventure. The insulation is top-notch, providing unbeatable warmth and protection against the cold, while the outer shell is both durable and weather-resistant, ensuring you stay warm and dry even in wet and windy conditions.

What really sets this vest apart is its versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor adventurer or just looking for a warm layer to wear around town, the Jack Wolfskin Routeburn Pro Insulated Vest is the perfect choice. Its clean, modern design means you can wear it just as easily on a cold day at the office as you can on a backcountry hike. And, with its range of color options, you’re sure to find one that fits your personal style and taste.

If you’re looking for a high-quality insulated vest that will keep you warm and comfortable in any outdoor situation, look no further than the Jack Wolfskin Routeburn Pro Insulated Vest. With its excellent insulation, lightweight and packable design, and versatile style, it is the perfect choice for anyone who loves to spend time outside in cold weather.

The Take-Anywhere Sweatshirt – Ibex 24-Hour Long Sleeve Crew

With Fall and it’s cooler temperatures in full swing, I am reminded daily why I am such a big fan of Ibex and their Merino Wool products.

Ibex has the highest quality performance merino wool products on the market. Their care for the Earth and for the wearers of their products is evident in every piece we’ve tested. And the 24-Hour Long Sleeve Crew is no exception.

Ibex’s 24-Hour Long Sleeve Crew

The 24-Hour Long Sleeve Crew is made from 100% natural moisture-wicking and odor resistant merino. Ibex uses a proprietary steaming process that makes the material feel cool the touch.

And it does feel great!

Ibex’s 24-Hour Long Sleeve Crew

My first opportunity to test the long sleeve crew was at a dad’s retreat up in the mountains on the first cool day of Fall. It was cold and drizzling throughout the day, yet I was very comfy.

And that’s the beauty of merino, especially with the long sleeve crew that isn’t a blend… if it’s good enough for sheep, it is good enough for me.

Ibex’s 24-Hour Long Sleeve Crew

This shirt also lives up to its name, plus some. I spent 48 hours in this shirt before I decided that it needed a wash. Yet, even after 48 hours, it didn’t have a phunk to it. That’s merino, for you!

As we’re creeping closer to holidays, the 24-Hour Long Sleeve Crew would make a terrific stocking stuffer. Ibex sells them in a multitude of colors and in Men’s and Women’s sizes.


Now that working from home is a thing, finding opportunity to head outdoors for tiny breaks is key. And with that comes the need for clothing that allow for flexibility between the standing desk and the trail.


KÜHL’s RESISTOR CHINO is made with a comfortable, high-tech fabric that is perfect for hiking or bouldering while stylish enough to wear in for your countless Zoom calls.

The fabric is a three-season four-way stretch material made from cotton and spandex. This provides the pants plenty of stretch and comfort. It also has a water repellent finish, which was perfect for when I got caught in a light drizzle. The beads of water rolled off and my bottom layers stayed dry. It also is UPF 50+ sun protection.

The fabric is also built to last. It is abrasion resistant and has a high tear strength. I found that while climbing around, the pants moved with me. I would try my best to stretch the pants past the point of no return, but the tear strength held.


The RESISTOR CHINO is tailored with a tapered leg. It’s tight around my calves, but comfy because of the stretch of the fabric. It comes in six different colors. KÜHL sent me their Black Moss and it paired wonderfully with my wardrobe.


There are also pockets for days. There are two hand pockets in the front. On the back, there are two hip pockets; the one on the right has a zip closure. There is a coin pocket on the front right and two drop-in cell phone pockets.

On the bottom hem, there is a bungee cord with a reflective ribbon. This allows the cuffs to stretch as you move to avoid catching on anything or to cinch up around your boots.


These pants are suburb. I am excited about the cooler weather, so that I can wear these more often.

KÜHL’s RESISTOR CHINO are available online. I tested a 34×32 and found that they were true-to-size.


It’s flannel season, y’all!


And KÜHL delivers with their FUGITIVE FLANNEL, one of my favorite flannels in my closet.

The FUGITIVE FLANNEL is a men’s long sleeve mid-weight flannel. It is amazingly soft and has a KÜHL’s signature stretch in it’s fabric. It’s breathable fabric moves with you for all-day comfort during the high and low-temperature swings of Fall.


Why is this one of my favorite flannels? It is thick enough to be warm on the coldest days, but it isn’t too thick to wear on warmer days. It’s fit is versatile enough to fit over a light base-layer, as well.

It’s fabric is a nice cut and allows for complete range of motion.

When KÜHL sent me the FUGITIVE FLANNEL to test, my first opportunity was at a Cub Scout camp. I was camp chef for 100 scouts and their parents.

Even while in front of our camp stove, moving and cooking for over an hour, I didn’t feel overheated or uncomfortable.


The shirt moved easily as I set up the tent, as well. One of my annoyances with shirts like these is that they are too light and ride up easily. Luckily this shirt didn’t.

The FUGITIVE FLANNEL also looks great. It is the perfect shirt for camping, but also works well in the office or about town. It also pairs well with our recently review RESISTOR CHINO.

I am definitely going to replace a few of my other flannels with the FUGITIVE.

I am 5’11” and 185 pounds. I tested a size large and found that it was true to size.

Ibex Nomad Jogger Review

Here at Huck Adventures, we are huge fans of Ibex and their Merino Wool products. And now that it’s getting cooler, I am starting to pull out my Ibex Base Layers and my Wool Aire Hoodie to stay warm.

Those base layers and the hoodie were constant companions during a recent dad’s retreat in the foothills of Colorado. We were outdoors the entire time in 40°F temperature and a steady drizzle. But thank goodness I was prepared and was able to stay warm. Thanks Ibex!

Ibex Nomad Joggers

Ibex had also sent me their Nomad Jogger to review and that retreat was the first opportunity I had to test them out. As activities shifted inside a small cabin with a smoldering fire, I traded out my base layers for the Nomad Jogger and settled in for the night.

The Nomad Jogger is made from lightweight, moisture-wicking merino French terry.

How light are they? When comparing them against a pair of Prana joggers, they weighed around 60% less.

Ibex Nomad Joggers

The fabric is made of 95% merino wool with 5% elastane to help the fabric maintain its shape between washings. Merino wool is the perfect performance material due to its superhero-like properties.

Merino is a natural, high-performance fabric, in part because of the conditions these sheep live in. Winters can be as cold as -4ºF and summers as warm as 95ºF. Their coats have evolved so that the fibers react to the changes in body temperature. And this natural technology is passed along to its human wearers.

Ibex Nomad Joggers

The Nomad Joggers also come with three pockets: two front hand pockets and a back pocket with a hidden zipper.

Sleeping in these was blissful.

Throughout the night, the fire died down and died out, and the temperature inside the cabin fluctuated. And these pants performed well. My legs didn’t get too cold or too hot. Just like Goldilocks, I was just right.

The next morning, we got up and hiked. The heavy, wet weather had lifted and as the sun came up, the temperature climbed with it. These pants continued to perform well. While my upper body got too hot for a jacket, my legs were still cozy.

Since this retreat, these joggers have continued to go on adventures with me. They are my go to pants for traveling and camping.

I am 5’11” and 185 lbs and wear a size Large.

Dovetail Worker Wear Review

The Maven Pants

Winter is right around the corner, and having fashionable attire you can layer and move in, is a must! 

Whether in the garden picking weeds or out on the range doing target practice, the Maven Slim pants are the way to go. The stretch allows for easy mobility while the CORDURA® fabric ensures no tears while breathable. 

I wore these jeans to the range and was impressed with how easily and swiftly I could move despite the slim fit! As a bonus, I received many compliments from both men and women at the brewery we visited immediately after the range! 

  • Fit- True to size 
  • The Maven Slim
  • Size 2
  • Inseam 28 
  • I am 121 lbs , 5’6
  • Quality- Excellent
  • Functionality- extra range of motion- excellent
  • Color- cocoa brown


  • Slim Leg
  • Mid Rise waist 
  • 10 pockets
  • Hip slot
  • Tool loop
  • Reinforced knee
  • Knee slot 
Maven Pants with Aj Performance Work Shirt

Aj Performance Work Shirt

Size medium

If you are looking for a lightweight and durable flannel, this is the flannel for you. This flannel goes with me on all my camping trips because it is the perfect mesh of warm and breathable. I threw this on after a cold plunge and was ecstatic at how quickly it warmed my body and dried out! 


  • Functional pockets
  • Stretch with no boxy fit
  • Soft fabric 

Zeller Work Shirt Indigo Chambray

Size small

This was my go-to all summer when the sun went down. It’s warm and goes with anything. I have washed this many times, and the color does not fade or shrink! The left chest pocket is big enough to hold my phone—an exceptionally made shirt. 


  • Armpit gussets
  • Reinforced elbows
  • Chest pockets- extra deep pocket on the left side
  • Cuff tabs
  • Slim fit 

Chubbies Unveils First-Ever Pant Collection

Chubbies, known for their versatile men’s apparel, announced today that they are launching their first pants collection.

Chubbies Everywear Pants
Chubbies Everywear Pants

For over a decade, Chubbies has been perfecting shortswear. Their product catalogue is full of amazing casual and swim shorts. But now, they are playing the long game with The Everywear Pant.

The Everywear Pant is the ultimate performance casual pant. It features a super soft, lightweight fabrication with Chubbies’ signature built-in 4-way stretch for comfort and motion. These pants were designed to go everywhere and do anything.

“We’ve built a brand laser-focused on delivering weekend-ready apparel to our customers via proper-length shorts,” mentioned Rainer Castillo, Co-Founder and President of Chubbies. “But, seasons change, and poison ivy exists. Today, we evolve our brand to include a silhouette you can wear 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s still the same Chubbies… just a little longer.”

The Everywear Pant

The Everywear Pant marks over 3 years of customer research, surveying, and wear-testing. Chubbies prioritized comfort and versatility in their product design.

The Everywear Pant’s fabric is water-resistant and wrinkle-resistant. They can be dressed up or dressed down. They were made for hikes, date nights, travel, and everything else in between.

Prior to their launch, Chubbies sent us a pair to test and I have to say, from the first time I put them on, I was in love.

The Everywear Pant

These pants were so darn comfortable. The fabric was soft and light and when I took it out on the town and trail, I found that the fabric was pretty comfortable and breathable. Even on exposed hikes, I never thought to myself, “Boy, I wish I was in shorts.” That’s how awesome and versatile these pants are!

The design of the Everywear Pant is great as well. They come in a variety of colors and the ones I tested were a light grey. But the detail of the pants is what stood out. Inside each pocket is a little tropical floral design. It’s fun and matches well with the Chubbies shirt I was testing out as well.

The Everywear Pant

I love the wrinkle resistance in the fabric, too. These came with me on a recent trip and when I pulled them out of my duffle, they were ready to be thrown on. No ironing needed.

The Everywear Pants are available for purchase today at noon EDT in stores and online for $94.50. Available in 6 colors and in sizes S-XXL.

California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt Review

What I love most about California Cowboy’s shirts is their functionality. We’ve recently covered their Western High Sierra Shirt (perfect for Fall and Winter activities) and their High Water Shirt (perfect for after playing in the pool or at the beach).

And as much as I love their High Water Shirt, because of the Terry Cloth lining, I don’t wear it unless I am going to the pool or beach. What about a shirt for boating? Or for hanging out at your local brew garden with friends? Or to wear on work calls so your boss says, “Huh, you’re looking festive today.”

California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt
California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt

Thankfully, California Cowboy has their Tropic High Water Shirt. They sent me one to test.

The Tropic High Water shirt is their take on a classic Camp shirt. They removed the Terry Cloth and used a new stretch fabric for a very light, loose, and comfortable fit.

And it still has the same features that make the Western High Sierra Shirt and their lined High Water Shirt so great:

  • Tech Dry Pocket for safe phone storage
  • Bottle Pocket for safe beer storage
  • Bottle Opener Pocket
  • Sunglass Loop
  • Camp Collar with loop
  • And it comes with a slick bottle opener and koozie

Last week I spent at the lake and this shirt was the perfect boating shirt. It was very comfortable in the 90-degree weather and I definitely made good use of the tech dry pocket for my iPhone and the extra beer storage.

California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt
California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt

I also have to acknowledge the fantastic designs on these shirts. The one I tested had this desert motel design; complete with howling coyotes, rattlesnakes, and cacti. Their designs are definitely a vibe.

If you’re looking for a functional shirt for summer, look no further than the Tropic High Water Shirt.