California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt Review

What I love most about California Cowboy’s shirts is their functionality. We’ve recently covered their Western High Sierra Shirt (perfect for Fall and Winter activities) and their High Water Shirt (perfect for after playing in the pool or at the beach).

And as much as I love their High Water Shirt, because of the Terry Cloth lining, I don’t wear it unless I am going to the pool or beach. What about a shirt for boating? Or for hanging out at your local brew garden with friends? Or to wear on work calls so your boss says, “Huh, you’re looking festive today.”

California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt
California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt

Thankfully, California Cowboy has their Tropic High Water Shirt. They sent me one to test.

The Tropic High Water shirt is their take on a classic Camp shirt. They removed the Terry Cloth and used a new stretch fabric for a very light, loose, and comfortable fit.

And it still has the same features that make the Western High Sierra Shirt and their lined High Water Shirt so great:

  • Tech Dry Pocket for safe phone storage
  • Bottle Pocket for safe beer storage
  • Bottle Opener Pocket
  • Sunglass Loop
  • Camp Collar with loop
  • And it comes with a slick bottle opener and koozie

Last week I spent at the lake and this shirt was the perfect boating shirt. It was very comfortable in the 90-degree weather and I definitely made good use of the tech dry pocket for my iPhone and the extra beer storage.

California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt
California Cowboy Men’s Tropic High Water Shirt

I also have to acknowledge the fantastic designs on these shirts. The one I tested had this desert motel design; complete with howling coyotes, rattlesnakes, and cacti. Their designs are definitely a vibe.

If you’re looking for a functional shirt for summer, look no further than the Tropic High Water Shirt.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt Review

If you could have the perfect after-pool or post-beach shirt, what would it look like?

Would it have a sunglass holder?

Would it be lined with the softest towel-like material?

Would it have a dry pocket that you could slide your iPhone in so that you could take it to the pool or beach without worrying about keeping it dry?

Would it have a pocket to stash an extra beer or seltzer?

Would it come with a bottle opener and coozie?

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

But California Cowboy lives on making your beachwear / poolwear dreams a reality.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt
California Cowboy High Water Shirt

This summer they’ve released their High Water Shirt, which is the amalgamation of all these possibilities.

Over the last month I’ve been hanging out in Costa Rica. Pura Vida, all the way.

A lot of time at the beach and pool and this shirt has become a stable in my daily attire.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt
California Cowboy High Water Shirt

It is lined with terry cloth, so I can hop out of the pool, put it on and be dry and comfortable.

I have three kids, so I’m always chasing after them. Sunglasses stashed on the head or easy to lose, so having a sunglass holder built into the shirt is amazing.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt
California Cowboy High Water Shirt

Likewise, being able to carry an extra beverage or two is very important. The High Water Shirt has that covered with their beverage pocket.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt
California Cowboy High Water Shirt

It’s easy to keep a cold one safe while you’re sipping on another one. Or, if you’re chasing after kids, stash your beverage into your pocket for safe keeping.

If you’re at the beach, it’s also a great pocket for stashing seashells.

Finally, there is the dry pocket. It can easily hold a iPhone Pro Max, wallet, and keys.

Needless to say, the product design on this is fantastic.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt
California Cowboy High Water Shirt

I love this product and it is going with me to the pool and beach every time I go.

You can purchase the High Water Shirt on their website. I am 5’11”, 185 pounds, and wear a size Large.

California Cowboy’s El Garibaldi Robe Review

A couple months ago, I went in for my annual physical and had a “I weigh how much?” moment.

Since then, I’ve been focusing even more on my health.

One of the practices I introduced was daily ice baths. I know you’re reading this to learn if this robe is dope, but indulge me for just a little bit.

Settling into my daily ice bath

Ice baths have a lot health benefits, including:

1) Increase my parasympathetic activity. When you first get in, your fight or flight instinct kicks in. Your breathing is almost hyperventilating. You have to gain control. The longer you do it, the easier and faster you can relax and gain control of your nervous system. By subjecting your body to this high stress situation, you are retraining how your body reacts to stress.

2) Weight Loss. Cold temps activate your brown fat tissues and can aid in weight loss. Over the last 3 months, combined with daily exercise and 15-18 hour fasts, I’ve lost close to 25 pounds.

3) Physical Recovery. My recovery time has shortened. I can push myself hard at the home gym or on the trail, and I don’t feel as broken for as long as I used to.

Living in Colorado, my ice baths are cold. Every morning, I spend 5-15 minutes breaking up 2-6 inches of ice before settling in for 3-5 minutes of cold exposure.

When I get out, I towel off and warm up. But I’ve got stuff to do: coffee needs to be made, kids need to get prepped for school.

So, I was really excited when California Cowboy sent me their El Garibaldi Robe to review.

California Cowboy's El Garibaldi Robe
California Cowboy’s El Garibaldi Robe

The tl;dr is that this robe is amazing.

The El Garibaldi Robe has a terry cloth lining that is super absorbent. Since starting to use the robe after my ice bath, I’ve been using it to towel off and I’ve noticed that the little puddles I’d leave in my wake have diminished.

It also has a lined “dry pocket” that’s large enough I can stash my iPhone 12 Pro. This is great, because I’ll take the robe outside with me and on snowy days, my phone stays dry.

California Cowboy's El Garibaldi Robe Dry Pocket
California Cowboy’s El Garibaldi Robe Dry Pocket

Another feature that is signature to California Cowboy’s products is a pocket that is the perfect size for a bottle of beer. The robe came with a coozie and a bottle opener stashed in the pocket and I found that to be an amazing addition. I haven’t had the perfect scenario to test this pocket, but I look forward to taking this robe down to Costa Rica this summer.

California Cowboy's El Garibaldi Robe "Hold My Beer" Pocket
California Cowboy’s El Garibaldi Robe “Hold My Beer” Pocket

The El Garibaldi Robe ties closed well. Usually after my ice bath, I’ll be busy helping my kids get ready for school or making myself a cup of coffee, and even with movement the robe stays closed.

As winter turns to summer, I’m looking forward to taking this robe poolside or down to Costa Rica. For the time being, it’s the perfect companion for after an ice bath.

El Garibaldi Robe
El Garibaldi Robe

I am 5’11” and 185 pounds. I tested their El Garibaldi Robe L/XL size and I found it to be the perfect length. The arms come down around three-quarters length, but that’s what I was hoping for with the winter activities in it. If you’re looking for something for the summer, I’d suggest looking at their sizing chart to see what would work best for you.